The NSYNC Star, His Girlfriend and an Infamous Date at HHN!

You may know him more for his appearances on the Dancing with the Stars show but for a certain Generation X-ers, Joey Fatone will always be known as one of the stars of the chart-topping boyband NSYNC.

What many people don’t know is that Fatone is a huge fan of HHN!  The Orlando local is no stranger to both HHN in Orlando and Hollywood where he said to visit both coasts each year; now that’s some HHN fan dedication right there!

The NSYNC star, who married his childhood sweetheart and Hollywood screeenwriter Kelly Baldwin in 2004, has reportedly filed for divorce in Orlando on May 13.  Joey, who has 2 daughters with Kelly, is now said to be dating new girlfriend and Florida local Izabel Araujo, who also just happens to be another huge fan of HHN.  Apparently, since moving to the US as a kid from her native Brazil (reports say she settled in Tampa before moving to LA), she has been a regular attendee at HHN in Orlando.

And this is where it gets interesting for the two celebrity HHN fans, as it was at HHN Hollywood where they had their first date back in 2014; which if you’re both uber HHN fans we literally cannot think of a better place to have a first date!

She said on her official Instagram,  “4 years ago I met him at #halloweenhorrornights for our first date. We’ve been celebrating it every year at the same place ever since. Not your typical love story but I wouldn’t change a thing!! Looking forward to celebrating many more with my partner in crime!”

And because they are both super fans of HHN, she has documented her dates at HHN with the former popstar:

All photos are owned by:

You can also check out her official Instagram here and see more of their HHN trips together and the spooky adventures they get up to through the rest of the year.

Warning: Some of the stuff on her Instagram you just can’t unsee!

Fatone and Araujo are not alone as celebrity fans of HHN.  From regular A-listers to the local TV stars, celebrities from across the industy love to attend HHN!  And so they should, they’re people too and afterall IT IS the world’s greatest Halloween event!

Have you seen any celebrities at HHN?  Or have you ever bumped into Fatone? Let us know in the comments?


Rumor: Is Universal Trying to Buy the Halloween & Scream Franchises?

The beIN Media Group who owns 50% of Miramax is allegedly looking to sell their stake in a deal that would value the studio founded in 70s by the Weinstein Brothers at $650 million, according to a report first published in the Wall Street Journal.

Variety also reported on the possible sale and said that all attempts for confirmation from the company were ignored.

Miramax with its 700 plus film library is known worldwide for its variety of different movies including Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare in Love and Halloween; most of which were made when they were under the Disney banner. It was 2016 that the Studio was sold by its private equity owners for a reported $1 billion to the beIN Media Group.

Shortly after acquisition, the company began maximising its company value by pushing various movies into production including Halloween, Bad Santa 2, Whitney, and Bridget Jones’s Baby.

Scream folds into this issue by the fact that the rights to the franchise reside with Miramax and Dimension Films/Lantern. Apparently a third series to the Scream TV show has been produced but not released due to a problem with the deal with Netflix.

Rumor has it via Bloody Disgusting that Universal/Comcast may seek to acquire the shares and add the franchises to their existing film franchise library. Tying all the rights together under one studio would make the production of these franchises much easier and could lead to a greater output of horror movies or even a cross-over movie (but that’s just me spitballing!).

So there you have it, a great rumor to brighten up your midweek! Would you love to see these titans of horror at Universal and would a cross-over movie even work? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Scareactor Dining is Awesome

In all the confusion and updates of last week, it was easy to miss the upgrade to the official HHN site that now includes the ability for guests to book their places onto the fantastic Scareactor Dining.  The official site reads:

Make your meal part of the horror with this event-exclusive dining experience at Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe. Enjoy special scareactor photo opportunities, a digital download of a photo taken during the dining experience and an all-you-care-to-eat themed dinner buffet.

Reservations are required. For those who purchase through the Agent Store, Attraction Ticket Desks or at the Front Gate, after reserving and purchasing your dining experience, you must call 407-224-FOOD (3663) (EST 7:30 am–10pm Mon–Sat; 7:30 am–9 pm Sun) up to 24 hours before arriving to confirm your table.

For more information on this MUST DO addition to HHN29 you can call the above number or hit-up the official site here.  And we would highly recommend you pre-book as these dates do sell-out!!

