Why Jack NEEDS A Movie!

Horror fans from around the globe look forward to the months of September and October. Those who travel to or who live in Orlando look forward to it even more because it means as the sun goes down the maniacs come out to play. The most maniacal of the maniacs is Jack the Clown. Anyone who is anyone know Jack and its about time that he gets his own movie.


He’s Scary as Hell

Jack Schmidt is the official name of the clown that was created by Universal Studios as a fictional character especially for HHN. He’s a former circus clown, yet he is completely insane. He is scarier than hell, and it’s because of his appearance as well as his actions. He has a twisted sense of humor and murders his victims based upon this.

His general appearance is based upon what you would expect out of a typical clown. However, the green makeup on his white face is done up in such a way that it is anything but friendly. His fingernails are long, his costume is stained with blood, and there are gnarly yellow teeth seen from under his big red nose.

Without him saying or doing anything, he’s a scary character. This incites much more fear than Freddy Krueger or any of the other scary movie characters. Universal Studios could make a killing based upon Jack the Clown.

Jack meets Britney & Justin (Photo courtesy of Orlando Sentinel)


He’s a Known Serial Killer

It’s understandable that Universal Studios wants to create a plot-driven movie. With Jack the Clown being a serial killer, it automatically creates an easy plot that can be followed. We can learn more about the history of Jack Schmidt and how he became insane from performing as a circus clown.

Universal Studios has already done all of the hard work. They have created the character and created some of the back story. People already know his personality, and therefore they will know what to expect out of the movie.  A ready made audience from the millions of people that attend HHN every year could catapult a low budget picture into being very profitable for Universal!


He Has Gained Quite the Reputation

HHN has a different theme year after year. Jack the Clown was originally created for the 10th anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights. However, he became so popular that he has made appearances time and again.

The moment people see Jack the Clown, at least those who have been to HHN, are well aware of who he is. This means he has instant name recognition, which is a big deal, especially when you’re talking about a movie.

With this kind of reputation already established, imagine how easy it would be to get people to go and see a movie that stars Jack the Clown. It suddenly makes him more accessible. People don’t have to travel all the way to Orlando. Plus, the cost of a movie ticket is going to be considerably less than the cost of admission to the theme park, even if you consider what you will spend at the concessions counter.


He Haunts People’s Dreams

Twitter, Facebook, and blogs across the internet light up during Halloween Horror Nights with talks about Jack the Clown and how he has been haunting people’s dreams. Even before Jack Schmidt, however, plenty of people had a fear of clowns. Universal Studios used this to their advantage. What better iconic character to represent HHN than simply bringing a clown into the picture who is not only a former circus performer but who is now a serial killer?

The nameless clown in people’s nightmares now has a name: Jack the Clown. Universal was smart to play upon people’s fears and it’s Mr. Schmidt that is in the nightmares.

Many people jump at the opportunity to get scared. Year after year, horror movies do well at the box office. This means that the fact that Jack the Clown haunts people’s dreams will actually work to Universal’s advantage.


It Could Mean an Entire Series of Films

Jack has already been popular enough to warrant re-appearing theme after theme. This means that there’s obviously a call to see more of him. Universal Studios knows a good thing when they see it, which is why he is allowed to return.

Freddy Krueger got a total of eight movies. The series is still well-known, even though a new movie hasn’t been released in years. Friday the 13th has even more at a total of 12 films.

Just think what Jack Schmidt could do at the box office. An entire series of films could be written about him, based upon the many themes of just past HHN alone could fill a franchise!  They could also attach a possible film to their new Universal Monsters franchise that begins this year with Tom Cruise’s The Mummy.

Universal Studios needs to give Jack the Clown his own movie. People have already decided that they love him as a scary character. Plus, Universal has already given him a look, a name, and a full backstory. Now all they have to do is bring him to Hollywood so that everyone can see him in action up on the big screen. It could be the biggest scary movie to ever be released.

Let us know what you think – could this be an excellent idea?