Could Chucky Be Coming to #HHN27?


Tom Chapman of has posted a recent article about Chucky’s new movie Child’s Play 7, The Cult of Chucky, he cites why the character is so popular for horror fans and then goes on to tease us that Chucky could be coming to Halloween Horror Nights this year. Click here to go to the article.

The teaser trailer can be played below:

Chucky’s Long History at HHN

Curse of Chucky (the rebooted version for recent times) received its own scarezone in the 2013 lineup at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights.

In 2009, the franchise received its own maze, entitled Chucky’s Fun House in Hollywood, and Chucky: Friends Till the End at Universal Studios Florida, themed around the Good Guys factory and scenes featuring Chucky and other childhood toys gone mad. It was based in one of the Sprung Tents and it was not a bad house for that year.

Since 1992, Chucky has starred in his own shows at the Hollywood event, Chucky’s In-Your-Face Insults and Chucky’s Insult Emporium. In 2010, Chucky was featured in the 20 Years of Fear scarezone in Florida and again in 2015’s scarezone All Nite Die-In: Double Feature.  He has also had many other cameos and appearances throughout the Orlando event in official and non-official capacities.


Reasons for this to happen:

Chucky is a Universal property and with an ever growing slate of houses required (9/10 houses in 2016), they could bring back the evil doll to fill one of these houses.

Universal likes to cross promote its movies.  When Chucky 6 came out in 2013 it was heavily promoted at Hollywood’s HHN where he has been more of a mainstay than at Orlando’s event.  Other Universal and non-Universal pictures such as Dracula, The Walking Dead, The Evil Dead, The Wolfman and Dead Silence have all used the event to cross promote their releases.  So with Chucky 7 rumored for release this Fall (it’s currently being filmed as we speak), there is a big chance that we will see the maniacal doll back at HHN on at least one coast.

Chucky has had a long and bumpy history with HHN, his Insult Show in 2008 was actually canceled mid-run due to complaints (though it was briefly rehashed in 2013) but that has not stopped the evil doll from re-appearing on both coasts for many years now.

HHNU’s Verdict: Likely.