Thank You Everyone for HHN 27!

I think I speak for the entire HHNU team when I say that HHN 27 was another amazing year to be an HHN Maniac! With the Bill and Ted show cast and crew working so incredibly hard to bring the legendary show of 26 years to a close with an absolute bang. I think it comes as a sad fact to all of us that Bill and Ted have always had a special place in our HHN loving hearts and to see the HHN 28 lineup without it is just gonna be a real tough image to handle. But we don’t look at this day with sadness, we look at it and know how thankful we are for another colossal event that everyone at Universal Studios worked to put together. We all tend to take HHN for granted but being one of the largest and most award-winning haunts in the world does not come easy and handling several hundred thousand guests throughout each season is not a simple undertaking.


This years scareactors had to deal with larger crowds than ever before and with that comes all new stresses and rules. But even under the pressure of working the greatest horror event in the country, they have shown time and time again that they know how to deliver through and through.22770045_10214330949057093_2414192288438043201_o

The Creative Team always deserves a shoutout for their incredible work in bringing these amazing IPs and original ideas to life under such extreme pressures. The teams of Mike Aiello and John Murdy always create such beautiful scenes and scares in their haunts year after year. There are no thanks great enough that we can extend to them for all that they do for us. 23120099_10214433893430638_211058509075190568_o

Another massive thank you goes out to all of those HHN and Universal employees who work behind the scenes of the event. There are literally thousands of employees that help HHN run from night to night and it would take me forever to name each department individually but to everyone who works in the parks during the event I personally want to thank you. I have worked in a theme park for 6 years now and I know how hellish it can be on capacity days. But you know it all worthwhile when you see the looks on those guests faces when they see the magic of HHN come to life. 22555487_10214334623148943_3929644421621897143_o

My final special thank you goes to the men and women of, not only the security team who keep us all safe during the event, but also the men and women of law enforcement who work late nights in the parks to ensure that security has the tools they need to keep us all safe and happy during the event.

We at the HHNU team would like to thank everyone on the Universal team for making HHN 2017 such an incredible event. Every scare, every blast of fire, every laugh, and every drop of blood was truly incredible to experience. See ya for Grinchmas!

All of the photos in this article were taken by Mark Walter, who has always taken amazing photographs of Universal Orlando and surrounding areas.

Another Horror Legend Passes

Hello Ladies and Gents, Its Rob again. Back from a rather long break from posting to bring some news that I wasn’t expecting to deliver today. It only seems like a short while ago we heard the news of George A Romero passing away and just a brief time before that, the passing of Wes Craven. Earlier today it was announced that Tobe Hooper had passed away at the age of 74. As we rapidly approach the beginning of Halloween Horror Nights on Sept 15th I think it would be fitting to look back and see what this horror legend had done to Halloween Horror Nights. the-texas-chainsaw-massacre-2

In 1974 Tobe Hooper had made one of the most well known and most horrifying horror movies ever to be released. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was Hooper’s first major film and it would forever be known as one of the most iconic horror movies ever made. With the creation of this film Hooper had created one of the most iconic horror weapons out of an everyday power tool. The Chainsaw from that day on would be forever associated with fear and gore. Leatherface also served as a main Icon of horror alongside Freddy and Jason in Jack’s Carnival of Carnage, as well as being used in house for HHN 26.


That all too familiar rev of chainsaws will soon be in the air, both at Horror Nights and at haunts all across the country. I know we are all excited to feel that adrenaline boost once we hear them cutting through the fog in our roaming hoards but one thing I think we should all do is take the time to appreciate those who pioneered these scare tactics and movies which we now all take for granted when haunt season roles around. 5cc56911396b11a89471b05138c66115[1]



Don’t forget to stay tuned to HHNU for all of the latest Horror Nights updates. And Tune into the Orlando Adventurers YouTube channel for construction updates and videos inside HHN 27!

