Rumor: A Mini-HHN to Start this Week?

As reported last week, rumors of various HHN houses opening for a limited time during the daytime at Universal Orlando are continuing to persist.

No official announcement has been made but various strange occurances have started to happen around the park…

Universal Team Members have just been told that weekends are now blocked-out for comp passes. Is Universal expecting a big upturn in attendance in the coming weeks…? The Team UO site says:

We continue to evaluate business demand and adjust capacity for a carefully managed experience. As such, we will be blocking out Saturdays and Sundays at USF, IOA, and Volcano Bay from Saturday, September 19 through Saturday, October 31, for new ticket orders. Existing orders already placed for these dates will be honored. This blockout pertains to Team Member Comp Passes and Limited Blockout Comp Passes. UO IDs and Special Guest IDs will remain valid for admission.

The HHN Twitter account recently came back to life:

The HHN House Entrance rigs appeared in the park (currently there are two):

Two houses were suddenly approved by the City of Orlando for opening:

What with the news we heard last week of Universal Orlando extending the operating houses of the Studios park and various Scareactors supposedly being called back, it would look like a very mini version of HHN is going to be undertaken, possibly as early as this weekend!

What could the two houses be? We’re hearing, an Icon House and a house based off of the urban legend of a demonic Tooth Fairy…

Are you excited for this mini-HHN? Will you be attending? Let us know in the comments!

Remember: Nothing is confirmed until Universal confirms otherwise!

Is HHN dead for 2020?

Rumors are abound at the moment that Universal might be trying to undertake some form of reduced HHN at Universal Studios Park in Orlando.

Details are highly sketchy at the moment due to the issues surrounding the Corona Virus and various staff furloughs, so plans are likely to continue to change.

What do you know? We know for sure that Universal has extended the operating hours of the main Studio park for select days in October. Why is this strange? Because the park’s attendance levels has dropped massively during the Pandemic, Disney has been actively reducing hours due to low demand, so for Universal to extend hours they must have done this for a reason…

It’s impossible to commit here to all the rumors we have received at HHNU HQ but it would point to some form of add-on ticket likely being offered to day guests to possibly give them access to the Soundstage houses. We’ve heard from a number of Scareactor and technicians who have been called back for these select houses.

So whilst whatever is being planned will be no where near the level of HHN, this could be a smaller affair, a Diet Coke HHN if you please. In at least, that’s the rumor…. for now…..

Remember, these are just rumors and nothing is confirmed until Universal confirms otherwise.

Would you welcome a day-time Halloween Horror Nights, a type of extra ticket Halloween Horror Days or should HHN be saved for 2021 only? Let us know in the comments!

The Time The Simpsons Visited Halloween Horror Night

The Simpsons have justed about lampooned and parodied everyone and everything by this point, from a country like Australia to the latest Bond movie, everyone has been fair game for the longest-running animated sit-com.

But did you know back in 2015, The Simpsons visited Halloween Horror Night, that’s Night, and not plural!  Yes, the dear old Simpsons parodied our very favorite Halloween event with hilarious consequences.  So unless you wanna boot up Disney+ (does everyone else think it’s weird The Simpsons is now a Disney property?), we are gonna deep-dive into what is our favorite episode…

(c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

Set in Krustyland, the episode took aim at theme parks who present Halloween events, albeit with great humor.

Zombie scareactors (c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

The episode follows the Simpson family, who decorates their house as “Everscream Terrors”. Homer goes to a Halloween store (akin to a Spirit store) and talks to Apu, the store’s owner, about three workers, who are promptly fired and plan vengeance against him. After an unsettling experience at the Krustyland Halloween Horror Night, Lisa develops a fear of Halloween. Marge convinces Homer to take down Everscream Terrors, but he refuses. Marge then takes Bart and Maggie trick or treating, but everybody is asleep, making Bart upset.  Meanwhile, the three fired shopworkers take their revenge against Homer.  It is also the only Halloween-themed episode of The Simpsons that is not part of the show’s Treehouse of Horror series.

