Murdy Provides Clues to HHN

John Murdy, the Creative Director for HHN in Hollywood has again taken to Twitter to answer a number of fan questions.  For fans of Orlando there’s a few tidbits that are interesting, so we’ve attached the most interesting answers and our comments below. Enjoy!


Commentary: This tweet shows that due to the fact that Universal relies on outside IPs, these relationships and contracts are always subject to change and though he says they might be locked in, there is still some road to go to get these houses fully approved.


Commentary: HHN Hollywood seems to share a few properties each year with Orlando, so we can scrub any repeats from previous years, no Exorcist, American Werewolf, Aliens Vs Predator, Halloween etc. Note: Direct repeats are different to returning franchises or returning characters that may return from previous years though in different designed mazes/houses.


Commentary: No 3D mazes for Hollywood, which has no bearing on Orlando – Orlando has 9 or 10 slots to fill!


Commentary: Universal on both coasts have been trying to get the rights to Stephen King’s books (and films/TV shows) since the mid 1990s but King has always declined Universal’s advances.  Fanboys for years have screamed for a Salem’s Lot or Pet Cemetery but alas King is still not for turning… sadly! 



Commentary: On a recent episode of Universal After Dark, I spilled the beans on why Bill and Ted got cancelled in Hollywood.  A certain A-lister was not happy about our beloved B&T and it got cancelled mid-run.  This has no bearing on Orlando, so don’t worry, the bodacious duo will be back this year for HHN27!


Commentary: Maybe he’s trolling us? Maybe he isn’t?  It’s too early to say.  What we do know is that he has talked about a maze that he “doesn’t know quite know how he’s gonna do it”.  So that should be interesting…


Commentary: This says, “we done it before, but it’ll be in a new way”.  Chucky has been done maaaaany times at Hollywood… or is that too obvious?


Commentary: Knowledge is power.


Commentary: Orlando has had a Dead Silence house (10 years ago and it was awesome!) but this says more than what Murdy is intending.  He’s essentially saying that the houses they look to do at Hollywood are now two things: popular and recent – and not necessary in that order or both.  So expect to see more easily recognizable characters and movies from the last year or so at this event.  But how many of these popular franchises will be shared with Orlando?

Will you be visiting both events?  Let us know in the comments!