HHN Twitter Q&A + Commentary



HHN Orlando’s Twitter feed recently did a Q&A on the forthcoming #HHN26.  We’ve pasted the questions below, with the answers from Mike Aiello in bold and our thoughts in red.  


Without giving anything away, is there anything at #HHN26 that has been checked off the bucket list finally?


This could be an explosive answer, as it cannot mean TCM due to the fact that Mike and Co worked on the first TCM house in 2007.  Mike is a big fan of IP houses as much as original concept houses, and what with his recent sharing of a snippet from the “Cobweb” house – it is possible he is referring to this house.  What could it be?  


Any ideas on when we can expect the first auditions for HHN 26?

Usually the summer

We will try and post more on this as soon as we know the dates for all you budding scareactors.


Is there a chance we see @hhnbear come back this year?


We reckon a cameo at the very least must be on the cards…


Any clues on houses this year!!????

They will be scary.



Will #HHN26 beat #HHN25?

We always just try to make a fun event.. Comparing previous will drive us nuts..

A fair answer as HHN25 will go down in the record books as one of the greatest ever.  It will be hard to top but we remain quietly confident that they will pull-out all the stops!


Favorite secondary character? (Like Eelmouth, HR Bloondengutz,etc)

Definitely HR and I’m always partial to Sam Meetz. 😉

Haven’t we seen Mr. Meetz before somewhere?


When will the reveals start? 🙂

Soon! #everyonehatessoon

April 14th was the announcement of TCM – maybe one a month every 2nd week of the month?  Please?


What’s your most favorite maze/ scarezone that you’ve ever done?

Any Body Collectors maze, Cabin in the Woods, AWIL.

We would imagine these houses must have be FUN to create.


With all the construction going on, will the number of houses be effected?

Hmmm we’re very resourceful…

The fact that Mike chose to answer this question (as there were 100s he didn’t) speaks volumes.  It kinda suggests that the same house count as last year must be on the cards.  As if we were to get less than last year, he would have surely have avoided this question!  ‘Resourceful’ as in trying to squeeze 9 houses in a park with lots of construction will be tough, but not impossible…


Ever considered a Hannibal inspired house?


Well we can take this one off the rumor mill for this year.


Any chance we will have some super new queue ideas this year? You lost a lot of space with all the new construction.

Always working on layout.

What with the need this year to rely heavily on the Soundstages and the cluster-fudge that is the Sprung Tents come Kidzone area, it will be essential this year that crowd management is handled with plenty of attention.


Thought processes on what you want the main theme to be each year ?

Last year was a record breaker.. Two steps away.. Not eight.

Interesting… could we see #JackBack?


Do you have a favorite house that you are working on this year. One that just stands out to you. Without giving names.

Yes #nonamesgiven



What should I expect going into an audition?

Be fun. Outgoing sells.

And be on-time.


I have many Qs you likely can’t answer, but maybe you can answer this, was Kevin Smith’s “Tusk” ever considered as a house?

Great flick but no.

Anyone we can put to bed for this year.


Have y’all consider licensing HHN for a video game, kinda like Toy Story, Magic Kingdom & Six Flags has done?

I’ll leave that to the professionals

They did try to write a book about HHN, but it was shelved.  We at HHNU picked up the mantle and wrote it ourselves, the 2015 edition is still available here.


When are you guys gonna wise up and do a Treehouse of Horror house?


Since The Simpsons area was announced many moons ago, fans have been asking for this to happen.  You can see why this would be complicated.  Firstly, there would be stacks of contractual obligations to jump through with Fox, then they would have to design something that signs-off with all the copyright holders, it would have to compliment the brand, it would then need to be designed to meet our world and a 2D design for a 4D attraction is just near impossible and it would need to be scary which to be honest The Simpsons is not scary; the list is literally endless of how this franchise could be deployed.  I think the cost to negotiate this, the time to design it, the time to agree it, the cost to license everything and the cost to built it would just push this outside the realms of acceptability for the budget holders.  It would be a GREAT idea but the execution of it would just be too much for all.  However, if you could do it, please do it, as it would be awesome.


Will we see any returning mazes this year or will HHN26 be all first-time properties?

Hmm perhaps..

TCM is a sort of redo, though the 2007 house was based on the remake and NOT the original 1970s movie.


With the recent success of the 25th house and AWIL returning, are there any thoughts having a classic house every year?

We always try to have one maze that reflects horror’s past.



9 mazes like last year or 8 like usual?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Mike is an optimistic, so we’re go with ‘maybe’ on this one.


How do you know what music to use for the event?  Like, do you just pick at random?

Music is important. Care goes into selection.

If you can find it, on Spotify there’s a great selection of music from HHN25, it contains nearly a 100 tracks, so yes music is very important for the event.


I would love another house based on a video game! How about Bioshock as a possibility?

Love those games.. Not now but maybe at some point.

So no video game houses this year then…?


How are things coming along?? Are you on schedule ahead or behind??

Ha! Behind schedule is on schedule.. 😉

Love this answer!


I want big scenery tall make me feel like im living it cant get that with a 12 ft roof

Environments needed dictate location. TCM is in a home. Bigger environments not needed. Close quarters.

This is in reference to Mike answering a query about the TCM house being located in one of the Sprung Tents.  As recently noted on our site, the house in 2007 was in the airy open Earthquake queue, which led guests through their home and then into an area with linen flapping in the breeze on washing lines.  People liked this design as it led the Leatherface scareactors the ability to chase guests out of the house.  This still could be done here!  Don’t despair, remember the demon jumping out at people after the Insidious house?  There’s no reason why Universal can’t extend the house outside of the Sprungs a little.  Plus, an in your face and up close experience of searching through Leatherface’s home is a far more terrifying prospect for us!


The question is, does Jack ever truly leave?

He is HHN. His presence is always felt.



So no video game IPs and possibly nine houses?  What do you think on this…. let us know below.