Rob’s Corner: Safety

Hey guys, it’s Rob again, I do hope all of you are enjoying all of the posts and are still thirsty for more! Now I hate to disappoint you but I sadly can’t release any more information on HHN 26 but I can say there is a lot of awesome stuff on the way!  (HHN26 could be the best yet!)


This week I’d like to discuss safety at HHN 26; last year was riddled with cases of fights, assaults, and scareactors quitting due to the abuses they were facing at the event. HHN and all Halloween events are meant to be enjoyed and while yes you cannot eliminate all problems from occurring, you as guests can assist in the protection of the actors and fellow guests. Universal security faces an incredible challenge every year when HHN arrives, sell out crowds of younger and not to mention intoxicated guests means an incredibly busy and stressful night. Scareactors are in very close proximity to guests and, as we see at all horror events, this can mean being assaulted.

I’m not here to put down Universal security, I completely sympathize with them and hope that I make that point very clear in this article. The job of a scareactor is incredibly fun, I have done scare acting in past and it is a great time, however as a scareactor you must be aware of your surroundings and you must remain vigilant and be safe. Im sure Universal prepares you all to handle those situations very well and I wish you all the best of luck this year.


As a guest of HHN and countless other horror attractions I try my best to remain polite while having a fun time. It is the goal of the actors to invoke a fear response in you, that’s their job, but senseless heckling and/or touching and physically attacking scareactors is simply never called for. If you know you cannot behave like an adult or respond to a scare without throwing a punch or trying to show how manly you are then I highly recommend you stay away from these types of events.

Last year one of the responses to the occurrence of scareactor assaults was to ban alcohol from the event. I’m here to say this is not the way, while yes alcohol tends to lead to mistakes being made, banning it does not eliminate all occurrences of violence. Alcohol and HHN have gone hand and hand for years and now that we are seeing record crowds at the event and increased press coverage of the event we are seeing and hearing more stories of assaults.

I would like to conclude with these very simple words; Enjoy every horror event you go to, especially HHN. Take time to look at the details in the scenes and the technicality of the scares. Have a great week all!


What do you think Universal needs to do to cut down on assaults? Or do you agree with Universal’s current operations? Let us know in the comments!