Rumor: Are Universal Considering Bringing Back Bill & Ted?

We’ve heard some rumblings here at HHNU HQ that Universal might be considering bringing back the bodacious duo, Bill and Ted. Nothing concrete has cropped up, it is after all so very early but plans are always afoot for the next HHN…

The rumor seems to be springing from a few of our sources that say that although there are no current plans for them return, it does appear that they surely can’t be fully “off the table” just yet.

The rumors we have received in this regard over the last few weeks seem to have been given a small amount of credence by the fact that the annual HHN surveys have been released to all those that had signed up to them. And the interesting thing about this is that they pose the following interesting question:

In my mind the above question has a simple answer but truly they can’t be wholly compared, but it weird that this question should crop up right in the midst of these rumors. Personally, I can’t see them coming back, in at least the short term anyhow.

But there could be bad news for the fans that wanna see Bill and Ted back in the Fear Factor/Wild West Show Building as it appears the Fear Factor Show has again been put on hiatus. These were taken yesterday:

Could this be the beginning of the end for this show or could it be that this show building is about to go away for rumored further expansions?  Apparently, it closed in August for HHN28 and has never reopened…

On this and Bill and Ted we surely don’t know just yet but be sure to keep your eyes on HHNU as we bring you the latest news and rumors for HHN29.

Would you welcome the dudes back? Or do you think they should remain apart of the event’s past? Let us know!

Scooby-Doo Goes All Horror!

We all remember as kids watching Scooby-Doo and how each week some comedic caper would ensue but what would happen if Scoob’ and the gang instead of unmasking disgruntled fair ground owners and instead came face to face with some of horror’s greatest foes?  Well Travis Falligant has the answer!  Since 2014 he has been producing a series of mashups featuring the classic artwork of these beloved classic cartoons but with a modern horror twist.  And this year he has expanded his work to include many more horror icons, many of which featured at HHN28.

If you’re interested in his work he sells a number of different items via his official site HERE.

Below we have selected some of the best works that feature connections to HHN:


Why you need to be a UOAP (Annual Passholder) for HHN29!

We get a lot of people ask us at HHNU what are the top tips for HHN or how to pre-plan for the next HHN. And the list is vast but one of the best tips surely has to now be, to become an annual passholder. Here’s why we think this:

  • Exclusive access and early entries

For HHN28, UOAPers got early access on four select event nights and a specially dedicated entrance just for this (note: all of which had to be pre-booked).

  • Free nights

Premier Passholders got one night of Halloween Horror Nights included with their Annual Passes. Nights had to be specially chosen prior to the event but getting one free night is super awesome.

  • Exclusive deals on hotel stays

UOAPs get special deals with the onsite hotels that aren’t available to the general public.

  • Parking!!!

According to research we have undertaken, the average UOAPer goes to HHN some 12 nights. If you have the Preferred or Premier passes and drive to the event and want to park in the preferred spaces some 12 times that’s a total saving of $360! That’s a huge saving!

  • Even more discounts!!

Discounted HHN Tickets: Passholders saved up to $58 on select nights for 1-night tickets or Frequent Fear Passes, some 23 nights, for less than the price of one when you bought online.

R.I.P. Tour Discounts for Premier and Preferred Passholders saved 10%, and Power Passholders saved 5%; which is a lot as these tours can be expensive!

Preferred, Power and Seasonal Passholders got a 10% discount, while Premier Passholders enjoy a 15% discount on all food items on select nights at HHN28.

  • Free buttons

Okay, so this one is a bit tenuous but if you collect the UOAP buttons there was one released for HHN28 that was just for UOAPers. Likewise, there was a number of shirts and pins that were for passholders only.

Now these perks are always subject to change, and they might be totally different for HHN29 but we think it’s a good tip to be a passholder at Universal Orlando.

So it makes total sense! The best way to prep for HHN29 is to become a Universal Orlando Passholder! Click here to join now!

Are you a UOAPer? Did you manage to get big savings on HHN28? Let us know!


For the first time ever, Universal Orlando Resort will give guests the opportunity to brave an entire, fear-filled Halloween Horror Nights haunted house during the day, after the event has closed.

On November 6, the Upside Down will return to Universal Studios Florida as the incredibly-popular “Stranger Things” haunted house returns for one day to commemorate the anniversary of Will Byers’ disappearance in the critically-acclaimed Netflix series.

