UPDATE: Penn & Teller, plus other clues…

Editor’s note:  We’ve had two tip-offs from two of our blog readers (who have wished to remain anonymous) who have confirmed it is not just Mike who has been making trips to Vegas this year.  Several other A&D members and Universal Orlando executives have also been making the rounds in Sin City since January.  So thank you for your messages – please do keep them coming!  Together we can work this puzzle out!


The mission to ensure both Orlando and Hollywood work together is continuing.

As preciously rumored by us HERE back in February, it would appear that both teams are very close to signing up a third-party IP to be a house on both coasts this year.


HHN Orlando posted the above tweet after the, what can be described as successful(?) pitch, to the IP holder.  Murdy on his Twitter feed confirmed the joint meeting, but he also mentioned that it was for a “movie studio”, so for him it would be nearby as they were both still in LA at the time of the tweets.  Warner Bros is right next door to Universal City, likewise Paramount and Fox are also a short drive away.  Lionsgate is also nearby on the coast within Santa Monica (just down the road), so thats another possible. Warner Bros, incidentally, now holds the new head office of New Line Cinema, after it moved to LA from New York City recently.  Likewise, its also possibly not Legendary Pictures, as they are tied to Universal already, though anything is possible with these clues.  Legendary already has a deal with the Universal to make HHN houses, read more HERE, so this might refer to other studios where links aren’t so formal just yet.

So what could it be?  It was rumored previously by us that Krampus could be on both coasts, however, these posts would suggest that the movie would be something from outside the Universal family, which as Krampus is made by Legendary that would rule this movie out (though it is still probably going to appear at one of the coasts!).

If we went with the idea that New Line Cinema are the company who they presented to this would add some fuel to the rumors that The Conjuring could be coming soon to HHN (cob-webs anyone?), incidentally The Conjuring 2 is set for release on June 10, 2016.  So some cross-marketing around “reveal-time” in June (when individual houses are sometimes revealed early), could be a nice tie-in to the release date of this movie.  Perhaps a commercial at the end of the trailer for HHN26 could be used?  They have done this type of thing before with SAW and The Wolfman movie, though the latter was a Universal picture…

Or, they may have gone down to the beaches of Santa Monica to see Legendary Pictures, who have a certain movie about a  certain chainsaw wheedling maniac coming soon, you may have heard of him?  The movie Leatherface is due for release this fall. This would bring back everyone’s favourite chainsaw mad monster, who was absent from HHN25, and has not been seen at the event since he appeared with Freddy and Jason in 2007.

Both ideas are possible, particularly as Mike Aiello from HHN Orlando prevented himself from working on a plane as he flew to LA, which some have speculated as being work to houses based on movies that have yet to be released, so this would fit these two movies as they haven’t been released yet and little is actually known about them!

Interestingly though, Mike was then on a plane heading away from the city shortly after the pitch.  And anyone who has driven in LA knows that LA at rush hour is HELL, it was also stormy yesterday in LA so it was much worse than usual.  However, he was on his plane pretty quick with all things considered, which LAX (the airport he used) is just up the road from Legendary Pictures HQ – so in terms of timings this would also work (just call me Sherlock).  I once got from Santa Monica beach to LAX in 15 minutes, so its pretty close!

BUT more interestingly than that!!  He flew to Las Vegas, AGAIN.  That’s like the third trip this year to Vegas now?  It’s obviously work related as he’s usually on his own.  So what’s he up to?


Well according to his own Twitter and Instagram feeds, he’s enjoying watching David Copperfield’s Magic Show.  And Mike LOVES magic, he’s confirmed this enough in the past.  So what else could he possibly be doing?

Well, we rumored back in February, with HHNRumors.com providing some excellent subsequent investigative work a few weeks later, that Penn and Teller are definitely a strong possibility for HHN26.  The fact that nearly every month Mike flies into their town would also really add fuel to this rumor.


Mike then tweeted the above news of his successful week away in la la land.  The tweet confirmed he was in Vegas, it also confirmed his exact location that he sent the tweet from as Paradise NV.  For those of you that don’t know, Paradise is a district within Vegas that encompasses most of the famous Strip, but not all of it.  It does however hold the famous Rio Hotel, which being off the Strip is annexed away from most resorts in Paradise.  And guess which famous magical duo have their show and offices in the Rio?  Yep, you guessed it, Penn and Teller.  Both of whom are most definitely there this week rehearsing and performing (as confirmed by their respective Twitter feeds) for their TV show.

So there you have it, we have Penn and Teller still in the fold, The Conjuring, Leatherface and even Krampus still.  And not one single mention of The Walking Dead!!!!  Hurray!!

But what will actually be at HHN26 is still unknown…. so what are your thoughts?

We’d love to hear them!


*QUICK UPDATE* Penn & Teller

Just a quick update on our Penn & Teller rumor that we broke back in February, it now appears that more evidence is coming to light about the supposed return of everyone’s favorite magical duo.  Our friends at HHNRumors.com recently updated their site to show their evidence and investigation into the now HEAVILY rumored P&T house.  Like us, they cite additional twitter conversations and dates that all marry up.  In addition to this, there has been no update to the P&T website to include their autumn dates (though nearly all the other Vegas shows have already) and there has been a rumored survey doing the rounds from Universal mentioning P&T (though some say this is from previous years – we can’t confirm that).  Could Universal be lining them up for more than just a house, could they do a show?  Or, could they in fact be the icons?  Nobody knows yet, but keep an eye on us and we’ll do our best to provide you all with the latest info!

