It’s official, the Walkers are back

A bit of an update for you guys that everyone saw coming….

The Walking Dead to return to HHN

Today, the Universal social media team has finally dropped another announcement, and boy was it predictable and rather unsurprising: The AMC series “The Walking Dead” will once again recieve a dedicated haunted house for HHN26.


Okay but will it be different?

Kind of. This time around the house will include scenes and characters from ALL SIX SEASONS. So though we may see some stuff we already have in previous houses, this house may promise to be the largest TWD house we have seen at the event.

FullSizeRender 2

The likelihood of seeing the above prop once again is high, as it has been in every walking dead house so far.

The Last Hoorah?

Given the fact that they are going to cram scenes from all six seasons of the popular AMC television series, this may mean that this will be the last time we see the walking dead at Halloween Horror Nights

This can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who you are. Long time fans of the event will likely embrace the idea of this being the last go-round, as it has gotten somewhat tired with its repeat appearances, while other guests, likely big fans of the show, may take it as a bitter sweet goodbye and one last chance to see the television show fully realized in the way only Universal Studios can.


Unfortunately though, there is not much else to say about this as we have seen it four times already.

Which Walking Dead scenes would you like to see this time around? Were there any scenes that they missed in previous houses that you think they should bring into this edition? Let us know in the comments.