Guests will walk in the footsteps of Will as they encounter iconic scenes, characters and environments from the first season of the series – including the menacing Hawkins National Laboratory, the Byers home adorned with an erratic display of flashing Christmas lights and the predatory Demogorgon…which will stalk their every move.

Guests will also be able to enjoy foods and beverages inspired by Netflix’s “Stranger Things” at select locations within Universal Studios on November 6, including San Francisco Pastry Company, Beverly Hills Boulangerie and a special Benny’s Burgers food tent.

The “Stranger Things” haunted house will open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 6, and access is included with admission to Universal Studios Florida or with an Annual or Seasonal Pass.  Passholders will also get access to the haunted house’s Express line by showing their valid pass at the entrance to the house.

The “Stranger Things” haunted house may be too intense for guests under 13. To purchase park tickets, including Annual Passes which are now available with up to six months FREE, visit

Why wasn’t the new Halloween (2018) movie included at HHN28? And is there a BIG hidden clue for HHN29?

It’s the one question we have been asked over and over: why was this global powerhouse of a movie, Halloween 2018, not included in the HHN28 line-up?  Officially, there is no answer as to why it is absent from the house line-up as for many years Universal has sort to use the event to cross-promote the main studio’s releases and being that this movie is a Universal release many commentators and fans wrongly assumed the picture would be included at HHN28.  So as to the reasoning behind the decision, we first have to look at what we got instead…


We did get Michael Myers but not in his recent incarnation but in his 1988 edition of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, which arguably is a better fit for the overarching 1980s theme that we have enjoyed at the event.  Fans have argued that this house must have been ‘quickly’ or ‘retroactively’ fitted into the Shrek Theater due to a supposed late decision to not have the new movie at HHN28.  This theory does not stack up and there are twofold possible reasons for this.  Firstly, the Shrek Theater is an awkward space to design a haunted house around, you have to keep most of the Shrek show elements in place as they were not designed to be readily removed.  You have to ensure whatever is built in there can be swiftly removed without much damage to the Shrek attraction and you then have to ensure that the house is struck pretty quickly to allow for the holiday crowds later on in the year.  All of which ensures that whatever house is designed for Shrek has to be properly designed and considered to fit these unique requirements.

The second point builds on this, as the house is presented in the Shrek Theater this by no means a rush job.  This is a house that was built with care and attention to detail.  HHN have had hastily built houses in the past whether they be from scratch such as HHN22’s House of Horrors or quickly retrofitted such as The Purge house from HHN25; this house is definitely not of these standards.  This is a successful house that not only packs the scares and faithfully tells the story of the movie but is also meets all of the requirements of the above.  Art and Design’s Patrick Braillard also told Bloody Disgusting that this house had been in production for a long time, so it would appear that Halloween 2018 was never really on the cards for HHN28.

So we can with some safety, assume that Halloween 4 was selected near the beginning of the design period along with the other houses we have enjoyed this year.  That said, why might the decision had been taken so early on to not included this horror smash hit at the event?

The new Halloween movie is currently being VERY successful.  It’s breaking records from the revenues it is driving for its genre and demographics.  These sorts of returns can be very precarious as the genre can be very unforgiving.  For as many horror movie successes there have been over the years there have also been lots of very misses that fall into obscurity and even some large franchise failures such as Universal’s own stalled franchise The Dark Universe.  Carefully placed marketing and strong hold on leaks would all be in order to ensure the movie would be a success (and for those that have seen it, there are several significant story twists that would ruin the movie if they were leaked ahead of time!).  Perhaps the need to keep secrecy of the script outweighed the desire to bring the movie to HHN28?

Apparently too, there were a number of delays in the production.  According to Bloody Disgusting, the production wrapped principle photography in February this year and then due to a number of slightly varying test screenings, the production decided to undertake a number of last minute reshoots in June and July.  This was compounded further as apparently the musical score was delayed as well.  As we can all appreciate, HHN is a year round occupation for USF’s busy Art and Design Team so it is likely that a production with principal photography as late as January 2018 would have meant that A&D would have nothing to work from to until the summer of 2018 which is way too late for them design their house; especially as Universal Orlando is seen as the best of the best in terms of working to create real world environments from popular movies – that’s something that cannot be rushed.  Perhaps USF didn’t feel this risk was worth pursuing, especially when you consider that Universal starts working on the coming year’s HHN some 12 to 18 months (or more) before the event begins!  So in order to maintain these world-class standards, designing a house for this movie in a matter of mere months probably wasn’t achievable.