Mourning a Horror Legend

I’m sure this news comes as no surprise but everyone here at HHNU was saddened to hear news on the passing of George A Romero at the age of 77 today. He truly was a pioneer in not only the horror genre but also became famous for essentially creating the zombie genre which has swept the world throughout the last almost 60 years.NOLD

Romero’s first step into the spotlight came in 1968 when he directed a small movie in rural Pittsburgh, PA titled Night of the Living Dead. With a budget of less than $200,000 the movie had not only grossed over $30 million worldwide but would also go down in history as one of the most famous cult horror movies of all time. After the success of Night of the Living Dead Romero went on to work on smaller films such as Season of the Witch and The Crazies. The ladder of which went on to be remained in 2010 by director Breck Eisner. tom george.jpg

Of course, Romero would later go on to continue his “Dead” series with the installments of Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead in 1978 and 1985. Throughout George Romero’s career he has directed and created some of the most iconic and memorable faces in the horror world. He has worked with the great Stephan King in the theatrical release of Creepshow. Along with essentially beginning the career of Mr. Tom Savini who has been behind the FX creations in hundred of movies, including; Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow, and Day of the Dead.

Without the amazing pioneering that Mr. Romero has done throughout his career we would not have some of the amazing horror and Halloween Horror Nights History that we have today. Directors and creators such as Rob Zombie, Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead),  John Carpenter (Halloween), Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, and Seth Grahame-Smith (Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies)TWD1-1440x900

So many of the writers and directors which George Romero has inspired have gone on to bring their horror creations to life based on the path which Romero had blazed before them and so many of these works have gone on to shape Halloween Horror Nights as we know it. Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses might have never been brought to life in HHN Hollywood (2011). John Carpenter might never have created the Halloween Series which has been brought to life on both coasts! We might never have seen Shaun of the Dead appear in both HHN Hollywood and as a small scene in HHN Orlando. Without the work of Romero we might have never had Zombies in popular Horror Culture, which means we might not have ever seen; Dead Exposure, War of the Living Dead, Dead Man’s Wharf, Zombie Gras, and many many more!

George A Romero will forever be known as the “Godfather of Zombies” but he will also forever hold a place in the horror universe and the HHN universe as well.

BlumHouse Maze Confirmed?

Us here at HHNU have been filtering through tons of rumors and construction photos of both HHN Hollywood and Orlando and we think we might have some exciting news for you lovely people. The long rumored Blumhouse maze is possibly beginning to take shape. Blumhouse Productions has been behind some of the most world renowned horror movies in the last couple years, such as; Insidious, Paranormal Activity, Purge, Sinister, Dark Skies, Oculus, Ouija, The Gallows, The Belko Experiment, Get Out, Split, and so many more!

The photo below was taken from the Universal Hollywood Backlot tour and appears to show a facade which appears to resemble the Blumhouse Logo. (Note the sides of the roof with the angled edges.) I have also attached a photo of the Blumhouse logo below so you can compare and let us know what ya think! (Photo Credit to Juan Vera)

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 11.14.21 AMScreen Shot 2017-07-10 at 11.15.12 AM

The House in the Backlot photo doesn’t appear to match any building from any Blumhouse films as far as I can tell but it does appear to match the logo rather well. Perhaps this house will match what the rumors are saying and we will see an ultimate compilation of some of the amazing Blumhouse films which have come out in the last couple years. Blumhouse has been working on merging their cinematic universe in the last couple years and attempting to bring the horrors of Sinister and Insidious together so perhaps this house would allow them to begin that process.

What do you think this facade means for HHN Hollywood and do you think we will see Orlando sharing this property? Let us know in the comments and as always, stayed tuned! We here at HHNU will bring you all the latest rumors and news as it breaks!

Ticket Packages for HHN

I think we were all thrilled when we heard tickets for HHN 27 were going on sale a couple days ago. There are a ton of different ways to customize your HHN vacation this fall but I’m gonna try to show you guys the best packages that Universal offers to save you guys some cash when attending HHN this year!

