Happy Friday 13th!



Happy Friday 13th HHN fans!

To celebrate we’re taking all things Jason Voorhees on the Scarezone Podcast…

Logan, Chris and Scott travel through time celebrating this special holiday that doesn’t come around that often. Today is Friday the 13th and we are going to party. We discuss the history of Jason at Halloween Horror Nights and we have three very special guests, including two actors who have actually played our pal Jason:

Guest #1: Ari Lehman – The First Jason Voorhees from the original film and the band “First Jason”. All the music between segments is by First Jason. Visit firstjason.com.

Guest #2: Randy Greenback – Executive Director of Gun Games that is now developing Friday the 13th The Game. f13game.com.

Guest #3: E.J. a.k.a Scareactor Jason from HHN 17’s Carnival of Carnage!

Jason actually appeared in the very first Bill & Ted show back in 1992. His first house was Universal’s House of Horror at HHN 5 in 1995. He also a briefer cameo appearance in Universal’s New Museum of Horror in 1998 before appearing officially back in 2007 and 2015.

Here above is in fact his very first appearance of Jason at HHN along with the Terminator and Freddy Krueger at the Bill and Ted Show of that year. For some odd reason he has a chainsaw instead of a machete…?
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We must also express our sincere gratitude to Dr Jimmy for his assistance with this article.