The final precedent we must consider is The Wolfman debacle of HHN19.  The Wolfman movie was supposed to be another attempt for Universal to re-energize their popular classic monsters franchise.  It was originally scheduled for release at the beginning of HHN19 and even run cross marketing trailers where HHN19 was publicized along with the movie.  However, this would not come to fruition as the movie’s production was besieged with delays which resulted in it missing the start of HHN19’s run which began on September 25 and the final movie would not be released until long after HHN19’s run in February of 2010.  HHN played no part in the movie’s delay or the subsequent fact that the movie by many accounts was a giant flop for the studio.  However, having the movie at HHN19 enabled everyone to attend the event and see the whole of the film’s story way before it would hit theaters.  As an aside, it is testament for the professionalism of USF’s Art and Design Team is such that this house is actually one of my many all-time favorite houses at HHN!  With the delays that have been seen for the Halloween production it would have been a risk to have the production made into a HHN when the movie was still actively in production and nobody would want another Wolfman.

Commercially, much of the past Halloween houses could be reused which is a bonus but the single largest issue that might have been for the house to come to HHN would be the release date.  HHN28 began on September 14 whereas the movie was not released until October 19.  In order to build that anticipation and to prevent the storyline leaks, it would hardly be a good decision for Universal to have the house open up on both coasts long before the movie is released in theaters.  Combine this with how successful HHN28 has been and how many additional people have crowded into the event, this could have seriously affected the release of the movie.  Plus changing the story of the house to omit the twists would just be a non-starting idea.

Then there’s this WEIRD Easter Egg…

We were informed at the HHNU HQ that there was this very strange occurrence within the picture that sheds some confusion on the above.  The below photo was sent in to us, so to investigate we had to go see the movie again to ensure.  So where is this strange addition?  Basically, at the very end of the credits, the very end, the screens goes dark and you start to hear Michael Myers begin breathing behind his mask.  The kind of breathing that would suggest he has stopped breathing before and has now been reawakened – right when this audio plays to the audience the below Universal Parks and Resort logo appears.  Is this Easter egg suggesting that Myers will return for another movie?  Or as it appears over the Universal Parks and Resorts logo is it suggesting that Myers will return but only HHN29?  Nobody knows for sure, but with the phenomenal success of the new Halloween movie there must be active discussions going on right now to finally bring this awesome movie to the next HHN!

IMG_4654 (002)
You have to wait right to end to see this Easter egg!  Photo courtsey of Phil McD


The same logo can be seen below on the official HHN website…


What would you like to see at HHN29?  Do you think Halloween 2018 will be at HHN29?  Does this Easter egg suggest Halloween 2018 for HHN29?  Let us know in the comments!

Is HHN28 Slicing a Chunk Out of MNSSHP’s Market?

A rumor came into the HHNU Office this week that might point to HHN taking more of a market share in the night-time entertainment offerings of the Central Florida theme parks.  Namely, that HHN is attracting more people to their event who would otherwise had gone to Disney’s night-time hard ticketed event ‘Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween’ Parties.

The evidence for this is scarce as the parks don’t formally report attendance for these night-time parties but if you dig around enough there is another evidence to show that HHN must be experiencing huge attendance bumps whereas Disney might just be doing the same or less business than last year.

Your prices are scary Disney but that’s all!

MNSSHP has sold out twice this season with October 4 and 31.  Whereas last year one date in September sold out as early as August and then a further five nights sold out throughout October.  This was on top off alleged reports that Disney might have increased the number of tickets they were offering to the public.

So why is this year possibly quieter for Disney?  If we take the MNSSHP event as the reason, we can say that not much is exactly new at the now 20+ years old event. The Boo-to-You Parade, Hallowishes and Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular have all been around for a few years now and have hardly been updated in this time.  And whereas the candy has improved, the merchandise is slightly better (maybe?) and they’ve added actors into the Pirates ride (Note: the actors aren’t scary or funny so what is their point?), these are all still not massive jumps forward but one item that has significant increased in this time and that’s the price!  The price in 2014 was $62 + tax, whereas now it is $126.74 for a Saturday night, the price has virtually doubled in cost in the space of only a few years but we can hardly say the entertainment and offerings have increased by double!

