Top 10 Food & Drink Items at HHN

Hi guys Dan here, one of the lesser known features of HHN that delights and entertains us as much as the scares is the amazing selection of food and drink options.

So here’s our top 10 of the best food options we’d love to see for #HHN27:

  1. Poutine


Poutine is just sooooo good.  Across the Highway at Universal’s mousy neighbor they’ve loved this gravy-licious meal addition for years.  Epcot has been selling it in a variety of forms at their signature restaurant Le Cellier Steakhouse, whilst various Food & Wine and Flower & Garden Festivals have all had their own take.  Heck, Disney loves it so much that they’ve just opened their own dedicated store at Disney Springs!  So it comes at no surprise that Universal would soon follow suit and introduce this cacophony of delight into their parks, starting with Mardi Gras and followed up by HHN.  Man, I can taste that gooey greatness right now…

2. Twisted Taters 


At a mere $5 per tater these twisted food of the devils is shear full delight.  They come in a variety of favors, including: Garlic Butter, Seasoned Salt, Salt & Vinegar and Sour Cream & Chive.  But to be honest, they’re is no standout winner as they’re all delicious.  A great addition to HHNs past, this food on a stick option has been with HHN for at least 10 years, so we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon!

3. Loaded Fries


Like Poutine, this is a simple delight that offers a select number of ingredients deployed however the holder wishes.  Fries, sour cream, cheese and bacon bits – yes please!  But like the three salty options above you’re gonna need some liquid refreshment…

4. Boooooooze (see what I did there?)



Well you don’t have to drink alcohol, as they’re are stacks of places selling soft drinks but if you do hunger after a tipple, HHN provides a variety of alcoholic beverages that pack a punch.  These $10+ novelty cocktails comes complete with souvenir cup and although the name has changed a few times (The Dead Walker, Jack’d Up Carnage etc.), be sure that some variety of this drink will be offered for HHN26.

5. Fried Sweet Potato Chips  

sweet pots

It’s hard to track down Sweet Potato Chips anytime of year in Central Florida, so we love it when HHN in the last few years has been offering this treat.  Loaded with pulled chicken or beef mince, and acres of BBQ sauce, then tossed with cinnamon and marshmallows to get that signature HHN twist.  This mixture of awesomeness is surely missed 11 months out of 12!

6. Pizza & The Pizza Dog


HHN pizza tastes good, period.  This staple HHN food option has been available from HHN1 and is still there every year.  It’s America’s favorite and its here to stay!


A twist on this old favorite paired hotdogs with pizza for a creation that surely Dr Frankenstein himself would be proud of, with… The Pizza Dog.  A Nathan’s hot dog stuffed into the crust of a pizza slice – genius, I now never have to have the oldest debate in history: ‘do I get the hot dog or the pizza?’.  Thank you Universal!

7. Blood packs!


Blood packs like the taters have been around the scary streets of HHN for years!  In fact the ‘Jello Shot Girl’ or ‘Blood Pack Girl/Nurse’ (as the jello drink morphed into) has their own following.  Heck, I’ve see people pose with the sexy Jello Shot Girls as much as they have with the scareactors.  Usually $7 a shot, this mixture of vodka, peach Schnapps, and jello are a HHN tradition and will be here for years to come!

8. Turkey Legs

Photo courtesy of Paige Byrnes

They’ve been an iconic Disney snack for years before making their way to HHN.  Debuting the last couple of years, nothing says I’ve become a walker more than gnawing on a giant bird’s leg.  The taste to grease ratio is set to factor 15!  Now  where’s the closest wash basin…

9. The Flaming Moe


Good all year round, no trip to HHN is complete unless a stop-off at Springfield’s Fast-Food Boulevard is had to be entertained and refreshed from one of the most unique beverages in the theme park world – The Flaming Moe.  This fizzing and bubbling orange drink is awesomeness in a cup and they let you keep it too!

10. Pumpkin Ale


We all know that come September EVERYTHING becomes pumpkin favored: lattes, chocolate, donuts, spa days, carpets, hair gel, toothpaste (okay, so I may have made-up some of those!).  So it was no surprise that at last year’s HHN25 we had Pumpkin Ale debut for the first time.  A spiced pumpkin dark ale that was a sure fire hit with fans of the speciality HHN drinks, we’re positive this beery goodness will be back for more at HHN26!

So that’s our top 10 of the BEST HHN food and drinks that we want to see at HHN26.  We missed loads such as: cheesesteaks, corn dogs, candy floss, other novelty drinks, hot dogs, kebabs, gumbo and many more!

So let us know what your favorite is in the comments!


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Editor’s note: Always drink responsibly.