But Where Will We Fit It All??

We all know that since the conclusion of HHN 25 that Universal Studios has gone through a large amount of construction and change, of which, left us with the removal of Twister and the ability to utilize that queue space and the removal of Disaster which eliminated the ability to use that house location all together. With Universal breaking records last year with a total of 9 houses and the incredibly early release of the first two houses for next years event many of our speculations point to a repeat of the 9 house trend again for this year. However, 9 houses might be more of a challenge this year with the lose of 2 usable spaces and lack of abundant space in Studios.


Last year we saw the use of the Shrek soundstage for the Alice in Wonderland house, which provided ample space and a well laid out queue. I do expect to see a repeated use of this soundstage for 2016. Mike Aiello has already confirmed that TCM will be placed in one of the Sprung tents, which I find to be a bit of a bummer because it does mean a lack of real chainsaws compared to the TCM house in 2007 which was in the Disaster queue and was based off of the 2006 movie. Soundstage 24 can hold two houses and which was utilized last year with the inclusion of Freddy Vs Jason and Body Collectors, however with the construction of Jimmy Fallon occurring in the former Twister Queue area this might cause an issue with the queue for any mazes in the area. If they are able to run a dual queue through the back of the construction and avoid the old Twister queue all together we might see the use of this building once again.


For those of you doing a quick count you will see that we are still short on one space for the event, the disaster queue has always been a staple of the event much like the Jaws queue which was so sad to see destroyed a couple years back. The Nazarman’s space has not been used as a house for HHN since 2007 but however this cannot be used anymore with the addition of the Starbucks and merch shop in the building. With the issue of construction for Twister I think the only option for a house with decent spacing for a queue is the use of Soundstage 20, It hasn’t been used since 2012 but it offers the most out of the way option with the ability to run a dual queue with soundstage 21 which held Jack’s house last year and ran its queue next to Despicable Me and far out of the way.

Here is my speculation for the soundstages and maze locations for 2016:

1.Sprung Tent #1

2.Sprung Tent #2

3.Parade Warehouse

4. Soundstage 22

5. Soundstage 21

6.Shrek Soundstage

7. Soundstage 24A

8. Soundstage 24B

9. Soundstage 20

What do you think, can Universal possibly fit nine houses into their theme park?  Let us know below or in the comments.