Norman Bates and other clues

Update time y’all!

The official HHN Twitter posted this today:


This, along with an anonymous tip from a trusted source, strongly hint towards a house for Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” or some kind of Norman Bates themed house. Perhaps a TV series tie in? There is not yet an official announcement from the HHN social media team other than this seemingly cryptic post.

A clue from last year’s scarezone?

Last year’s 25th anniversary season gave us a scare zone “Hollywood Die-In” which was themed as a drive in movie theater that was attacked by murderous characters from the very movies on the screen. Some of the cast included Chucky and his wife, the killers from the movie “The Strangers”, Jason Vorhees, Nosferatu, even the Inivisible Man, amongst many many others.

But amongst those characters particularly were Regan, the possessed girl from the Exorcist, which we now know is a house this year, and Norman Bates dressed as his mother. Could this mean that other characters in this scarezone will retrieve house treatments? An interesting thought…