‘The Walking Dead’ might become the ‘Firmly Standing Still Dead’?

Since the demise of Universal Hollywood’s House of Horrors back in September 2014 when it was closed permanently there have been a spate of rumors circling on whether the attraction would return in some capacity.  On November 25, 2014, Universal went on to demolish the building that housed the year-round maze along with Hollywood Photoland and The Blues Brothers R&B Venue to make way for an expansion to the popular Universal Studios Store.  Since then, rumors have been bounding around the internet that some kind of haunted maze shall be returning…

Copyright Universal Studios


The rumors that have reached us recently say that either the land behind the expansion is being built to house a year-round haunted maze based on the the popular ‘The Walking Dead’ franchise or something more interesting themed to the same franchise.  AMC, the show’s producers, have worked with Universal on both coasts to develop various seasons into the annual Halloween Horror Nights events for many years now.  So with this already great partnership in tandem, could the park be putting a year round haunted dedicated to the franchise or could the partnering firms be putting together something far more zombified…

Copyright AMC / Sally Corp.

News came a few weeks ago that the Florida based Sally Corp. announced that it had won licensing rights and therefore designed a full dark ride based on the AMC franchise, dubbed ‘The Walking Dead: Battle for Survival’, it would see guests boarding six-seater ride vehicles, fitted with bulldozer plows mounted on the front complete with lazer blasters that would see guests ride through the famous scenes from the show while ‘walkers’ in both 3D projections and animatronic guises lunge at the guests.  Call it, Men in Black meets the Spider-Man ride and you get the picture.

‘The Walking Dead – Wolves Not Far’ maze from Hollywood’s 2015 Halloween Horror Nights

So could this attraction actually be coming to the Universal parks?  The ride is fully designed, imagined in great detail (as seen below) and the Sally Corp. have worked with Universal before, add in the excellent relationship Universal already has with AMC and Universal isn’t exactly strapped for cash where they’ve been rumored to be buying up land in Florida and building attractions on both coasts at an unstoppable rate.  All we need now is confirmation – but could this excellent themed ride be coming to a theme park near you soon?  If either of the rumors are true it will be great to see a year-round halloween themed attraction back in the Studios park but at this moment, only time will tell…

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Steve’s Pharmacy scene from proposed ride (Copyright AMC / Sally Corp.)


Woodbury scene from the proposed ride (Copyright AMC / Sally Corp.)


Proposed exterior for the ride (Copyright AMC / Sally Corp.)