A new take on the Party by our pal Derek Burgan…

Comparing the Florida MNSSSHP to the Californian version at Disneyland is hard as the Californian version has special experiences that run all day for the daytime guests too, namely: The Nightmare Before Christmas overlay at The Haunted Mansion or the terrifying Halloween redo of Space Mountain with Ghost Galaxy – all of which are missing in Florida.  And then if to save further costs it appears Disney is quietly dropping the ‘Not-So-Scary’ portion of the name by now sharing the marketing budget with Disneyland’s event and calling it simply ‘Mickey’s Halloween Party’.  Changing the name just to save money on marketing is very ‘poor show’. Disney marketing trying to be ‘scary’…

Ticket windows outside Epcot right now:

But it’s not all Disney’s fault!  HHN28 is AWESOME and if you include the show and all the scarezones, there’s 16 brand new attractions for you to enjoy.  And whereas Disney has more than doubled the cost of their event tickets in 3 years, HHN has increased between $10 to £28 (depends on the ticket), which is merely inflationary at best.  And there’s more houses now than ever before!

Then there’s Stranger Things.  The hit genre defying Netflix original series that is a hit with all age ranges and appeals to wider demographic than say just the Halloween franchise.  This alone will be bringing in people from all different age groups and fandoms that perhaps had never tried HHN before.  And whereas houses like Dead Exposure and Seeds of Extinction are genuinely terrifying experiences, other offerings such as the Killer Klowns scarezone and the Academy of Villains are downright fun experiences. Combine these with the open rides and there’s more than enough for younger people or people who don’t want to be ‘scared witless’ to do.

And the final piece of evidence is overwhelming, in that for the first time in my knowledge, HHN has been selling out on select nights.  Universal doesn’t need to restrict attendance numbers in order for people to have fun or experience the rides; people aren’t there to ride Transformers!  Whereas at Disney they do, as having shorter lines for the rides at the Magic Kingdom was one of the big draws for many people in attending MNSSHP.  So for HHN to sell-out on select nights, basing that on day-time attendance limits, shows that HHN28 must not only being doing record business for Universal but they must also be taking a huge slice out of Disney’s night-time market too!  Add in the extra nights that have been added to the HHN calendar and it all adds up!

The new normal for HHN…?

What are your experiences with HHN and MNSSHP?  Let us know in the comments!

Cover photo by Meg

Warehouse 31: STILL the most fun you’ll have getting scared in Florida!

We have revisited our favorite Floridian haunted house because, dangit, we just couldn’t get enough! Last time we visited was a special event for Valentine’s Day, and now we’re back for the Halloween season!

Back at our Happy Place!

We couldn’t wait to return here! We had so much fun and scares during the Valentine’s event that we just simply had to return for the Halloween season, and let me tell you, we were not disappointed (see our review for their Valentine’s Day event here). Warehouse 31: UNLEASHED has completely redesigned their haunted houses, and added many new obstacles for guests to crawl, weave, slide, and squeeze their way through. Make no mistake, this haunted house is physically challenging! This year’s line up includes four haunted houses: Lockdown, Mr. Tasty’s Meat Factory, Dark Waters, and Slaughter Circus, as well as a life sized pirate ship outside of the main haunt filled with actors known as the Ghost Ship!

Overall Experience

10/10 without a doubt. Two thumbs up. 5 stars. Whatever you wanna call it! This place is awesome! There’s so much hard work that goes into this place; from the set construction, to the custom painting throughout, down to the make up and prosthetics. The actors give 110% every second they’re in the show, never breaking character. Every factor comes into play here to bring an absolute quality product, every time. We always have huge amounts of fun here and get decently scared by the actors no matter how many times we go through! Every single member of this haunt’s enormous cast makes sure to interact with you in whatever creative way they can think of, making for a very personal experience. In fact, whether you go on a night when they have 60 actors or a night they only have 35 or even less, you’re still in for the time of your life. That’s how much these actors put in their all! Kudos to all of you guys!

The Haunt

Same as last time, this haunted attraction’s unique concept has guest’s entering each of four haunted houses, one after the other, with short queue lines in between. Parties are sent through the haunt one by one, ensuring there’s no “conga-line” type situation for your experience. Typically, unless its quite busy, guest’s usually only have to wait in the first queue and from then on it’s pretty much walk on queues. The first haunted house guests enter is new at the Warehouse for this year; Lockdown.

Entrance to Lockdown, the beginning of your Warehouse 31 UNLEASHED experience.

