A first look at Kong with the lights on!

What with the huge popularity of our last piece regarding Skull Island: Reign of Kong, we wanted to give you guys another quick update with YET ANOTHER exclusive first look! Although it goes without saying…..SPOILER PHOTO AHEAD!

Here He Is, The Ape Himself!

As you may know, Kong has been having soft openings daily for those lucky enough to be in the parks at the right time. As the ride is new however, there will of course be some hiccups in the rides operations, which is to be expected (we’re looking at you, Escape from Gringotts!)

But these hiccups have given one ride vehicle’s worth of guests a site they likely will not see again: the new animatronic with the ride’s maintenance lights fully illuminated!


Photo credit, with great gratitude, goes to Lisa Miller Bowers of the Universal Annual Passholder Facebook page and used with permission.

There is so much to see in this photo! From the unthemed tile that covers the floors, to the tire tracks of the ride vehicles! Without special lighting, the greenery looks as fake as ever, and you can see where the backdrop ends. This is one backstage look we may not see again! And big thanks to the ride operations manager for being in the photo, too, for now we have an idea of the scale of this beast. Not to mention how super realistic the ape looks, even with the lights on. We can’t imagine how much time was spent on just this one prop piece (not to mention simoleons!)

This photo really goes to show what special lighting and sound effects can do for ride props and backdrops. Universal Studios build and design company are definitely the front runners of theme park special effects!


Are you looking forward to see Kong’s return? Let us know!