What Do We Know For Sure?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Rob here again, here to briefly go over all of the information that has been released thus far. In the last couple months a lot of information has been released and with all those releases we have, as we do every year, we get an incredible amount of rumors swirling around and lets hope with this post I can clear up some of those.

There will be nine houses for this year’s event. Thus far we have had two houses officially announced and those houses are The Exorcist and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. TCM will be placed in a sprung tent and so far Universal has only filled one permit for a tent so it can be assumed that it will be in Sprung tent #1. TCM being placed in a Sprung Tent, as I wrote in my last post, means that Chainsaws cannot be used and only fake ones can be used within the house, This was done last year with the purge and if you weren’t paying much attention it certainly did the job.


The Exorcist has been confirmed inside the Soundstages so it will be incredibly interesting to see not only because Universal has wanted to build a house with this theme since 1991 but also because almost the entire movie occurs in one room and making an entire house will be a great test for the Universal Creative.


We know we will be having at least one non-IP based house that is codenamed ‘cobweb’.  Many have speculated as to what this will mean, with the general HHN fan consensus being that the house will be a sequel to 2004’s ‘Ghost Town’ house which was a house set in the Wild West days.  Personally, I can’t see it but I would welcome this with open arms!  Before is a rendering of the maze.


The only other thing that has been confirmed thus far is the permit locations for a couple more of the mazes and they include; The Shrek Theater no. 2, The parade Building, Soundstages 24A / 24B, and Soundstage 22.


Guys I know how much that suspense hurts but we have to remember we got our first and second release incredibly early this year and that can only mean that more amazing announcements are to come. Im sure we will get another announcement within the next week or so and we will keep you posted both on here and on the FB page!


Which houses are you most looking forward to?  Let us know!