Lockdown is themed to a zombie outbreak, and you have to escape the laboratory where the disease first started. Guests are led through a maze of medical rooms, offices, scientific labs, and escape the facility before becoming victims themselves. To avoid any spoilers, we can say that this one isn’t for the claustrophobic! Get out of there however you can, before you become one of them!


The second house during the walkthrough is Mr. Tasty’s Meat Factory. A long time returning haunted house for Warehouse 31 UNLEASHED, this one takes guests through a meat factory where, of course, humans are butchered to sell to the masses. This one deserves its repeating spot on the line up, as it has so many great scenes and scares, and the actors are giving it their all in here to boot! Mr. Tasty will greet you at the factory’s rolling door, as seen below. After he opens the door for you, step inside, but beware the butcher.



Third haunt on the adventure, Dark Waters, takes us into a voodoo queen’s house and then out into a swampy bayou. A great effect is in here, right at the beginning in fact. All we’ll say is deer heads. Trek murky waters, shifty bridges, and tilted sets in this very dark and frightening house.


Last but not least, the clown house, Slaughter’s Circus, featuring lots of glowing neon colors, extremely energetic and acrobatic clowns, and more than a touch of insanity. A completely redesigned and reimagined clown house for this year, this one was a great way to finish off the entire experience. The actors were very in your face and had great characters and had lots to say to us, making us scream, laugh, and smile, sometimes all at once. The cherry on top of an already great and spooky time!


If You’re In Jacksonville, GO TO THIS ATTRACTION

Not only won’t you regret it, but you’ll have a place to go back to time and time again. This place leaves an impression that sticks, and makes you (or at least us!) want to go back over and over! We will always find ourselves back at Warehouse 31 UNLEASHED every season and special event they are open (whenever we’re not at Halloween Horror Nights!)



Haunts around the US: Jacksonville Round 2

Last week, we decided to return to Jacksonville for another round of local haunt goodness!

The 13th Floor

The self proclaimed “World Famous” haunted house in Jacksonville, FL has other locations around the US, including Chicago, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona. These haunted houses have all won different awards and accolades for their achievements in set design, make up, and overall guest experience. We at HHNU would say that these were indeed all deserved!

This attraction, unfortunately, does not allow photos or videos of any kind, so this article does lack the photos that we do love to include in our reviews.

Beginning with the set design, it was honestly comparable to Halloween Horror Nights, if not better! Imagine going to HHN and seeing all of the astounding set decorations and lighting design, but take away all the conga lines and missing all the scares because it happened in front of you or behind you. That’s right, 13th Floor Haunted House takes guests through in small groups, making sure there’s a gap in front of you and behind you, maximizing their actors abilities to scare you throughout the experience.

Much like a lot of local haunts of this caliber, there is a halfway point between the houses, allowing you to go to the bathroom and perhaps take a sit break before continuing the haunted house experience. However, this halfway point didn’t have any foodtrucks or drinks available for purchase like we’ve seen in some other haunts with a halfway point (looking at you, Netherworld!). This didn’t take away from the experience, though, however we were thirsty.

Why were we thirsty, you ask? Well, we had to wait in this line:


Yup. That line you see above took two hours to wait in. That’s as long as Stranger Things at HHN28! In fact, one of the only complaints we had about this entire experience was the damn wait! The line moved so insanely slowly that we were really considering leaving and letting them keep our money. But we stuck it out and waited the whole two hours, and we didn’t regret it.

But Once You Finally Get In!

The experience is completely, 100% worth it. We loved every second of this haunted house experience and would recommend it to any horror lovers that have an itch to see other haunts! This haunted house experience, which took us about 45 minutes, included three haunted house themes:


Taking place in what seemed like an abandoned house in a countryside, much like the Sawyer house in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this haunt took us through what seemed like a demented family’s house. This one began with an impressive two story facade of the family’s house, creating an ominous atmosphere before stepping inside. The members of the family took a liking to mangling human bodies with a chainsaw, of course, and eating their remains BBQ style. This house was full of rickety wooden floors that moved, actors playing victims as well as violent family members out to get us, and one really huge and impressive animatronic monster eating someone alive! Definitely a great way to start off the haunt, not to mention the fact that this was the longest house at this location. The exit spit us out into the halfway point. In fact a staff member opened the door to the exit, waving his hands towards him yelling “come on come on! This way! You’re safe this way! Hurry!”

The main character of this haunted house, as seen in the banner above, hangs out either at the main entrance queue or at the halfway point. Guests may or may not see him inside the actual house attraction, as we did not.


