Universal Releases 1st HHN27 Clue

Universal have tonight, via Creative Director Mike Aiello’s twitter account, announced the first clue to #HHN27: ‘Checkmate’.  Many fans have speculated that this could be the first codename for one of the houses currently in development.

So what could the house be?  Could it be linked to the other codenames that Murdy published last week?  We don’t know yet.  Many fans have speculated on possible connections to Hellraiser, Chucky and SAW – the latter of these two both have new movies out this year and have both appeared on both coasts of HHN before.  Hellraiser though, has not appeared at HHN before.

HHN Hollywood’s John Murdy made it very clear last week on Twitter that houses for his HHN must be either new or iconic, so from the speculation we have so far, it could fit any of these three titles.

When we hear more we will bring you the HHN news asap…

Would these three titles make you: excited for HHN27 or uber excited for HHN27?