Dates Currently Available:
Sep: 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 19, 21, 22, 26, 28, 29
Oct: 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 30, 31

Will you be doing the Scareactor Dining this year or have you done it in the past?  Let us know in the comments!


Rumor: It ain’t Monsters!

News hit us last night that the former Terminator building, which has been having a huge amount of construction work undertaken to it, has finally received walls around the guest facing areas. This installation of hoarding is now making many fans speculate that the new show/experience will open very soon!

We found online permits here that showed the construction works were really ramping up a notch and that completion can’t be far off. This also compounded with speculation that the attraction could have been themed to The Universal Monsters, however we now believe this is very unlikely.

We received the following email from a Team Member who wished to remain anonymous:

I don’t know what’s going in that building but I’ve been told that there will be cars and technology displays

So if he’s right it’s very unlikely to be Monsters. It could however be a number of possible franchises from the Fast and Furious to the original rumor of Jason Bourne.For right now we’re just have to wait for an official announcement! What would you like to see as an attraction in this building? Let us know in the comments!

Remember: Nothing is official until Universal announces it, these are just rumors!

HHN29 Tickets Are Now Available!

Prepare to be totally terrified…

On the heels of last year’s immensely popular event, the ‘80s will return with a vengeance to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. All-new horrifying experiences inspired by some of the biggest frights of the era will invade the world’s premier Halloween event – offering no escape from the decade that just won’t die. Guests will face 10 elaborately themed haunted houses based on everything from Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” Universal Pictures’ legendary “Universal Monsters,” plus other cinematic greats and crazed cult favorites, to original abominations created by the twisted minds of Universal’s Entertainment team. They’ll navigate five sinister scare zones throughout the park, each filled with menacing scareactors. And when they need a break from the scares, guests can enjoy Universal Studios’ most exhilarating rides and attractions.

More details about this year’s event will be revealed soon.

With a plethora of different ticket and vacation packages on sale now, guests can experience this year’s Halloween Horror Nights their own way by customizing their visit. Guests can save up to $53 on a Halloween Horror Nights single night ticket when booking online and experience more horror each night with a multi-day ticket. Florida resident vacation packages are also available and include accommodations at Universal’s newest hotel – Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Surfside Inn and Suites – one-night admission ticket to Halloween Horror Nights, tickets to Universal Orlando’s theme parks and more. Plus, guests can upgrade their experience with the Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass and more.

Halloween Horror Nights runs on select nights from September 6 to November 2 at Universal Studios Florida. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Confirmed: Team Members Blocked From HHN Between October 11–27

It was confirmed yesterday for all Team Members that they will not be able to attend HHN29 from October 11 to 27, some 12 nights of the event.  Universal has made this decision due to how busy they forecast the event will be during this period.  Here’s the quote:

Dear Fellow Team Members,

As you know, Halloween Horror Nights has become more popular than ever. Last year, we had our highest attendance yet… our Guests can’t seem to get enough!

This year, we have another great lineup of original content and franchise favorites, like Universal Monsters and the return of Stranger Things – with even more being announced soon – so we’re again expecting high demand. To provide the best Guest experience to as many as possible, we have made some important decisions: start even earlier, expand the number of event nights, and better manage capacity.

Especially for peak nights, capacity management is critical for the best Guest experience. So, for the first time, we are blocking out Team Member IDs during the event’s peak period. Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • There are 41 event nights in total; we are blocking out IDs and Special Guest IDs October 11–27, which is 12 nights.
  • Team Members are able to visit on any of the other 29 event nights with their ID.
  • Like last year, Team Members can exchange one of their quarterly comp passes for an event ticket on one of 10 select event nights.
  • Team Members will continue to receive discounts on select single-night event tickets.

We will always make sure that Team Members are the first to experience Halloween Horror Nights, before anyone else. This year’s Team Member Preview will take place on Wednesday, September 4 and will remain exclusive to our teams, our third party and Loews partners.

Our Team Members – you – have made Halloween Horror Nights the World’s Best Halloween Event for eleven years and counting. I recognize this is something we all take such great pride in, and acknowledge that blockouts are not popular. The good news is there is still plenty of opportunity and this will help deliver the best event for everyone, so thank you.

I hope to see you at Preview!