Next up was Dead End District, a zombie themed haunted house that took place mostly in the sewers of an apocalyptic cityscape. Yet another very well designed and decorated haunted house experience, this one included more awesome animatronics that had us saying “whoa that’s neat!”. Our favorite sets in here were all the sewer scenes, all very well decorated and really made us feel like we were inside a legit sewer, surrounded by plastic bottles, sewer water, all the while being relentlessly chased by zombies and creatures.


Probably our favorite of the bunch, Cursed Voodoo has a lot of really neat tricks up its sleeve. The entire house takes place inside a sinking paddle boat (HHN27 Dead Waters, much?) and there are a lot of effects and moving floors in here to keep that illusion going throughout the walkthrough. There are even more larger than life animatronics in here, but these ones get MUCH closer to you and your face. Our favorite moments in this one included the room with the moving floor and the octopus face dude, as well as the swamp maze. Now, let me just take a moment to give this swamp maze the time it deserves, because it was probably our favorite thing here. Imagine a very large room full of a dense cloud of fog all the way up to your belly button, and inside this dense cloud of fog is this big maze that you can’t see that you have to make your way through. The fog is lit up by green lasers, creating the illusion that you’re wading waist deep in a swamp. Guests must use their arms and hands to find the walls of the maze to find their way to the exit, with scareactors ducked down in the fog, standing straight up and scaring you the whole time. This part was a lot of fun and really sticks in our heads.

Overall, 13th Floor Haunted House in Jacksonville, FL is a highly recommendable haunted attraction. We got scared multiple times and were pretty cautious while walking the entire way through, which is saying a lot for us seasoned haunt goers. We would recommend spending the extra money on the “skip the line” or “fast pass” options however, just so you don’t have to wait at least two hours to enter. The long wait did effect our overall experience, though.

At the end of the day, we’ll give this haunted house 4 out of 5 stars! If you ever find yourself in Jacksonville with at least an hour to kill, take you and your friends here. You won’t regret it!

Twice HHN28 Reaches Capacity

It appears this past Sunday and Friday nights at HHN the event at Orlando completely sold out!  Yet again the I4 was backed up for miles while guests lined up to get inside the parking garages.

Once inside the lines to enter in via security were crazy and house wait times were bonkers!

Insiders told us that the event on the Friday night also had problems surrounding the ticketing system whereby no new tickets could be sold for quite some time.

Both nights even saw quite consistent hourly waits in the express line for many of the popular houses. And even Blumhouse was reporting record breaking wait times!

It appears that not only the Stranger Things bump was in full effect this past weekend but also as many as 6 local high schools were off for Monday returning on the Tuesday.  This combined would easily account for the two sold out events!

Did you manage to attend on these nights?  Let us know in the comments!

Headline photo taken by Vincent Vision

*Spoilers* WB Studios Horror Made Here Full Review (100+ photos!)

We had the privilege of being invited to the media preview of Warner Brother’s haunted attraction event, Horror Made Here, and here’s our complete review of the event with TONS of photos. Grab a bag of chips and let’s do this!This is WB Studios’ second year doing this event, and they really seemed to have a grip on what they’re doing. With five haunted houses, one make up demonstration, and an entire movie prop and set exhibit, there’s plenty to see here.

First things first, I must describe how the haunted houses at this event play out, because it’s absolutely nothing like Halloween Horror Nights. Or Howl-O-Scream. Or any other theme park haunt event. The haunted houses here only allow 14 people or less in at a time, and the houses are more like performances than your average haunted house experience. Each scene in these houses have an actor or two that has things to tell you. Guests stop in each scene and listen to the actors dialogue and further the plot of the haunted house itself. The actors are very interactive with the guests. They speak to you and make you feel alone in the house. Since only fourteen people go in at a time, there’s plenty of opportunity for people to get ahead of you and you end up walking alone. We found all the houses here to be incredibly refreshing from our usual HHN grind. There are no conga lines here AT ALL. Once your studio tram reaches the entrance, you are greeted with carnival props adorned with dead bodies and skeletons. The entrance to the studio itself where all the haunts are located is in the shape of the Joker’s face with his mouth agape.

The main event grounds has a drop ride right in the center named “Devil’s Drop,” and the haunted houses surround the ride.

We we’re able to spot the joker opening the gates to the Asylum and grabbed this photo.

