Entering the Netherworld

Friday, July 24, 2020 will always be a date that Halloween Horror Nights fans remember. On that date, Universal made the difficult decision to cancel that year’s Halloween Horror Nights event. Even though this was sad news, I vowed to let HHN live forever and find a way to keep the Halloween season alive.

Desperate for my yearly dose of scares and fog scent, I began a frantic search of the Interwebz to find anything seasonal hunt that was still happening. To my luck, I discovered that the 13th Floor in Jacksonville was holding their event. Without a second thought, I bought tickets to the event and entered their portal to Bloody Mary’s Realm. If you would like to read my review of this event, then please click https://atomic-temporary-102061006.wpcomstaging.com/2020/09/21/having-a-bloody-good-time-at-the-13th-floor-jacksonville/ .

Still desperate for more jump scares and gore, my research led me to discover that Netherworld would also be holding their event. Even though I had lived in Atlanta in past, I had never attended the Netherworld event. It was always something I had wanted to do, but it even never ranked in urgency, compared to attending Horror Nights or Howl-O-Scream.

Just as I ordered my Netherworld tickets for October 10, 2020, the news broke that Universal Orlando was indeed having some kind of event. This event has come to be called HHN Lite, where they open two haunted houses during daytime park hours. So, since I already had my Netherworld tickets for a holiday weekend, I decided to make it a Halloween Celebration road trip. The plan was to attend Netherworld in Stone Mountain, Georgia on Saturday, October 10th then immediately head to Orlando and see the two HHN houses on Sunday, October 11th.

Obviously, you are an horror nights fan that is why you are on our site, so I will spare you with the HHN Lite details. Besides, I am pretty sure that you have seen or read reviews of the two/three houses by now. So, from this point on this article becomes a review of Netherworld’s 2020 event.

Haunted Houses

  • Halloween Nightmares – This was Netherworld’s mega house and oh boy was it good! Not mention, I got my dose of HHN fog here. The house told the story where a century a ago, two families got into a feud. Trying to win the fight, one of the families started to use evil powers that they stole from monsters beneath the Earth. Unfortunately, these evil powers transformed the family members into savage bat-like creatures and on Halloween night they slaughtered their enemies. This house featured: Weird Shadow Creatures, Pumpkin Patch Peril, The Gauntlet of the Scarecrows, Lair of the Ancient Alchemist, The Cavern of the Bat Beasts, The Spawn of the Zombie Queen, Levitating Vampires, Flesh Ripping Werewolves, The Lords of Autumn, The Temple of the Bat God, The Chamber of the Elder Thing, The Horror in the Walls and The Secret of the Swarm.
  • Cyborg Shock– This was Netherworld’s tent house. The story revolved around an unusual artifact that was stored in a top secret base. Wouldn’t you know it, but the artifact had secret powers and it been seizing control of the base’s advanced robotic section and started creating cybernetic lifeforms. From there, you had to fend your way though narrow halls and try to avoid the army of fused flesh with advanced armory. If you were lucky enough to survive, you mission then became to help humanity stop this machine horde from subjugating the Earth. The house featured: The Med Bot Massacre, Invasion of the Cyber Brains, Hunted by the Laser Droids, The Flesh Eating Chimera, The Iron Armored Hybrid, Vivisected in the Bio Lab, Kill-O-Watts Revenge, Mauled by the Melting Man, Attacked by the Androids and Harvested by the Extra Dimensional Horrors.

Both these houses were very good and could be considered HHN quality. If I had to chose a favorite house, then it would definitely be Halloween Nightmares, because it was the mega house and event’s main focus. Another thing that I liked about Halloween Nightmares, was that a staff member followed me through the maze. The staff member was on a radio set and he would let the scare actors know when I hit a certain mark, so that I was always at the right spot for jump scares. I felt this was a nice touch, and it definitely was a clever solution for the required social distancing issues.

Escape Rooms

Netherworld offers four escape rooms all year round!

  • Escape Nosferatu
  • Escape Sasquatch
  • Escape Tiki Island
  • Beware the Swamp Hag

You can book your escape room tickets by visiting http://www.escapethenetherworld.com


Outside Netherworld’s haunts you will find their Midway, where you can journey through large statue creatures and improve your social media presence with some awesome selfies.

Monster Museum

Netherworld also has it’s only museum to show off it’s creatures from past events. There is usually a separate charge to view this museum. However, when I went the staff member who followed me through Halloween Nightmares let me in for free. Yeah, I had been talking to him about my love for Horror Nights and he to was also an HHN fan. So, goes to show you, be nice to everyone. You never know with it will pay off for you. You can checkout the monster museum at https://fearworld.com/wordpress/house-of-creeps-monster-museum/ .

Laser Tag with Zombies!

During certain time of the year Netherworld converts their Midway to a playing field where you can fend off hordes of zombies with your trusty laser gun. If this sounds like your thing then checkout the details at http://www.netherworldlasertag.com .

Overall Review

So, overall Netherworld was a great experience. It is surely a most do for any horror fan. Plus, the tickets for this event are a lot cheaper then Halloween Horror Nights. If I was comparing this event to Horror Nights, then the event would get an overall rating of A- . I highly recommend the event and think you should give it a try.

You can get your tickets for the event at https://fearworld.com/wordpress/tickets/ or by calling (404) 608-2484 .

So, will you be adding a trip to Netherworld this spooky season? Let us know what you think of our review of Netherworld.

Rating: 5 out of 5.