If you intend on beating the crowds during the event I think anyone would recommend going in September. While the opening weekend still may contain larger crowds and perhaps a few bugs you will find that the second and third weekend offers a park with far less crowds in both daytime operations and for HHN as well. If you go to the event within the first three weeks and are looking to not break the bank I cannot recommend the Rush of Fear Pass highly enough. Pictured below, the pass with run you approximately $91 before taxes but it does allow you to go to the event for the first 10 nights all for one low cost. The Rush of Fear also comes in an express version which allows you to add express to your ticket for every night you attend.

Rush of Fear

For anyone not just attending the event in the first three weeks and doesn’t want to break the bank on tickets they should look into buying the Frequent Fear pass. Pictured below, the FFP runs about $102 and offers guests 21 nights of the event all for one low cost. These passes, much like the Rush of Fear pass can have express added onto it and is a fantastic way to see the event again and again for one low price. Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 7.38.10 PM

The final pass which I think anyone looking to save money at the event should look into is the Unlimited Frequent Fear Pass. This pass with run you approximately $199 before taxes but allows you to see every night of the event for a very affordable price. This pass is a perfect pass for true HHN fans who just cannot get enough of the event. This pass does also come in an express form for those who are willing to pay the $599 to never have to wait in a line for any of the houses. Unlimited Frequent FearI think we can agree that what truly maters is just making it to the event, but why pay an arm and a leg to see people lose their arms and legs! These packages are amazing ways to save money when going to the event. Personally I have always used the Rush of Fear Pass on my yearly trip and cannot speak highly enough about it.
Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 7.51.43 PM
No matter how you plan your vacation to HHN 27 we look forward to hearing what you think of the event and as always, we will keep you up to date on all of the latest information and look forward to seeing you in the fog!

HHN At Transworld 2017

As I posted last week on the page, I did get the amazing opportunity to attend the Transworld Horror Convention in St. Louis and listen to an awesome seminar hosted by the Creative Designers of Universal Orlando, Hollywood, Singapore, and Japan. In the seminar they spoke at great length about each of their parks and how they design their event based off of the local culture. If you haven’t already checked that post out I highly recommend you do!

While at the convention, the horror nerd in myself got to come out a bit as I walked through thousands upon thousands of vendors who were all flaunting their design abilities and speaking about their own haunts. I did get to meet up with both Chris (a Designer from HHN Hollywood) and Daniel (a Designer for HHN Japan) who both were wondering the aisles of the event as well.

While HHN does not tend to work along the conventional lines of most smaller haunts which were featured at the convention they do sometimes work to inspire smaller haunts when they use a big title such as Krampus. One of the Hollywood Designers joked that three or so years ago when he was looking for Krampus props for his scare zone “Dark Christmas” he couldn’t find a single vendor who was featuring it. Now last year and this year he sees it at almost every booth. 17498693_434577736875156_3558930077748138690_n.jpg

One booth in the convention might have a similar name to some of you out there however, Frightnight studios, for those of you who don’t know the company it is a horror design company based in central Florida who has made countless props for Orlando’s HHN. Ill attach a quick link to their portfolio page but they have created props for American Horror Story, Ghost Town, The Walking Dead, Tomb of the Ancients, and even The Exorcist house last year! This company has made props for some of the most iconic scenes in HHN houses in the last couple years. In the Photos below you’ll see a homage to the walking dead and a Classic Movie monster!

Below I have included as many photos as I could. I could have spent days walking around the aisles at the show and gotten thousands of photos but I hope you enjoy what you see guys!


Guys do make sure you are always checking into for the latest updates. We saw the release of the AHS house announcement just the other day and it only confirmed what we had announced last year around this time so definitely stay posted so we can bring you the absolute latest and up to date info as it gets released!