The posting also confirmed that the Team Member preview for HHN29, which will be the FIRST time anyone can experience the delights of the event, will take place on Wednesday September 4.

Are you a Team Member and does this block out ‘bum you out’ or would you have just have avoided the crowds anyway?  Let us know in the comments!


Rumor: Universal Team Members Blocked from HHN for 3 weeks

Rumor has it that Team Members working for Universal will be barred from accessing HHN from 11th to 27th OctoberBlackout dates are nothing new for Team Members or guests on certain annual passes, but it does show that the possible only reason to exclude a bunch of people from attending the event will be due to capacity issues, aka Universal are expecting this period to be VERY busy.

The dates also include Columbus Day on 14th which is typically very busy and is often around the HHN fan community’s named ‘hell week’ where the house lines are just too long, even for most dedicated HHN fReAkS among us.

Basically, they are expecting this during this period:

Another date for your diary that is off limits to ALL guests and HHN fans is October 16th, which has weirdly been omitted from the schedule of nights.  Rumors were that Microsoft had yet again booked their convention named Ignite for the October 16th at Universal but this has been found to be incorrect as their convention has now moved to the Orange County Convention Center and is taking place from November 3rd to 8th – well after HHN has finished.


Microsoft’s Ignite convention had for the previous two years had exclusive use of Universal Orlando for one night only every October, effectively knocking one night of HHN off the rota.  Hashtage, thanks Bill Gates!

As for now, no one knows who the mystery booker of October 16th is but be sure to keep your eyes peeled on HHNU as we’ll let you know as soon as we do.  That is assuming that Universal just didn’t want HHN on that night and that there is no mystery booker – but if that was the case then why would the Team Member blackout dates be during this time?  So someone is surely taking October 16th off the schedule….surely?


Are you a Team Member and does this affect your HHN plans?  Equally, do you know what’s happening on October 16th?  Let us know in the comments!

Remember, all rumors are just rumors until officially confirmed by Universal.

Rumor: HHN Trivia App to be Extended

Released last year to HHN was a great addition to the official Universal Orlando mobile app called ‘Terror Trivia‘.  Those that didn’t play it while waiting in the ‘conga’ lines of HHN28, it involved competing HHN fans the chance to test their HHN knowledge against other fans (btw: if you want to bone up for HHN29 we can recommend a really good book!).

The game contained 11 horror-packed levels where trivia surrounding the 10 haunted houses was used to enable each guest to compete, followed by a bonus ‘History Rewind’ level reserved entirely for the die-hard Halloween Horror Nights fans amongst us. This final level would quiz guests on previous event years, including past houses, HHN icons scarezones and so much more.

Apparently, the game was a resounding success and proved to be a popular past-time for HHN fans waiting in line.  Sadly, the HHN section is no more (obvs) but you can still download it now ready for this year here.  But it’s not just Orlando that got in on the fun, the Hollywood edition of the Universal app also participated.

And Universal Hollywood are currently working on their next installment:


So the rumor:

We heard from a couple of our sources that Universal have wanted to expand the reach of the app and apparently have looked into developing a stand-alone version dedicated to just HHN.  Supposedly, they would like an app that can be used to market the event, talk to fans and to better interact with the community for much longer than just the length of each HHN.

And whilst this is a cool and a great idea, we were also forwarded this snippit from the US Trademark office that shows that Universal have applied for a stand-alone trademark for this app’s feature.  The application was made only last month and holds some water as to the possible expansion of this app.


So there you have it. What we know to be FACT and what we know to be just RUMOR. And remember these rumors are just that, rumors! And nothing is official until Universal confirms it!

Did you use the app and did you like it?  What more could they do to improve it?  Let us know in the comments!

HHN Rumor: What’s going on inside the old Terminator building?

Terminator 2: 3D performed its very last show in late 2017, and since then a lot of construction noise has been heard from inside the old building and lots of rumors of what the new possible attraction could be have littered the online forums, but no concrete evidence or news from Universal has come forward to say exactly what new addition to the park is coming within this massive piece of park realty.

The only official word we had from Universal Orlando was that it will feature “an all-new live action experience based on a high-energy Universal franchise” and that it should hope to open sometime in 2019. However, since its been nearly two years and no further word has come forward as to what it could be it got us wondering, what’s going on in there?

