HHN At Transworld 2017

As I posted last week on the page, I did get the amazing opportunity to attend the Transworld Horror Convention in St. Louis and listen to an awesome seminar hosted by the Creative Designers of Universal Orlando, Hollywood, Singapore, and Japan. In the seminar they spoke at great length about each of their parks and how they design their event based off of the local culture. If you haven’t already checked that post out I highly recommend you do! https://hhnunofficial.com/2017/03/23/creating-horror-nights-around-the-world/

While at the convention, the horror nerd in myself got to come out a bit as I walked through thousands upon thousands of vendors who were all flaunting their design abilities and speaking about their own haunts. I did get to meet up with both Chris (a Designer from HHN Hollywood) and Daniel (a Designer for HHN Japan) who both were wondering the aisles of the event as well.

While HHN does not tend to work along the conventional lines of most smaller haunts which were featured at the convention they do sometimes work to inspire smaller haunts when they use a big title such as Krampus. One of the Hollywood Designers joked that three or so years ago when he was looking for Krampus props for his scare zone “Dark Christmas” he couldn’t find a single vendor who was featuring it. Now last year and this year he sees it at almost every booth. 17498693_434577736875156_3558930077748138690_n.jpg

One booth in the convention might have a similar name to some of you out there however, Frightnight studios, for those of you who don’t know the company it is a horror design company based in central Florida who has made countless props for Orlando’s HHN. Ill attach a quick link to their portfolio page but they have created props for American Horror Story, Ghost Town, The Walking Dead, Tomb of the Ancients, and even The Exorcist house last year! This company has made props for some of the most iconic scenes in HHN houses in the last couple years. In the Photos below you’ll see a homage to the walking dead and a Classic Movie monster!

Below I have included as many photos as I could. I could have spent days walking around the aisles at the show and gotten thousands of photos but I hope you enjoy what you see guys!


Guys do make sure you are always checking into hhnunofficial.com for the latest updates. We saw the release of the AHS house announcement just the other day and it only confirmed what we had announced last year around this time so definitely stay posted so we can bring you the absolute latest and up to date info as it gets released!