Buying your Tickets: A Roadmap

Whether you are going for a single night, a three day weekend, or the entire season, you’re going to need to buy tickets….

How to Buy

Making your trip to Halloween Horror Nights 26 a reality starts by going to the events main ticket page here or calling 407-224-4233, option 3. After purchase, you may print your tickets at home (only if purchased online) or get them in person at a guest service window at the park.

Choosing Days

HHN event nights are Thursday-Sunday from Sept 16-Oct 9 and Wednesday-Sunday from Oct 12-30. Halloween night, a Monday this year, concludes the event (the first time we had a Monday night Horror Nights since HHN21)



When planning your trip, it is important to keep in mind that Saturdays are the most crowded nights, and also the most expensive. Fridays are a close second in attendance and price. Wednesdays and Sundays are often the slowest nights with the shortest lines.

Once, 11 times, or Even More

There are quite a few different tickets to buy for the event, and deciding which to choose mainly boils down to how many times you anticipate attending the event. Whether you are going only once or all 30 event nights, there is a ticket that will cover the duration of your stay.

  • Single Night General Admission – $104.99

    This ticket is valid on any event night, but can only be used once.

  • Single Night add on – Varying Prices

    If you already have tickets to visit Universal Orlando during the day, you may choose to purchase an add-on ticket. These tickets are cheaper than the single night general admission, but their prices vary depending on which day of the week is being purchased. These prices are as such: Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday -$55.99, Friday – $66.99, and Saturday $82.99

  • Rush of Fear Pass – $91.99*

    Valid for 11 nights Sept 16-Oct 2 including Fridays and Saturdays, this pass is an excellent price. It’s cheaper than a single night general admission and valid for more than ten times more nights! This pass is also sold with express for $299.99*

  • Frequent Fear Pass – $102.99*

    Valid for 19 nights Sept 16-Oct 31, excluding Fridays and Saturdays. This pass is a huge bang for the buck, as you are paying for the entire HHN season for the same price as one night. This pass is for the Horror Nights fan that doesn’t mind missing out on the busy nights. You can also buy this ticket with included express for $319.99*

  • Frequent Fear Plus Pass – $118.99*

    Valid for 25 nights Sept 16-Oct 31, excluding Saturdays. This pass is the same as the Frequent Fear Pass, but includes all Friday event nights. Add-on an included express pass for a total of $399.99*

  • Ultimate Frequent Fear Pass – $199.99*

    New for this season, this pass is valid for all 30 event nights. Purchase with included express pass for $599.99*

*advance online price

How to Save


Besides buying your tickets in advance, there are two main ways to cut your prices on Horror Nights tickets this year: Flordia Resident discounts and Annual Passholder discounts.

Florida residents are able to buy single night tickets at discounted prices that vary depending on the day of the week. These tickets can be purchased online, in person at guest services, or at Publix Supermarkets in Florida locations. Please refer to the below calendar for these prices:


Florida residents can also save on Frequent Fear Passes, with savings of up to $30 on Rush of Fear, Frequent Fear, and Ultimate Frequent Fear passes. You must show valid Florida ID to receive these savings.

Annual Passholders also get a piece of the money saving action, but in a bigger way. On top of recieving the same discounts as Florida residents, pass holders can buy multiple tickets at the discounted rates, meaning they can buy tickets for themselves as well as friends. When purchasing tickets with these discounts, you must verify your annual pass credentials.

Buy Your Tickets Now!


They don’t always do, but HHN tickets can sell out. Individual nights are the first to go, followed by Rush of Fear passes, and then Frequent Fear Passes. If you intend on attending for a short duration, buying in advance is the best way to go to secure your spot inside the park.

Choose your fate, make the purchase, and we will see you at Halloween Horror Nights 26!