Creating Horror Nights Around The World

I want to start with a quick apology, the seminar was supposed to be live streamed but Transworld did not inform us of the recording policies within their event and thus we ended up with a bit of a glitch this morning. However, I did sit in on the seminar and while the teams seemed a bit frazzled from their busy schedules, they all spoke in length about each of their parks and how they take on the legend that is Halloween Horror Nights.

I think I’ll start with the park we cover most heavily and that, of course, is good old Universal Orlando. As we all know Orlando has made horror nights into what it has become today and when each event showed a short teaser clip of their event I personally think that Orlando will always reign supreme for HHN. But Orlando chose to talk about their use of characters and creation of new worlds and stories. For those of you that might not know Orlando created Jack the Clown, the Caretaker, the Story Teller, and the Director along with countless other mascots for the event. These characters have since gone on to be featured at HHN events in almost every park and have grown to have enormous fan followings. When asked why they created such detailed and powerful characters while most haunts might just do a passing mascot they responded with “We wanted to make these characters able to live within the Universal Monster Universe” (we’d said at HHNU for years that Jack NEEDS a movie!) I could hear the passion when this was said and I think that while we all know the event incredibly well we tend to not realize the passion the artists and designers have for the things that they create. While no announcement or teasers were made by the team they did speak to how they have refined their craft over the years and how only a couple years ago all of the designing and team coordination fell on TJ Mannarino’s shoulders and now there is teams of people who will pour over a house and its many many design stages.

For Hollywood very little detail on the creative process was given but they did speak to their love of IP use and their teaming up with artists from many fields to create houses. They love teaming up with directors, TV producers, and even musicians to make their works come to life. They did say that while many would believe that Universal has little contact to the actual stars themselves they would be wrong. Both John Murdy and Mike Aiello have been both on the backlot and sometimes in the homes of these stars to get the true vision of the house right. The Hollywood park is significantly smaller than the Orlando park and their design team spoke to these difficulties when they talked about their design process. Having to match their scarezones to the street sets which already exist year after year without becoming repetitive or boring for their guests is certainly not easy but we always see the creative visions come through in fun and new ways.

Japan bases their HHN experience on more interactive and individual experience based scares. With horror themed events being a relatively new experience to Japan the park has to work to draw the interests of the surrounding area. The park houses have a through put of approximately 600 guests per hour which pales in comparison to the 2,000 that Universal Orlando and Hollywood have been able to achieve on a normal operational night. In the Japan park HHN is not a hard ticketed event and daily entrance to the park is honored during their event however there is no official start to the event nightly and houses can open as early as noon and run until park close. With the limited space the park might only be able to hold about 5 houses but Japan paces their houses so that every group can experience an interactive horror experience.

When speaking, the design team wanted to highlight two of their interactive experiences in particular. Biohazard is a house which takes the guests into an interactive world as a citizen trying to survive in Raccoon City, which is based in the video games Resident Evil. Last year saw this houses third incarnation but this year, event the guests were given augmented reality goggles which brought the video game style effects to life before their eyes. Blood splatter, health bars, and even bullet count were all displayed before the player’s eyes. Yes, I did say bullet count, in this house guests are given laser tag style weapons to shoot the attacking scareactors.

Trauma 2 is a VR based haunted house which was sold as an up charge to the event. Guests in this house are strapped to a gurney and placed in a VR headset and earphones and brought through a torturous treatment from a mad doctor. Guests were given a panic button but according to designer Daniel Perez only about 10% of guests couldn’t handle the experience. As we can see, Japan’s smaller crowds and larger time schedule for the event allows for more one on one horror experiences which I think at this point Orlando and Hollywood have far surpassed the ability to do in their parks.

