Are These The Dates for HHN27?!

A quick HHN27 update for you guys, the first of many to come from here on….

Very Sneaky, UO, but you can’t hide from HHNU!

A visit to is one way to plan your trip to Universal Studios Florida and see what they have going on during your intended dates of stay. By choosing your stay between September and November, one would notice that there is an extra event in the information panel: Halloween Horror Nights.

Hey what’s this doing here?!

Out of curiosity, we clicked on the photo for additional details to see what hidden gems may be awaiting us, and we were shocked and delighted to discover the possible dates of HHN27!!


What a pleasant surprise. And Sept 20 is our senior writer’s birthday!!

So are these the official dates? Was this placed here by accident or intentionally? Time will tell, but we are happy to discover this nonetheless.

Wait what?!? Opening Night on a Wednesday night?!

That’s right. If you looked at your calendar as we did, you will see that Sept 20 falls on a Wednesday, which is strange, as Horror Nights has always started on a Friday, and Wednesdays don’t appear as event nights until halfway through October. This does seem very out of the norm, but considering that Sept 20 is actually a late start compared to previous years by at least a few days, maybe they’re testing out some new changes this year for HHN27. Opening weekend is usually slow compared to the whole of October, but if this is indeed true, opening night may be nice and leisurely without a huge crowd and long lines with it being on a weeknight.

Whether these are the official dates or not, UO’s marketing team will likely announce HHN27 event dates within the next month or so anyhow, so keep your eyes open on social media pages. Halloween Horror Nights announcement patterns are unpredictable, and they basically release intellect whenever they feel like it. If these dates are legit, then you heard it from us first once again, but if these turn out to be wrong, than somebody seemingly made a boo-boo on the vacation planning page! Whoopsie!!