See Four SAW?

Have you seen SAW?  Of course you have, everyone has seen a least one of the movies in the horror franchise akin to Fast and the Furious with its seemingly never ending spate of sequels; but did you know that this year to celebrate the release of the latest edition to the popular franchise you’ll probably be able to see a SAW maze in 4 different locations around the world?  Let’s run down where and when…


1: UK

The UK has a year round house called SAW ALIVE which is actually inside a boat (long story) that is moored at Thorpe Park in the UK.  Along with the year round maze there is niffy roller coaster that makes you feel like you’re in some kind of elaborate Jig Saw death trap. HHNU Grand Poobah Chris was invited to TP last year to see the maze and reported that it wasn’t anything to get too excited about though…

2 & 3: Halloween Horror Nights

Still in the rumored category as it is not confirmed, we are being told that SAW mazes will feature both at HHN Orlando and Hollywood with a joint announcement expected to drop anytime soon.  If true this will see Jig Saw and his pig masked followers return to the event after successfully scaring us a few years ago.


4: Vegas baby!

A tip from HHNU reader Fransisco, writes in to let us know that SAW is also rumored to be a maze at the popular Freight Dome in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Though not confirmed yet, they published the above photo on their social media a few days ago.

So there you have it, if you LOVE SAW then you can SEE SAW (see what I did there?) in four different places this fall!

Are you excited for SAW?  Let us know in the comments! And let us know if you’re going to see SAW in Vegas!

Your Soul Is Requested For HHN27…

Universal have updated their website today to bring you a whole new interactive experience that is totally free…. you just need to pay with your soul!

Time is already running out to commit your soul to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. And when the time is up, you won’t want to be left out.

The damned at this year’s premiere halloween event want what you can’t live without… your soul. They demand a sacrifice to fuel the darkness of the event that awaits you this fall.

Those who sacrifice their soul before the clock hits zero will join the Elite Soul Collectors. Their boldness will be repaid in rewards.

For your sacrifice:


  • You will be issued an item identifying you as a member of the Elite Legion.
  • You will have an opportunity to be a part of the Soul Collector Social Media Meet-Up.
  • Your soul will be weighed and evaluated in consideration for additional rewards leading up to and throughout the event.
  • Receive information and details about the event

They will also demand more souls. Inform your loved ones about sacrificing their soul for #HHN27 on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Now the time has come… Your soul is requested.

HHN27 Needs You As Scareactors!

Universal NEEDS you to scareact!

As reported this week by HHNU Universal needs more scareactors, so they have released a list of body types to fill unspecified scareactor roles, they include:

  • 5′ 1” and under females with petite and youthful (childlike) appearance.
  • 5′ 6” to 5′ 10” African American females of athletic build.
  • 5′ 10” or taller females with a slim build.
  • 5′ 10” to 6′ 2” slender build males with ‘facial features’ (?) able to appear 30-39.
  • White males of age range 40 to 50.
  • 5′ 11′ to 6′ 5” slender build males.
  • 5′ 11′ or taller African American males of athletic build and must be tattoo free on chest, arms, abdomen, hands and neck.
  • Male and female Stilt Walkers Maximum up to weight 190lbs.
  • Seeking male stilt walkers 6’ – 6’ 8” in height . Must have previous BigFoot Stilt Walking Experience.

Audition Sign up for July 11th will open at 4pm Wednesday, June 28th.

CLICK HERE  to signup on July 11th!

Thoughts:  Small females are number one priority, so could this be Cindy?  Likewise, tall slender built men, could this be The Caretaker?

Do you meet any of these requirements and fancy signing up?  Can you work out who any of these roles could be? Let us know!

Orlando HHN Auditions Are Closed… Or Are They?

According to reports this year’s HHN roaster to audition to become a Scareactor on the East coast filled up quicker than ever before.  People from all over applied within the short window before all audition slots were quickly filled.  And if you missed out, well that’s a total bummer.  But good news as you may want to read on…

It has been confirmed to us today by Universal that an additional day of auditions will now be held on July 11th with the website taking new applications from 4pm Wednesday, June 28th – aka this Wednesday!  (Seems like its all goin’ down this Wednesday or what?)

Simply click this link HERE to go to Universal’s page to get your slot to potentially become a scareactor for HHN27.