One of Singapore’s lead designers has a background in circus and acrobatic type shows and this theme seems to reign over their entire HHN experience. Universal Singapore is the smallest park out of the four but what they cannot do in number of houses they absolutely make up for in level of street performances. The entire park is essentially turned into a performance with live stunts and action packed shows. The design team joked that they have always attempted to have the most cutting edge stunts and that if the operations team allows them to do it then they will always push as far as possible. Singapore has a through put of roughly 800 guests per hour which while slightly higher then Japan is still not as crowded as the American parks. This is due to the lack of Halloween in the culture of the area. Singapore did make an interesting announcement which I’m sure a lot of you would be happy about in our parks, they do not and will not have any IP houses nor scarezones. They believe in taking real life haunted places or stories and make them into houses and scarezones rather then using movie based properties. Even featuring a street experience based on the Suicide forest in Japan following the wide popularity from the movie “The Forest”. The Singapore park seems to have a drive to bring real life horrors to life from the culture which it is based around. Their houses have brought zombies into the nation’s subway system even taking a food court and unleashing a deadly virus amongst the clients. Singapore also borrowed our favorite clown for one of their park shows last year as well. The story of the show puts Jack as a world traveler looking for new circus acts for his show, but not wanting to be upstaged he murders the acts one by one. I think Singapore has carried his personality well.

With horror being so new to both the Japan and Singapore markets I think that these two parks will be seeing some massive growth over the next couple of years. Already they have seen huge scores of returning fans who always look to see what the park can do with their favorite houses and legends. With Icons like Jack being shared amongst the parks and even houses like The Exorcist last year being shared as well I think all of the design teams not only work incredibly well together but also are always trying to one up one another.

I’m sorry that I cannot cover all of the information and fun stories that were said in the seminar. It truly was amazing to be able to listen to all of these magnificent designers all speak on one stage and being able to meet them afterwards really made the whole experience truly amazing. I covered all that feel was important to take away from the experience and while I’m sad that we didn’t see any announcements or teasers for this years events I think we can be confident that every park is going to deliver an absolutely amazing product as they always do.

Me with Chris from HHN Hollywood

As always keep an eye on the HHN Unofficial Facebook page for the latest updates and announcements, be sure to listen to the Scarezone Podcast to hear exclusive interviews from past characters and other important figures in the HHN world, and try to hold on! Haunt season is not far away!

Clues Clues Clues

Hello everybody, I know its been a rather long time since you’ve heard from me but the seemingly endless lull in haunt season is over and we have RUMORS!!!! It’s around this time every year that we start to watch both the HHN Hollywood and the HHN Orlando Twitter feed to see what clues they release to us and recently they have been providing some interesting theories. I know the HHN fan Facebook page has been abuzz with fan theories and suggestions but here is what we know for sure, I will start with Hollywood and finish with Orlando.

For Hollywood we have been given three codenames, via their Twitter feed and the ever so awesome John Murdy. The first Codename we have is “Lemonade”. We know that this maze will be based on a movie but we have no confirmation on what that title will be. Based on the Tweet John had sent out it was roughly 119 pages long but yesterday seems to have brought some different ideas and apparently while working on the 4th maze there was some “substantial redesigning” of that first maze treatment. According to the team the codename works even better now so perhaps we have sunken deeper into the IP material.


The Second Codename for Hollywood is “Charles”. This project apparently holds a special place in John’s heart and is apparently “the trickiest maze they have ever done”. Could this mean a property never seen before as a haunted attraction anywhere? Many people, including a good friend to this site Dr. Jimmy, believe that perhaps this is a direct link to The Shinning. Now Stephen King has long blocked any attempt to make any of his properties into haunts but maybe just maybe Universal was able to woo him with what they created in The Exorcist maze last year. One tweet that caught my eye when looking at the tweets for this second code name said this “In the middle of writing the treatment for maze #2 and working on a super iconic scene that is damn near impossible to realize in a maze…”. Does this mean the Iconic river of blood streaming from the elevator doors?


