HHN Twitter Confirms 9 Houses

It’s update time once more…

No More Guessing

With 97 days until HHN26 kicks off, there are going to be a lot of updates coming our way from here on. It’s all starting with yesterday’s announcement of Chance as the icon for this season. The reveal party continues with this midnight tweet from HHN Official (see what I did there?)


This tweet not only confirms a house treatment for Chance, but an additional yet to be announced 5 haunted houses.

As to the frequency of updates from today on remains to be seen.

The New Question to Start Asking

The tweet indicates “a new collection of scare zones.” but there is no mention of how many to expect. The tweet does say “new” so this could definitely imply things we haven’t seen as scare zones before (unlike Purge, Walking Dead, clowns with chainsaws, etc.)

Scarezones are typically announced last. The house theme announcements will continue to come in, but we will be left wondering what lies in store for us in the main park areas.

Do you prefer Scarezones over houses? What would you like to see as a ScareZone this year? Let us know in the comments!