Will you be applying?  Let us know!

USH Scareactor Auditions & New Potter Show

Hey boils and ghouls, just a quick heads up about two news items for you HHN Hollywood freaks.  Hollywood’s audition window is now OPEN – if you want to be a scareactor for the West Coast you can apply HERE.

Audition dates are: Thursday July 6th, Friday July 7th and Saturday July 15th, 2017 ONLY


At the Universal Hilton Hotel Ballrooms (right across from the park).

Don’t just show up, you must register HERE to book your audition slot first – good luck!

The other piece of news we have is that Universal Hollywood wanted us to share with you is that “The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle” show is now open at “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” and will run multiple times a night through Labor Day at Universal Studios Hollywood.  Though not HHN related, I am sure you guys appreciate all nighttime activities!



Recap: Could this be the Academy of Villains Show?

With rumors abounding that Academy of Villains is set to return to HHN (as rumored by us back in May this year), we wanted to look into their history, who they are and what we might be seeing at HHN27.

Academy of Villains is an illusion dance company that artistically employs special effects and some out-of-the-world stunts to wow their audience. Established in 2009, Academy of Villains has taken the world of dance by storm and won several awards and accolades along the way. Based in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Academy of Villains is directed and choreographed by Christopher “Pharside” Jennings and Krystal “Phoenix” Meraz. Assistant choreographers are Percy Agoncillo, Anthony Lewis and Austin Gumban. Their performances are a sight to behold as they create an illusion of magic and mayhem to create a story through their art. To see them perform is like seeing energy manifest itself in human form. The Academy of Villains dance members have such fluidity and grace in their performance that the audience stays mesmerized in their seats till the final beat. Academy of Villains have blown away their competition in every dance competition they’ve entered and have a long list of well-deserved awards. They take dancing to another level where it is not just dance but story-telling and enchantment at the same time. The dance company has performed at several shows and garnered a huge fan following over the years.


Americas Got Talent- Season 7

Academy of Villains submitted its audition onto YouTube and were sent to the Quarterfinals along with eleven other auditioning dance companies. In the Quarterfinals, Academy of Villains performed to “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Whuteva.” The group got through to the semi-finals due to their spectacular performance. The Semifinals performance was a mime-themed group dance to “Cinema” and One Republic’s “Secrets’. Even though the performance was a piece to watch, the group couldn’t make it to the finals.


2013-Elvira’s Sinema Seance (Knott’s Berry Farm)

Knott’s Berry Farm is a theme/roller coaster park with a twist located in (Buena Park, CA). It is famous for hosting the annual scare fest “The Halloween haunt”. This event begins at the end of September to the start of November and scare junkies from all over America flock to get their fix. The main attraction is Elvira- the legendary Mistress of the Dark and her troupe who has garnered a great fan following and looks amazing in her low-cut black gown. In 2013, Elvira’s Sinema Séance was held at the Ghoultime Theatre at Knott’s Berry Farm and featured mind-blowing dance numbers by The Academy of Villains. Their performance was their signature freestyle dance that involves over-the-top props and make up to turn their dance routine into a theatrical performance.

2014-Elvira’s Big Top

In her 2014 show, Elvira becomes the Ring-Mistress of the Park as she hosts a freak carnival of macabre performances and scare zones. The show saw a return of the Academy of Villains with another thrilling performance with an explosive dance routine. The dance company stuck to their guns and gave the audience a thrill of a lifetime, successfully combining an artistic performance with a good scare.

2014- Nacion Muerta (California’s Great America)

California’s Great America is a huge amusement park situated in Santa Clara, California. Halloween Haunt is an annual event at California’s Great America where monsters roam the dark and the victims get lost in spooky mazes and scare zones. One of the main attractions here are the shows put up by various entertainment companies- the most notably being Academy of Villains. In 2014, Academy of Villains put on an electric performance where the stage turned into a cinema reel. The dance sequence brought several characters to life and included a marching band of the dead, a mirror man and a zombie queen. The performance left the audiences glues to their seats as the dancers took over the stage and created one of the most macabre performance of the event.


