Counting Haunts

Just a short update for you guys….

Today, April 14th at 11 AM, Universal unveiled their first official house name and subject matter: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but to us writers here at HHNU, it gives us so much more information….

Why The Date of This Annoucement Matters

Typically, the Halloween Horror Nights social media team will reveal one house per month, leading up to opening weekend, the last reveal being in September. The reveals are usually intellectual properties, since they have a much larger following than any of the HHN original concept haunts. This first reveal being in April can tell us a few things, but also leaves some things as mysterious as they were already.

Pinpointing how many houses to expect next season

There are five months left, including September itself, before the event officially kicks off. This means that unless they uncover the subject of multiple houses per month, 5 reveals remain (6 announcements in total including Texas Chainsaw) Assuming that all 6 of these announcements will be IP houses, this tells us that this year may bring us 6 houses based on movies or TV series, and 2 or 3 original concept houses. We expect to see either 7 or 8 houses for HHN26.

You may recall that the Universal team has already revealed one “code name” for a house: “cobweb.” We have already speculated whether this will be an original house or an IP house,  but the fact remains; it’s honestly still up in the air.

Helping Unblur the Lines

So now we are left with one clue, and the first official reveal. So let’s take a look at what we know and what we can conclude with this first reveal.

HHN26 house line up:

IP houses:

  1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  2. tba (Krampus?)
  3. tba (The Conjuring?)
  4. tba (Candyman?)
  5. tba (The Walking Dead or The Green Inferno?)
  6. tba (Purge 3?)

Original Houses

  1. “Cobweb”
  2. tba (Penn & Teller?)

As you can see, we don’t know THAT much as fact just yet, but remember, we here at HHN Unofficial want to be your go to and most reliable purveyor of HHN26 news and inisights, so keep checking back to see if we’re right!

Think you have an idea of how many houses there will be this year? Let us know in the comments!