The third and final confirmed Codename as of right now for Hollywood is “Writers Block”. This tweet came with a picture of a nice little present from John’s wife and an interesting hint. “The M and the N are gone! A clue?” is this a clever clue or is he simply trying to throw us off of the trail. The thing about Codenames is, so early on it is hard to really get a good feeling on any of them because the possibilities are nearly endless.

Writers block.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 1.36.25 PM.png

Now moving on to Orlando and the tweets from the always entertaining Mike Aiello. HHN Orlando has been relatively quiet on the Codename front but we do have one to work with so far. “Checkmate” Mike has said almost nothing on details for the house so as of right now any thing you hear is really just rumors but some of the rumors that I have been hearing flying around the HHN fan Facebook page are; Hellraiser, Chucky, SAW and The Shinning. Orlando tends to keep us guessing on codenames a bit longer then Hollywood but I do expect to hear more being announce in the very near future.


I hope you enjoyed the article ladies and gents. I know how excruciating it can be waiting for haunt season to arrive once again but as always keep your eyes posted on HHNUnoffical and we will bring you the latest info as soon as it is released. Also let us know in the comments what you think those codenames mean!

A Sincere Thank You From the HHNU Team

Well after months of speculation, teasing, and finally getting to live the event, Halloween Horror Nights 26 has come and gone. This year brought us unbelievable experiences, incredible houses, some of the most immersive and entertaining scare-zones, and of course more cherished memories of HHN passed.14938109_1479869852042081_8749950505396506563_n

I wanted to write this post as a thank you not only to Universal Studios for creating this event some 26 years ago, but to all of you who bring this event, its characters to life each year. As an administrator for the HHN Facebook fan page I get to see and talk with so many of the scare-actors for the event, and I love all of the characters each of you has created and made their own over the course of the season. I especially revel in how much you all love what you do! To scare on such a large scale is no easy task, and certainly not everyone can do what you do, but I am absolutely thankful for every scare and every ounce of sweat put into the event. img_0292

As much as those on the front lines are a huge part of HHN, I would be leaving out so many important people if I chose to stop there. A huge thank you needs to go to everyone at Universal Studios for the hard work they have put into the event this and every year. From Mike Aiello and everyone on his creative team to the A&D Department for the amazing treatments and scenes they have created. From Security, for keeping all the employees safe along with the couple hundred thousand guests who attended throughout the month, to the lighting, sound, and stage technicians that allow us to have a completely immersive experience.img_9561

To every employee at Universal Studios, both onstage and off, I want to say thank you. I grew up loving the idea of “riding the movies”; Halloween Horror Nights has always been my passion and it’s a dream to be a part of the event even just in a small way. Without all of you that make it happen every single night and every single year, my dream wouldn’t be possible. While many of you may be tired of the rushes and more so the drunks, I want to say never stop thinking that your job is crucial to every guest. It means so much more than you know, especially to those of us that have followed the event from the start.img_9483

Before I begin to ramble I will wrap myself up. Thank you to every single employee who had even the smallest to do with Halloween Horror Nights and every day operations at Universal. As a fellow theme park employee myself I understand how hard it can be while working, but what you do is creating a whole other world. By doing so, you allow people to escape and have fun. We here at the HHNU team want to personally thank every scare-actor that we had the privilege of seeing at the event,  and we wish all of you safe scaring in the many years to come. Stay tuned to HHNU for more updates throughout the year!

HHN 26 Review

After my long silence from the page, I’m back guys! I wanted to hold off on my speculation and early reviews of the event until after I had a chance to attend and truly experience this years event for myself. I attended Orlando from September 22nd – 24th. Now I  know that three days isn’t very substantial and I will probably receive form criticism for not having seen more then one weekend but here is my review of the event anyway. I tried to look at this year as I do every year and enjoy the houses without too much hype going in, after writing about them and talking about them for so long this was a bit difficult but I think my reviews are fairly bias free and I hope you agree with some of them as well. Here is my rankings for the events and experiences at Halloween Horror Nights 26!