Other than the above, stay tuned for more great HHN rumors, speculation, planning and reviews.  Plus checkout HHNRumors.com, as Chad does excellent investigative work over there.



Penn and Teller for #HHN26?

Could Penn & Teller be coming back for #HHN26?


There are a number of rumors swirling at the moment pointing to a possible return of Penn and Teller. Their last successful appearance was in 2012’s ‘Penn & Teller: New(kd) Las Vegas 3D’ house. If true, this would be a fantastic addition for #HHN26 and would quietly qualm grumbles from many fans about the likely return of The Walking Dead. So based on this rumor, we thought we’d have a look at the duo’s history with the event, and just why they LOVE appearing at and attending Halloween Horror Nights.


Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando

Did you know they used to be actual HHN Icons? Well, for the uninitiated, a HHN Icon is defined as a character or characters who appear to headline the event; notably icons include Jack, The Caretaker, The Usher and many more, but not many people know that the magical duo were fully fledged icons of HHN2 in 1992 for Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. This is where their passion for HHN supposedly began…

The event in 1992 was reestablished after the 1986 event, following years of expansion at the park. The event ran on select nights including: October 22, 23, 24, 29, 30 and 31. Admission was just $27. The event was heavily marketed to teens and young adults with the popular duo appearing on all marketing. It featured re-themed rides and attractions including the ever-popular Terror Tram, The Tower of Torture, Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue, ET.‘s Death Globe, The Maze of Maniacs. The Dungeon of Terror, The Carnival of Carnage and the Mutation Pit. The duo also performed a magic show every night of the event. The Cryptkeeper who is widely heralded as the first HHN icon did not appear until 1995, so technically it could be argued that Penn and Teller were the first HHN icons… (We’ll let the fans argue that one out)

Between their shows and marketing of Hollywood’s 1992 event and their appearance 20 years later in Orlando, they have been said to regularly attend the event in Hollywood and on occasion, in Orlando too.

Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando

In 2012 it was announced that the duo would be designing and even starring in their own house in Orlando for HHN 22, it was described as: “World-renowned magicians Penn & Teller have accidentally nuked Las Vegas, but don’t worry, it’s nothing a fresh coat of paint and a truckload of BS can’t fix! Come on down to New Vegas, where all that glitters isn’t gold, and in fact probably has fatal levels of radioactivity.” Penn Jillette said at the time, “Universal Horror Nights can scare the living Elvis out of you, and me & Teller, well, we’ve been known to take things a bit too far. Now we’re working together on showing you what it would be like to live in a post-nuclear explosion Sin City. C’mon by, but remember, you’re not playing with children here.”

The house was very popular that year and featured a whole cacophony of creepy Vegas monsters that mixed comedy and horror to amazing proportions. It had zombie go-go dancers, gamblers, roulette wheels, strippers, a bloated Elvis and then after all that it featured a true HHN original masterstroke…


That’s right, the duo actually appeared on select nights within the house! Many thought it was too good to be true to believe that their magical idols would appear in the house, but they did and it was the surprise of the night for many HHN fans. Penn even remarked at the time, “I love doing this, I’d do this again in a heart beat.”

Photo courtesy of bestofvegas.com

He said at the time via Huffington Post, “I initially thought that the real reason Universal was asking to meet with us was because they wanted us to do a show at the park. Which — to be blunt — wasn’t really something that I was interested in doing. But as soon as they said that they wanted to build a Penn & Teller-themed maze, what was supposed to have been a one hour-long lunch quickly became a three hour-long lunch, as we all began chiming in with ideas and gags we could pull inside of that haunted house and maze.” The rest as they say is history.

They were also busy during this period making themselves some of the most successful and popular magic acts in the world. Earning circa 14 Emmy Award nominations for their series, “Penn & Teller: BS!” They also wrote 3 New York Times best-selling books and had two successful Broadway show runs. They’ve both also recently appeared on many television shows, including ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and ‘Top Chef’; and they were both honored to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013. Combined with international TV spots and having one of the longest running Vegas Strip shows, why on earth wouldn’t Universal want these two wildly successful entertainers back for 2016?

Photo captured on February 3rd 2016

So why is the rumor swirling at the moment? Two fold, it appears that their Vegas Show schedule for September and October has not been updated and many have enquired with the Rio as to their autumn availability with the Rio supposedly stating that the show will be “in reduced numbers” during these two months – which is exactly how it was in 2012. The next hint that kick started the rumors is the pair’s apparent travelling to Orlando this month for quote “business meetings”. They announced the exact same level of subterfuge in February 2012 when they were holding “business meetings” to design their 2012 house with Universal (see above’s lunch meetings bit).

So could it all be a giant coincidence or could the ‘Masters of Misdirection’ actually be returning to their favorite Halloween event? Let us know your thoughts and whether you’d like to see Penn and Teller back below…