In-depth first look inside Ghost Town: The Curse of Lightning Gulch

Yesterday Halloween Horror Nights announced the original content houses for this season, and today, we get to take an inside look at one of them……

Ghost Town: The Curse of Lightning Gulch is an old western themed haunted house that tells the story of a town called Lightning Gulch that was an olden town, remiscent of classic American Wild West and Spaghetti Western films, but it holds a dark secret. Legend has it that the town only appears when there’s lightning striking the land. The town is deserted, and full of dead bodies. One would wonder what terrible things happened here.


The story tells that people once came to this town searching to make a fortune in gold. They indeed found gold, but little did they know what else fate had in store for them.


The explorers found death along with their riches. The town, as legend has it, was swallowed by a fierce thunderstorm. The town, and its residents, disappeared from existence and its people were doomed to haunt the town as ghosts for the rest of time.


The town is filled to the brim with the explorer’s dead bodies. Visitors to the town will see many things familiar in Wild West settings such as a saloon, an undertaker’s store that sells coffins and tombstones, an oats and grains vendor, wagons and stagecoaches, as well as horse posts and troughs.


The characters that inhabit the town are that of the spirits of the dead that haunt it’s every corner. These ghosts continue to have an intense lust for gold and to protect their treasures. Guided by their own greed, they want you to join them in their quaint little town, forever, searching for gold for the rest of eternity!


The Experience

Ghost Town is a unique haunt experience in that it utilizes lightning to illuminate it’s scenes. Every strike of lightning, along with it’s accompanying sound of thunder, brightens the scenes and gives you a brief glimpse of what’s around you, but your eyesight is immediately deminished the second afterwards. The scenes all contain dark colors and tones, making it difficult to see in the dark. The lightning strikes constantly, yet without rythmn. Each strike is random, yet expected and familiar. The scares utilize these lightning strikes to their advantage.

Smells of rain, hay, and death fill the air as you walk through corridors, alleyways, and storefronts of the town. You will be constantly haunted by the town’s ghostly inhabitants at every corner. The lightning gives their souls new life, making them re-appear in their glowing, ghostly forms. Will you escape the town to live another day on safer grounds? The only way to find out for certain is by daring to enter the Ghost Town itself, and experience the Curse of Lightning Gulch for yourself!

Are you ready to brave the town of Lightning Gulch? Let us know how excited you are in the comments!