Number one on my list for HHN 26 houses has to go to Halloween II. This house followed the movie, one of my favorites, almost scene for scene and much like the Halloween house of HHN 24 it was able to bring you into the movie and make you feel that suspense of being chased by Michael! Although there were  times I went through the house and noticed character changes and minor timing issues, the design and scaring in this house was absolutely amazing. The fiery ending of this house was absolutely up to the hype and delivered on detail and maintained the scares up until the last second!


I might face a bit of criticism for ranking this house so high on my list. Ghost Town is one of favorite houses this year for two reasons. The first being its ability to create a brilliant set design and create the world with an incredibly amount of detail but still maintaining the story. The second reason was the created weather environment, walking through the house you feel the rain falling from the sky and you get the gusts of wind along with the flashes of lighting. Along with being a welcome relief from the humidity outside, it made me feel like I was brought into the house and the world they were attempting to create. I truly loved this house and although the story was not the most terrifying, I hope Universal delivers this amount of detail for years to come.


The Exorcist takes the third place spot on my list for one very good reason … The movie does not deliver on scares or jump scenes, which is rather crucial when making a haunted house. That being said, Universal has been wanting to deliver this house since the beginning of the event and seeing this house you can tell there has been a lot of work put into these designs. The house takes every groundbreaking and classic scene of this essential horror movie and brings it to life. I highly recommend seeing this movie before entering the house so you can truly appreciate every scene and every detail but I loved this house so much and seeing every room and the immense detail on what is in reality a house filled with the same scene just repeated was incredible. From the facade which is beautiful, to the demon statue reveal, this house is fantastic.


Ahh American Horror Story, although this house had by far the longest waits of the year it was an incredibly well done house. I must admit however I have not seen every season of AHS even with my friend from the HHN Facebook page, Christine Grey, insisting on how amazing the show is I simply couldn’t find the time to binge the show in time. From what I have seen and what I know of the show the house was incredibly spot on and offered fans and even non fans a glimpse inside the world of AHS. The story might have confused non fans of the show however even non fans were faced with incredible detail and great scares throughout the house. I loved this house even though it had an incredibly long wait, it had great jump scares along with a story that makes me want to watch the show even more. I recommend getting to it early to experiencing it before the wait becomes unbearable. Stay tuned the the Halloween Horror Night fan Facebook page for Christine Grey’s (fellow page admin) review of that house!


I had high hopes for this house, having been a fan of all the TCM movies since I was little and always loving the sound of chainsaws as horror events, however I was not blown away with what the house had to offer. Being in a tent they were unable to use real chainsaws for the scares in this house and although the fakes were almost as good they killed the illusion in my mind. Part of that scared feeling for me with chainsaws is smelling that exhaust and that is no longer a possibility with the fakes or even in the park since they switched the types of chainsaws being used. I will say however, this house delivered well on some scenes from the movie rather well, although not hitting all. The house could have been designed with the story more in mind or other types of scares in mind since the movie only features one chainsaw kill!


On to Number 6! Tomb of the Ancients was a very well designed house, the claustrophobic environment and low hanging ceilings made one feel as if they were in an ancient temple. However the incredibly incredibly dark nature of this house and to me the lack of scares kind of took away from this house. The featuring of pull ropes in the one hallway was cool to see as it has been done in past but this house didn’t scream to me as an original like Ghost Town did. I’m sure other people enjoyed this house much more than me but it falls towards the bottom of my list for lack of light and insufficient scare opportunities.


Walking dead … after being a HHN mainstay for the last 5 years or so I’m kind of tired of talking about it, however, this house was enjoyable having been a long time fan of the show. Walking season by season rather then featuring just one or two was a better way to take on the title. The scenes were delivered beautifully and created incredibly well, delivering the perfect amount of claustrophobia and wide detail throughout the house. I have nothing against TWD and enjoy the show very much, however as an HHN fanboy I would like to see the title replaced, maybe if Orlando were to follow in Hollywood’s footsteps and create a permanent attraction to make room for another house would be a better choice.


