All will be revealed within the next 35 days

With only 60 days left until Halloween Horror Nights, Universal has revealed most of its secrets to us. In this update, we want to go over what we expect to be revealed within the next 35 days….


Homestretch: 2 Months Remain

We have gone over what is already revealed in the last article, so you know that we are aware of 4 intellectual property houses. Our intel tells us we will have 6 IP houses this year, meaning we have two big reveals left. These houses will likely be announced separately, one in late July or early August, and the next (depending on the timing of the first) should come late August or early September. Typically, all original content houses, scare zones, and shows are all announced by the time there are 25 days remaining until opening night. This year, that day falls on August 22nd. We should know everything the event has in store for us by that date.

Before August 22nd, we also expect to see commercials beginning to air on TV as well as on YouTube. The television ad will feature Chance, and will likely mention Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween: Hell Comes To Haddonfield, The Exorcist, and AMC’s the Walking Dead as featured houses. The television ad may or may not resemble the Chance icon reveal video we saw back on June 9th that showed images of her in a straight jacket with a dangling light swinging in front of her face.

Leatherface in his house during HHN 17: Carnival of Carnage 2007

If you are planning to visit the parks within the next two months, you may begin to see the props for the scare zones beginning to appear on the streets. If you are not intending on visiting though, not to worry, us here at HHNU will keep you updated with exclusive photos of these props as they appear.

Keep your eyes on Twitter, your television set, and right here at HHNU as we are always on top of the latest news. Alternatively, if you are out and about, check out our affiliated podcast ScareZone, featuring our very own Christopher Ripley. The podcast’s episodes contain interviews with big figures in the HHN team, including Co-Creator Julie Zimmerman and even Creative Director Mike Aiello! Check it out and start listening here!