2015-A Beautiful Mime and Dia De Los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos is an annual event at Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles, California and translates to ‘The day of the dead’. Jampacked with crazy performances and spooky attractions. In 2015, Dia de los Muertos saw an outstanding performance by Academy of Villains that fused the art of theatre to the art of dance. The make-up and props combined with the phenomenal stunts and sneaky moves created an out-of-the-world performance that blew away the audiences’ minds.

A beautiful mime was a performance with a message- to let the world see your smile and never back down. The performance featured a theatrical act in which a mime gives a little boy a balloon which he loses when he runs into a group of bullies. Distraught and down on his knees, the boy seems to lose hope. That is when a mime steps and he snaps his fingers to great an army of mimes that performs to put a smile on the face of the boy.

So there you have it, some the group’s greatest performances!  Could any of them be coming to HHN27… we’ll soon find out!  Whatever the show we’ll be sure of one thing – it will be unmissable!!

Are you looking forward to AOV’s rumored return?  Let us know in the comments!

UOAP Exclusive HHN Pins Are Back!

That’s right Universal Orlando Annual Passholders can get their hands on an exclusive OAP only pin by booking the Annual Passholder Halloween Horror Nights 1-Night Hotel + Ticket Package.

Here’s the details:

Starting from $125* per adult, tax inclusive.

Book by 11/1/17 for travel 9/15/17 – 11/4/17

(A valid Annual or Seasonal Pass is required at time of booking and travel.)

Vacation Package Includes:

  • 1-Night Hotel Accomodations
  • 1-Night Admission^ to Halloween Horror Nights (Sunday – Thursday)
  • Commemorative Passholder Halloween Horror Nights 2017 pin – one per person

Select nights Sept. 15 – Nov. 4, 2017. Advance purchase required. Offer valid for bookings from now to 11/1/17.

HHN Pins have been at the event since the 1990s but it has only been in recent years that the exclusive passholder pins have become available.  These pins are likely to be available in small numbers during the event for UOAPs but if you want to guarantee your pin you will need to book one of these exclusive packages.

More info on the official HHN site here:

Let us know if you’re booking this package in the comments!

Will Mario Kill HHN?

It was confirmed by Universal this year that the long rumored partnership between them and Nintendo would actually come to fruition (after years of rumors and speculation). Their parks across the world will start to see various Nintendo owned properties arriving in the coming years.

The whole project, for example, at Universal Japan is set to cost over $400 million, which is twice what they spent on Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure. This level of investment and close working partnership shows that Universal are very keen to get these Nintendo properties into the parks in ways that we’ve never seen before (so do not expect a Frozen at Epcot styled refurb, we’re talking major building projects here).

Lands and attractions are also due to appear in Singapore, Hollywood and at Orlando, though what they are have been heavily speculated on, until now…

As shown in the tweet, if it is to be believed, to build Princess Peach’s Castle, the Entry Portal, Kirby’s Playland, Zelda’s Kingdom, Donkey Kong Island and Super Mario World Ride USF would need to demolish the Animal Actors’ Stage and the whole of KidZone leaving just old ET – this would be a massive building project and would lose so much queuing space to the HHN houses in this area.


So how will Mario affect Halloween Horror Nights?

Currently, though it does change up ever so slightly year on year, KidZone is used as a means to allow entry to one or both of the Sprung Tents along with entry and discharge of guests from the Parade Building House. So that’s a possible 3 houses that rely on this thoroughfare to ensure the smooth operating of everyone’s favorite Halloween event. So if the whole area is closed for demolition, omitting the loveable 80s alien, this could have serious consequences to the enjoyment of the event. So what could happen and how can Universal get around this?


Universal are sure to offer the same number of houses again; the magic number now being 9. They’ve recently taken on the Shrek theater as a staple of the event and will probably need to look around for other venues. The addition last year of the new MIB tent that housed Chance’s house this year could always be on the cards, likewise, the same kind of building could be sourced and dotted somewhere else in the park.

The soundstages, though bottlenecks, could also be used to house additional houses (subject to production requirements), though this would be tough, seeing how AHS had to use an empty soundstage to house it’s mammoth queue last year. Some say the Sprungs could be moved, though I would imagine this is cost prohibitive seeing as they are hurricane proof. There is also the possibility of a dual park event, not seen since 2005, where the event could be spread across both Universal parks; though this is unlikely at this time due to the operational issues of opening both parks for the nightly event.