Krampus! The rumor everyone, including myself, had been talking about since its release fell a bit short of expectations in my opinion. I enjoyed the movie, it offered laughs with a new kind of scary movie take but the house did not deliver the same feelings. Using only Krampus’ minions for scares and never once featuring the main man himself in a moving version for me was a huge letdown. The scenes were created well and there was no lack of detail in the house, which I liked, but a lot of the movie is CGI and to deliver that in a house with stable characters is not easy and tends to ruin the story. That being said I still like the Christmas feeling in a haunted house and wanted to get the same feeling that I did back in 2007 with the Psychoscarepy home for the holidays house, I hope Universal tries with this idea again but executes it a bit differently next time.


Finally to the Icon herself. Ive never been disappointed with an Icons house before this years event. 3D houses are cool to see but to me they lose the ability to scare when I cannot see clearly with the glasses. The facade tells a great story of Chance getting arrested after the events of HHN 25, the house fails to carry that torch on. In my personal opinion Universal should have offered a new look at Shadybrook asylum which has held jack for many years and this year we could have seen chance running the asylum. I was disappointed in this house because of its use of 3D and the “look through Chance’s mind” aspect. I think the house had far more potential then Universal gave it.



Survive or Die tops off my scare zone list for this year. It followed in the footsteps of the purge and many other scarezones which have graced this area. The use of 3D projectors was a great touch and was nice to see used again in this section. I also enjoyed the inclusion of chainsaws a bit here, that along with the great props and even story line for this zone makes it a number one for me. Although the costumes were a bit simple and non iconic they fit the roles they were trying to portray.


My second favorite scare zone on the year is Vamp 55! I usually never like the scare zones on Hollywood blvd, however this year the zone was fun and interactive which was a pleasant delight. I didnt spend a great deal of time in the zone this year but what I saw when I did go was football players, greasers, and prom girls all interacting and telling a story without skipping a beat while scaring. This isn’t easy to do and I applaud all of the scare actors in this area for playing their parts incredibly well.


Taking the third spot on my list is the roaming hoardes. Roaming chainsaws have been an HHN mainstay for years and although many don’t like them or their placement around the park, I wouldn’t think of HHN without them. They tend to be placed in not so crowded areas on non peak nights which makes scares few and far between but they are always an enjoyable sight and I applaud their work every year!


Liar of the banshee. I had high hopes for this year as well. It was a good scarezone but as that area has been rather well known for, it was dark and crowded. I went on non peak nights and already the zone felt a bit tight and hard to navigate. The costumes and scarers were very good and I don’t want to make it seem like this zone was poorly done, the detail and feeling of the zone was very well done. I just feel that maybe this area is getting too small for a scare zone.


Dead Man’s Wharf! The scare zone I was most anticipating for this year. I was not disappointed on sets and costumes for this zone, the sets were all designed beautifully and the costumes and scarers were all incredible. However the scares I feel were not that common and many people seemed to just pass through without noticing the scarers. I think the zone looked absolutely amazing however it felt a bit crowded and passable.


Our final scare zone is again The Icon herself. Chance although being the Icon really isn’t all that noticeable at the event, No show and no real presence. Her scare zone however is made fun and enjoyable by the scarers within it, whom are entertaining and very good at what they do. You can tell the scarers are having fun with their roles and get incredibly into their parts, I only wish there was a bit more to that zone.

Well thats my lists and I hope you agree with at least some of what you see here and as always feel free to comment and let me know what you though of the event and the houses. I also wanted to say thank you to all of the Scareactors and designers for this years event. You all make the event what it is and you bring these stories and characters to life. I wish you all luck for the remaining scaring season and for you all to stay safe as the peak season approaches. Thank you all, and Take care.