Robosaurus is still Roaring!

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Robosaurus is the brain-child of inventor Doug Malewicki. Robosaurus is a mega-version of the Transformer type toys. It transforms from a 48-foot semi-trailer into a 40-foot tall, steel and hydraulics Tyrannosaurus rex. The behemoth took two years and $2.2 million to build in 1989. Its transformation takes less than 2 minutes. Pretty good for a metal T-rex weighing 30 tons.

Robosaurus’ pilot is strapped in the head of beast. It is equipped with hydraulic arms, claws that can grasp, jaws that can also grasp and a flame thrower to imitate the monster breathing fire from its nostrils. It is also equipped with air cannons that can be used to fire confetti, fireworks or missiles. It can lift 4,000 pounds!

Robosaurus can most often be found at motor sports events and air shows, which only makes sense since its favorite sport is “eating” any vehicle unfortunate enough to not get out of Robosaurus’ way quickly enough. With a bite force of 28,000 pounds per square inch, it is easy to see why it can crush vehicles like aluminum soda cans. Having done its first show in January 1990, it has been working shows throughout Canada and the US since that time.

Robosaurus first came to the media’s attention in 1992 when it starred in an NBC made-for-tv movie titled “Steel Justice”. Robosaurus made an appearance on The History Channel’s reality TV show, “Pawn Stars”, when its owner tried to sell Robosaurus to the pawn shop for $1,000,000. The offer was rejected and Robosaurus found itself on January 19, 2008 at the famous Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson auction where it sold for a mere $575,000.

Since that time, Robosaurus has been seen in various TV shows, and even made an appearance in the movie Waking up in Reno. It has traveled to Australia twice, thrilling crowds down under. Robosaurus made multiple appearances at Halloween Horror Nights, starting out in the second year of the event in 1992, he again appeared in 1993, 1994 and 2006.

Though there are imitators out there, Robosaurus’ creator’s company holds USA Design and Utility Patents on it. The name Robosaurus also has trademark protections. Robosaurus has no equal. It is the largest fully articulated, fully mobile entertainment robot ever built.

Twenty-seven years after first being created, Robosaurus is still going strong. It is still thrilling sold-out crowds around the country, still munching away at cars and airplanes wherever it goes. Contemplating Robosaurus’ retirement, its creator, Doug Malewicki wrote that he hoped Robosaurus would end up as an art installation outside of some museum so that it could be enjoyed as the artwork Malewicki believes it to be.

Who knows, Robosaurus may out live us all, thrilling the next generation of children and adults alike. With proper maintenance, there is nothing to stop this awesome machine. Be sure to look for Robosaurus at a motorsport event or air show near you!

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