“Leatherface” makes an appearance (c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

HHN conventions seen:

  • Set decorations
  • Gory setpieces
  • Speciality foods
  • Chainsaw Drill Team
  • Dance groups
  • Attractions
  • Special Halloween drinks

Speciality food items were offered (c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

Alien? (c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

(c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

Even the oldest attraction in the theme park was fair game for the comedy…

(c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

The dance shows were also parodied where a version of Rocky Horror’s Time Warp was presented (The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been at HHN about 7 times now!).

(c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

(c) Disney / 20th Century Studios


The episode is really fun and light-hearted, HHN fans you should definitely search it out, especially if you are really missing your dose of HHN this year!

Let us know in the comments if you like this episode!  And whether you think The Simpsons should come to HHN!

(c) Disney / 20th Century Studios

#17 – Michael Berryman & The Hills Have Eyes Part Two

Join us for more spooky fun as we welcome  Michael Berryman back to the podcast! Michael is a veteran of the horror and sci-fi genres with over 100 performances to his name from his breakthrough The Hills Have Eyes to The Devil’s Rejects, Tales from the  Crypt and even Star Trek.  We chat about his many achievements and even bust another Hollywood myth, this time about the dog in The Hills Have Eyes.  Amanda and Chris discuss a great topic on whether classic horror films if made today – would they be classic?  We also have our usual news and rumors!

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Beetlejuice revealed for HHN30 as new room opens in HHN Tribute Store

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…. there we said it and he has arrived!  As previously reported, HHN30 for 2020 has been canceled, however, the very, very popular HHN Tribute Store still has a few tricks up its sleeves…

Beetlejuice as been revealed as the host of the secret “third room” at the Tribute Store.  Offering a mixture of Beetlejuice merch, photo opportunities and Beetlejuice inspired food offerings, the room defacto confirms Beetlejuice for the event.

Orlando Sentinel managed to get a sneaky peek this week, with the room soon to open to day guests.

Were you excited for Beetlejuice coming to HHN30?  Will Beetlejuice remain for 2021?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

All images are copyright of the Orlando Sentinel

The Halloween Half Hour – Episode 16 Michael Berryman and The Hills Have Eyes

Join us for more spooky fun as we welcome Michael Berryman to the podcast! Michael is a veteran of the horror and sci-fi genres with over 100 performances to his name from his breakthrough The Hills Have Eyes to The Devil’s Rejects, Tales from the Crypt and even Star Trek. We chat about his career to date and as it’s such a bumper interview part two will be available next time. We have your regular news and reviews, we chat Halloween Horror Nights cancellation, new spooky additions to your home and Amanda takes us on a haunted tour of some of the most strikingly haunted castles in the North of England! All this and more on your favourite spooky podcast!

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Starring Christopher Ripley, Boston White aka Amanda and The Spooky Voice Guy

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HHN Tribute Store OPENS!

The HHN Tribute Store opened this week.  The highly themed rooms contain collections of retro HHN and Universal Monster merch.

Universal have said:

The Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store is now open during regular park hours. Head into the park and check out the store’s two themed rooms and merchandise available for purchase, including select Halloween Horror Nights Retro items and more. The store will be open through the fall.



If you can’t visit Universal Orlando in person, the merch is available on this link.

The store is an experience in itself!  So make sure you head there when you visit during the day.

Photos courtesy of Universal Orlando.

HHN in Orlando and Hollywood are Canceled

Universal made the difficult decision today to cancel the HHN events at both Orlando and Hollywood; rumors were already circulating that Hollywood had been striking sets following drone footage of the alleged activities.  However, it was formally announced yesterday, they said in a statement:

Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood have made the difficult decision to not hold Halloween Horror Nights events this year. Universal Orlando Resort will be focusing exclusively on operating its theme parks for daytime guests, using the enhanced health and safety procedures already in place. Universal Studios Hollywood continues to face ongoing business restrictions and uncertainty around its opening timeframe.

We know this decision will disappoint our fans and guests. We are disappointed, too. But we look forward to creating an amazing event in 2021.

The levels in Covid in Florida have been steadily increasing over the last few weeks.  This comes as Disney World recently opened and instantly garnered international criticism via the press for the decision.  Hollywood on the other hand is still closed due to State mandates.

