*QUICK UPDATE* Penn & Teller

Just a quick update on our Penn & Teller rumor that we broke back in February, it now appears that more evidence is coming to light about the supposed return of everyone’s favorite magical duo.  Our friends at HHNRumors.com recently updated their site to show their evidence and investigation into the now HEAVILY rumored P&T house.  Like us, they cite additional twitter conversations and dates that all marry up.  In addition to this, there has been no update to the P&T website to include their autumn dates (though nearly all the other Vegas shows have already) and there has been a rumored survey doing the rounds from Universal mentioning P&T (though some say this is from previous years – we can’t confirm that).  Could Universal be lining them up for more than just a house, could they do a show?  Or, could they in fact be the icons?  Nobody knows yet, but keep an eye on us and we’ll do our best to provide you all with the latest info!

Other than the above, stay tuned for more great HHN rumors, speculation, planning and reviews.  Plus checkout HHNRumors.com, as Chad does excellent investigative work over there.