Plastic Passes are Coming! + A First Look at the New Kong!

Some exciting news updates for those HHN fans that are also annual pass holders…

Plastic Passes Are Officially Coming!!!

Annual pass holders that are members of the official Facebook group were treated with some fantastic news this morning when Jessica Hale, the official Universal representative for the group, posted this this morning:


This post was Immediately greeted with excitement from all members of the group. Up until this morning, plastic passes were a myth and an inside joke to all members of the group. Members would make posts poking fun at the paper passes for becoming completely useless when subjected to rain, the barcodes fading over the years and eventually not functioning properly, even going as far as turning it into a drinking game to take a drink of an alcoholic beverage anytime a member mentioned wanting or having an express need for an update of the annual passes from paper to plastic.

After at least a year of this tomfoolery on the official Facebook group’s page, it looks like the Universal Social Media Team and Jessica Hale have once again listened to the members of the group and made the right decision to make plastic passes a reality!

They have recently posted an official event on the groups calendar detailing distribution of the new annual passes, including when and where to get them (see below)

imageIf you are an annual pass holder and not a member of this group yet, please be aware it is by invitation only. You can become invited to the group by messaging the group from the main page, or if you have a friend that is already a member, ask them to invite you on so you don’t miss anymore updates like this!

A First Look at the new Kong Animatronic


This photo (and the one below) have made their way around the Internet this morning, allegedly depicting the new King Kong animatronic for the new ride “Skull Island: Reign of Kong”

Although these photos are extremely dark and look quite doctored with added CGI effects, if these photos are indeed genuine photos of the new animatronic near the end of the ride taken with the lens of a camera, our new ape friend will no doubt be the most incredibly detailed and realistic looking animatronic Universal has ever bestowed upon its guests.

imagePlease check back with us soon regarding these photos and how reliable they are

Does any of this news excite you?! Let us know in the comments!