Universal Accidentally Confirms Start Date for HHN27

Universal this afternoon (01/17) have accidentally confirmed that #HHN27 will start on Friday September 15th 2017 and will finish on the 5th November; that’s a record 7 weeks of HHN goodness!!

Universal sent out there annual questionnaire to signed-up patrons and they let slip within the survey the actual proposed start date for our event.



The survey also confirms that a least 8 houses will be seen at the event (we’d be surprised if there was less than 9 to be honest!) and that Universal is taking some deep thought onto whether they bring back the VR house experience from last year.  The experience wasn’t  as well sold as previously thought but received mostly positive reviews, so perhaps with more marketing it could see this special house come back?


The rest of the survey is about ticket options and prices that they are asking for feedback on, all of which is up for debate and discussion.

That’s all for now folks, if and when we hear more we will of course be the first to bring you the HHN news!

So who is excited for this longer than ever event!?