Beware of Vomit!

Today, April 26th at 12:30 PM HHN’s social media team hit us with another announcement!

The Exorcist is Coming to HHN26!

The horror classic “The Exorcist” in all of it’s glory will have its own dedicated house this year at HHN26. Not all the writers here at HHNU particularly care for this movie (okay maybe just me) but are excited nonetheless to hear this news.

What can we expect in the house?


The haunted house will likely take us through the famed house in the movie, starting outdoors on a particularly ominous night. We are likely to enter the attraction through the exterior facade of the house. Progressing into the house we will hear the screams of the possesed child, Regan, in her upstairs bedroom. Before entering this infamous bedroom though, we must take the grand tour of the estate. We are likely to see Regan crashing the family’s piano sing along by peeing on the rug in her nighty, crawl down the stairs upside down like a spider, as well as other iconic scenes.

Bedroom scenes


The movie takes place mainly in Regan’s bedroom. Being that it’s the same location for a large chunk of the second half of the movie, how can this be translated to a haunted house? They may take an interesting approach with this and stretch it out over multiple scenes, possibly changing the angle in the bedroom each time, or perhaps the guest wil pass by Regan’s bed multiple times, possibly with sheets hanging from the ceiling that the guest must walk through between each “bed scene” The multiple bedroom scenes will include Regan floating above the bed, turning her head all the way around to greet you, stabbing herself in her naughty bits with a crucifix, and of course the scenes where Ragan, the exorcist and the priest are vomitting. Expect a water effect during this particular moment within the house.


Make up Department’s Chance to Shine

The coolest thing they can do with this particular house is show us Regan’s progression into possession. As the guest walks through the house Regan’s appearance will deteriorate, as well as her behavior (and particular choice of vocabulary) becoming more and more menacing. Any keen observer will definitely be able to appreciate this particular touch.


Are you looking forward to this house? Let us know in the comments!