Do you wanna be a zombie?

Okay if you’re literally the only person in the world reading this who hasn’t seen Disney’s smash hit box-office goliath that is, ‘Frozen’, then you won’t get the following gag…

Remember the sequence at the start where the two main female leads go and play in the snow, well start humming that, here goes…

“Do you want to be a zombie?
Do you want to run and jump, scare and thump,
the bejesus outta guests every day…”

Well now you can…

Watch this link here very carefully over the next few days, as it will be updated to let you know how you can become an actual zombie and get paid for it too!  Universal Studios Hollywood has just announced that it is building a year-round The Walking Dead house at their park.  The link above will be the first place that the audition schedules will be released.  So if you wanna be a snowman, I mean zombie or to give them their official title, walker – this is the place to be!

Just a friendly little heads-up from us at HHN Unofficial.  And if you should happen to be cast as a walker, let us know!

Photo courtesy of Universal Studios & AMC