As you can see from the below, the theater is huge!

Our first port of call was the local building permits office to see what permits have been registered and how far progressed they are.  From these public accessible documents it would show the following select items of work have occurred:

  • A complete new layout within the theater (but likely not the pre-show and queue areas).  According to our pal Alicia Stella who did a walk around recently, it would appear the old theater’s stage has been made larger.  The revised layout also extends to the basement where the old gun toting terminators would spring from, they and the large flanking screens for the 3D portion of the show were all removed in early 2018.
  • The building has been completely stripped.  We know this as many of the props and signage from the old show have been popping up in Williams of Hollywood but also by the fact that the permits indicate a great deal of structural alterations and reapplications of masonry (all of which up until the very last few weeks were approved by the city inspectors).
  • A new catwalk system has been installed.  This addition, along with the larger stage would suggest some kind of stunt show or something that uses 3D (hence the need to regularly get up into the high ceilings on a regular basis).
  • The lengthy amount of time the project work has taken is possibly due to the sheer amount of renovation that is happening, from new CCTV to new roofing, from new insulation to a massively upgraded fire protections. Universal is swifting bringing this 1990s building right up to the current building codes.
  • The project is refered to internally as “Project 126”.

To see more of Alicia’s walking tour click here.

Orlando Business Journals also confirms the construction rehab work here.

A new rumor:

We’ve had a few people write into HHNU HQ saying that they believe the new show could be themed to Universal Monsters or at least, have something to do with the, and that it might possibly debut sometime within HHN’s run.  Now this could just be highly speculative!  But take a look at this tweet, again, from our pal Bio:

And this photo from Alicia:

Photo courtsey of

It got us thinking here at HHNU HQ that there could be something here, as if the show exit doors from the old Terminator building remain the same (they are still there and are untouched as above) this would indicate that whatever the new show is it will offload the guests from the show straight into the new Universal Monsters themed store.

So the question is: Why would Universal drop a lot of cash highly re-theming the old Terminator store when the attraction inside the old Terminator show space is rumored to be Jason Bourne?

That doesn’t make any sense as the theming would be all wrong!!

Unless, the show that is being built in there is someting to do with the Universal Monsters.  This also satisfies the criteria that IT IS a Universal owned property and due to the level of building permits signed off it COULD open by the end of 2019, right when HHN kicks off.

So there you have it.  What we know to be FACT and what we know to be just RUMOR.  And remember these rumors are just that, rumors!  And nothing is official until Universal confirms it!

What would you like to see in this building?  Let us know in the comments!




Life-size Chance Resurfaces!

Cast your minds back to the awesomeness that was HHN26 where our icon was her majesty Chance the Clown.  She reigned over the event with her fun presence and would provide laughs and chills a plenty on her mini show and throughout the event.

Portrayed by the fabulous Erin Cline, the fReAkS behind HHN decided to dress the stores of Universal Orlando with two different Chance mannequins, one with her new outfit and one with her straight jacket.  As with most of these props they would eventually end up in the theme park’s repository for old props: Williams of Hollywood, where Universal would actively seek new owners for the past props.

Eventually, the Chance dolls made their way to Williams and after a few weeks they were sold.  And finally, Chance has resurfaced!  And is for sale on eBay.  The listing reads:

This is a very nice HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS original life size Chance figure that was used at the Universal Studios main store.  There were only 2 Chance figures created for the entire event (The other was on display at the Tribute Store and has been long gone.  There was also a Chance figure wearing a straight jacket.  It is shown in a photo above but she does NOT come with this version.  She also is long gone.)  She features original hand painted features and the face is definitely creepy! Chance was the main horror icon for their Halloween Horror Nights event in 2016.  Please note you are only buying the Chance version shown above in the skirt and boots.   Comes with a tag from Universal Studios.  This is a very rare opportunity to acquire an icon of horror from Universal Studios!!!


The current asking price is $6000.00!  And the buyer must collect from the seller who is based in Lakeland, Florida.  The original asking price from Williams was rumored to have been $5000, so this is a nice profit if he can find anyone to adopt this Chance.

Would you take a chance on Chance?  If so, you can buy her now here.

Let us know in the comments if you would buy her and also, what would you do with a 6ft tall Chance mannequin?