All of which, I am sure, will be figured out when the time comes to eventually delete the KidZone area of the park. The one thing we can all be sure of is that the construction of which can’t surely come as soon as to affect #HHN27 what with the newly opening Jimmy Fallon just coming out of construction and the current Fast and Furious ride taking up a huge chuck of space in the old Disaster area (which itself knocked out the old Earthquake queue as a former haunt space for HHN). This being said, though not likely to be imminent, the area will surely have a bearing on a future HHN, for which new house locations will surely need to found within the park.

RIP Parade Building House Location – you did some great HHN houses…

American Horror Story: The Style of the Scare

PhotosFor those of you that can’t wait for the next uber house of American Horror Story at HHN27, then wait no longer, you can now visit an exhibit in Los Angeles with sets, props and costumes from this fan favorite TV show.  Their site says:

In the frightening world of American Horror Story, every twist, turn, terror, and torment is executed in style. Now, you can see how the residents of the Murder House, inmates of the Asylum, witches of the Coven, curiosities of the Freak Show, guests of the Hotel, and victims of Roanoke all dressed to kill. Through costumes, props, and multimedia presentations, the AHS: The Style of Scare retrospective is a look inside the minds of creator Ryan Murphy and costume designer Lou Eyrich. Are you prepared to lose yourself in the wardrobe of American Horror Story?

Running through to the end of July it should give HHN and AHS fans a taster of the past horrors.

The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills will take visitors inside the minds of prolific writer-director-producer Ryan Murphy and award-winning costume designer Lou Eyrich when it’s transformed into the world of American Horror Story for the first-ever exhibit for the critically acclaimed award-winning FX series.

American Horror Story: The Style of Scare marks the largest ever museum exhibition presented by The Paley Center for Media. This premiere exhibition will encompass nearly 4000 square feet of exhibit space within the Paley Center’s Beverly Hills location including a specially designed graphic installation on the building’s glass-walled façade.

The exhibit will feature a chilling display of the killer costumes by Lou Eyrich, as well as set pieces, props, and multimedia presentations. Iconic pieces from every season of the anthology horror thriller will be displayed and guests will get the opportunity to see wardrobe worn by the residents of the Murder House, inmates of the Asylum, witches of the Coven, curiosities of the Freak Show, guests of the Hotel, and victims of Roanoke.

“Ryan Murphy is one of the most innovative and original creators in the industry and we are honored to be the first to present this visually stunning retrospective exhibit celebrating his game-changing series,” said Maureen J. Reidy, the Paley Center’s President & CEO. “Every year the Paley Center presents exhibits that capture the unique combination of artistry and entertainment, and we’re thrilled to give American Horror Story fans an opportunity to get up close and enjoy the collaborations between Murphy, costume designer, Lou Eyrich, and all of the fearless creatives behind the hit FX series.”

American Horror Story captivates with each stunning new installment, showcasing the enormous creativity of Ryan Murphy and costume designer Lou Eyrich,” said Kenya Hardaway, SVP, Integrated Promotions, Multi-Platform Marketing, FX Networks. “We are proud to partner with The Paley Center for Media to bring together in one amazing exhibit six installments of the iconic art, costumes and props in celebration of the groundbreaking and hugely influential American Horror Story.”

The exhibit, produced by David Rodgers Inc., is free and opens to the public on June 3, 2017, and will run through July 30, 2017 at the Paley Center’s Beverly Hills location (465 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210).

Will you be heading down to LA to see this exhibit?  Let us know in the comments!

Book tickets here

Photo courtsey of

Shrek Theater 2 Shut Down for HHN27

As customary now, the second theater of Shrek’s 4D attraction is due to go into construction this coming week ready for HHN27.

Since 2015 this has been a popular spot for HHN’s creators to build a house inside the second theater.  It usually causes longer lines at the attraction, but heck, us HHN maniacs don’t care about that!

Whilst the attraction will still be operational, the second theater will have a flurry of construction workers and designers working around the clock to build one of the many houses we will enjoy this year.

Look for more info on this when we have it here at HHN!  Including how this attraction is ‘supposedly’ haunted in real life!  Coming Soon!