Scareactors roam the entrance area as well!

Not sure what’s up with Freddy’s outfit here
Check out the drink menu!

We lost our boat down the sewer but this guy took it and offered me a balloon.

IT: IT Knows What Scares You

This of course was our most anticipated house, and it didn’t disappoint! The atmosphere was great and the attention to detail was very high. We had a lot of fun going through this one and there are some good scares.

As you enter the house, you walk through a living room and are eventually greeted by a staircase with this silhouette. Ben’s room is well represented, including the New Kids On The Block poster. The House contained many of the ways that Pennywise scares the children when they’re alone, including the bloody bathroom seen above, the creepy painting lady, and the three doors: Not Scary At All, Scary, and Very Scary. As a matter of fact, all of these doors are closed and guests can choose which ones to open and physically open them. But beware what’s behind those doors. The most incredible part of the house was most definitely what we would call the floating room, where there were tons of children floating around and Pennywise on top of his pile of stuff watching them all.

The Exorcist: Forbidden Screening

The name of this one is actually kinda important. You see, this isn’t a typical walk through haunt attraction. Instead, guest’s attend a ten minute abridged screening of the Exorcist inside of a holy church. Sitting on pews, guests encounter multiple paranormal hauntings take place within the church as the screening of the film takes place. This can be quite scary depending on where you sit.

Escape From Arkham Asylum

The Joker and many other villains have taken over Arkham Asylum, and it’s up to you to escape. Fans of the Batman video game series or even just the Batman universe will eat this one up like candy. Featuring tons of sightings of different Batman villians (depending on the cast) including The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Two Face, The Riddler, Harley Quinn, and of course The Joker, this is a feast for the eyes. We saw this one multiple times and saw different characters in there each time which also made it fun to make repeat visits.

Bodies with buckets on their heads and graffiti everywhere, visitors are asked to take their inmate photos and are then taken to the Judge.

Pay close attention to the following photo:

Judge Joker sentences us to imprisonment in his version of Arkham Asylum. Interior shots of the courtroom as sentence hearing takes placeAfter boarding and exiting an elevator, we enter into the morgueHarvey “Two Face” Dent will flip a coin and decide your fate. And Poison Ivy will seduce you with beauty and then go for the kill. Play cards with Edward Nigma!The Joker then has a chance to interact with every guest or couple and tell them to either go left or right!

The Conjuring Universe

Although we don’t know very much about this franchise of movies ourselves, this house has a lot of dialogue from the actors that built a story and played off the events taking place inside the haunt. We go inside the Warren’s archive full of their most prized possessions, including Annabelle but Annabelle VANISHES! Oh dear!! We then exit that house and into a backyard of another house and we are greeted by another paranormal expert of the Warren family. He takes us inside another spooky house full of demons and we find Annabelle! But that’s not good news, and something bonkers happens that I don’t wanna spoil. This was pretty cool and we loved how it played out theatrically. The last gag with the nun was also super cool!

Here’s a photo of the first character we encountered on our haunted journey. Here’s where Annabelle was SUPPOSED to be. But she’s missing! We’re in for a spooky time!More spiritual artifacts. The actress in this scene kept telling us to not touch anything the entire time we were in there. It was crucial that we didn’t or else ghosts and stuff. Also, we found a Batman Easter Egg!Gotta get outta here before we all die!The last scene had us in the foyer of the house.

Nightmare On Camp Crystal Lake

A combo of a backlot studio tour and a haunted trail, this was also a bit of a deviation from your typical haunted house. In a very big, dark, open forest, guests trek through fog, and there’s dead bodies everywhere. And did I mention it was dark? With a combination of Freddy and Jason out to get you in the forest, you’re not safe out there. You eventually end up in a cabin, where you have to zig zag your way through bunks full of suffering teens attacked by the fearsome duo. Keep in mind some of these photos were taken with flash with permission. Did I mention it was dark out there?

Overall we had an absolutely fantastic time, full of smiles, scares, and on top of everything, fun. This, as said before, was a very refreshing take on haunted attraction experiences. Mind you, it wasn’t open to the public the night we went. We can’t account for large crowds but this event does sell out, which means they are aware of their capacity limitations and put a stop to admission sales at a point. We highly, highly, ever so highly, recommend this haunted attraction experience if you find yourself in the Burbank, California area.

With Halloween Horror Nights Unofficial, this is Scott Rifkin. I’ll see you guys at the haunts!