Update: Penn & Teller



Just a quick update about the Penn & Teller rumor that was forwarded to us a few weeks ago.  To add more fuel on the fire, we can confirm that a number of Universal Orlando Art and Design members, along with various executives, have been spotted in Las Vegas this week.

They all supposedly flew out on the early Southwest service from Orlando on Monday morning.  Their various social media accounts confirm this, along with the fact that two readers of this blog had spotted one member of their team at the Rio Resort, which for those that do not know, the Rio is the home of Penn and Teller’s award winning show.  Twitter accounts for both Penn and Teller, along with their site calendar, confirm they are indeed both in Vegas at this time.

Could there be negotiations going on?  Or could this all be just a giant coincidence?

We’ll let you be the judge of that…

(c) Photo Courtesy of Universal Orlando