It is very sad that this event should be canceled, especially to the Team Members, Scareactors, seasonal workers, vendors, and fans who dedicate their time every fall (and for many, it is a year-round dedication!) to the event.  Whilst it is a decision that Universal wish they never had to take, we know ultimately that is was the right one.

We look forward to 2021 and to see what it brings us.

Keep your eyes on HHNU for any further developments or news and rumors for 2021.


HHN News & Rumors Round-up!

We had a bumper pouring of HHN related news and rumors yesterday!  So-much-so that we thought we’d highlight all the news items that hit our inboxes yesterday so as to ensure you didn’t miss anything, so here goes:

All of these items are for ORLANDO:

  1. Scareactor Dining is BACK

Universal added the popular dining experience to its website yesterday.  The meal will differ slightly from previous years as Covid prevention measures will be in place and guests will not be allowed to make contact with the performers.  More info is here.

2. Fear Factor stage closed

The Fear Factor stage closed to make way for construction and rehearsals for a coming show at HHN30.  A number of rumors are pointing to either a return for the perennial Academy of Villains but with perhaps a bodacious duo making a cameo or an original show featuring all of our favorite Bill and Ted actors…  the production is classed as TOP SECRET – for now!

3. HHN Online Store

Universal quietly released a number (but not all!) merchandise for HHN30 onto their online store.  There is a lot to pick through and it contains wonderful artwork from the last 30 years.  The site even crashed due to demand last night!  You could also easily start your very own HHN shirt collection today!  The online store can be accessed here. (Although much of the stock is either missing or sold out – it’s probably a tech issue so be sure to keep checking back.)


4. Tribute store opening date

We are hearing strong reports that Universal Team Members have finished decorating the HHN Tribute Store (next to The Mummy ride) and are looking to stock it very soon.  Some reports suggest it could open as early as July 22nd whereas others are saying August 1st.  If true, this would mean the Store might be opening during the day!


5. HHN is rumored to be going virtual!?

We don’t know the authenticity of this tweet but it would appear that Jack might be heading for Universal’s new Peacock streaming service.  The info in this tweet would corroborate with news that we received last week of a potential Jack commercial being filmed outside the Universal arches late one night.

6. Tagline

The Tagline was inadvertently released on the Merch Store and states “30 Years – 30 Fears”, which we think is pretty cool!

7. External Scareactors required for HHN

Universal put out calls for non-Universal employed people to apply on an open casting call for a role at HHN30.   If you think you got what it takes to scares the BEEP outta people, please click here to apply.


8. Update

The website ticket offers expire on July 22nd, so we are expecting some form of announcement either on 22nd or the 23rd.

So there you have it!  July 15th was a big news day and whilst it might not have been the news we were expecting, it does show you that plans at HHN are well underway in Orlando!

Are you going to HHN30?  Did you manage to snag a retro shirt from the store before it crashed?  Let us know in the comments!

Remember: Rumors are just rumors to until Universal confirms otherwise!

Universal to Make an HHN House into a Movie!

HHN fans adored the Classic Universal Monsters house from HHN29 and with good reason, it took the classic monsters and gave them a new lease of life, updating them for the 21st Century and making them more terrifying than ever.  The house was inspired by a house at Hollywood’s 2018 event, which used a number of similar sets, costumes and shared artwork.

With this success, Universal quietly announced this week that the house will inspire a brand new movie with the artist Crash McCreery, who helped update the monsters for the house, will be on board with the project.

Universal has also reached out to Toy Story 4 Director and longtime Pixar alumnus Josh Cooley to produce the piece.  The working title is ‘Little Monsters‘ and it aims to take the updated HHN creeps from McCreery’s HHN house/maze designs and give them a more family-friendly spin.

Little Monsters’ logline has not been released by the Studios, however, The Hollywood Reporter believes that it will be “a love letter to classic Hollywood and the history of filmmaking with a story that takes a multigenerational approach to the monsters.”

The first HHN house to be made into a movie was The House of a 1000 Corpses, you can read more about that story here.

So there you have it, a second house in HHN history is going to be a movie!

Will you see this movie?  Are you excited for this movie?  Let us know in the comments!