Rumor: HHN to run every night in October?

Rumor has it that Universal Orlando may be looking into running Halloween Horror Nights on every night in the month of October. This would include Mondays and Tuesdays, which for the life of HHN are not typical nights for the popular Halloween event to run.

This would be unprecedented as HHN has never formally planned for these early weekday nights, with Wednesdays only becoming a staple of the event in the last few years. Anyone who has been to HHN since circa 2015 knows how large the crowds are almost every single night. The old mainstay of ‘Hell Week’ (the hallowed week that is the venn diagram for everyone being off school or work) has long since been replaced with a jam-packed event almost every night of the week.

This rumor has been compounded by the fact that this week Universal Orlando has been sending out surveys that speciofically mention ticketing options for Mondays and Tuesdays. With an assumption that these early weekday nights might be cheaper than the extended weekend nights.

This is all very interesting and proves that the popularity of our beloved event knows no bounds!
Would you like to visit on a Monday night? Would you be happy with a pass for every night in October? Let us know in the comments!