Five Reasons Why American Horror Story Will Be Awesome at HHN27!

Horror movies have become a symbol to represent fear, anger, hate, suspense, revenge and sometimes forbidden love. The storyline of a horror show/movie is what determines feelings you will get or the message you will receive. For Halloween, all the emotions stirred by horror movies are required to put you in the mood for the scariest day of the year.

Try American Horror Story Season Six…

If you’ve already been a fan of this series, then you would confirm that it is not a typical Halloween show. This Halloween, watch the sixth season of the series and you will add an extra spark to your vacation.

The sixth season of this series has so many packages wrapped in one. With its new additions, it has become more exciting to watch. Have you ever been glued to a storyline to the point that you can’t wait to watch its next episode? How about when it comes in TV series? You have gone through season one, and you were awed. You proceed to the next season, and your anxiety grows. Then to the third, fourth and fifth seasons and you feel you have seen enough. That doesn’t sound too cool. And then you are informed that there is another season to watch. How interesting can that be? You ask yourself. You will probably be skeptical about the new season. The case is different with the American Horror Story. Each season is a hit back to back. With what you have watched in the previous seasons, you do not expect less from the next season.

This sixth season is a great delight to watch this Halloween. You do not want to miss it for any reason. With the theme My Roanoke Nightmare, this TV series is a must watch. However, what can propel you to consider it a must watch? In this piece, you’ll be looking into five reasons why My Roanoke Nightmare: the sixth season of American Horror Story a great haunted house attraction.

Five Reasons Why you Should Watch the American Horror Story this Halloween

  1. It Is An Expression Of Real Life Events

My Roanoke Nightmare depicts a historical event that occurred in North Carolina in 1590 where 117 persons got missing in Roanoke for reasons unexplainable to the public. This season of American Horror Story had scenes that showed the horrific nature of events which made conditions of living to be questionable at the time. In this season, Matt (acted by Andre Holland) and his wife Shelby (acted by Lily Cabe) moved from their apartment in Los Angeles where they had much civilization to Roanoke in North Carolina which was a rural area. The mansion had a scary structure that depicts fear upon sight. Despite its petrifying nature, the sixth season was a blast. The Lost Colony was the place where 117 got missing mysteriously. This place served as a plot for the story.

  1. It Is Horrifying

The major theme of My Roanoke Nightmare is horror. The story has so many scary episodes that are jaw-dropping. Cases like when Matt almost lost his life and Shelby having a miscarriage. These incidents made the couple move away from Los Angeles to a mansion in Roanoke in North Carolina. The couple moved into the mansion, and we’re faced with worse situations. The new mansion was a home far away from civilization. There were some strange happenings in the home that he could not explain. There were equally gory events that were unexplainable. Deaths occurred and scaring events followed suit. Matt was almost involved in one of such events. It dazed him, but he could not see any meaning to it. These mysterious events occurred consistently and for such a long time that he had to report to his neighbor before he left for work one day. His report, however, did not halt the strange happenings. What better way to spend your Halloween than watching a series with so much suspense and intrigue.

  1. It Is Unpredictable

No one likes a storyline that can be predicted with each scene. Suspense is meant to spice up a horror film and this season had it in full package. Suspense and the inability to predict what the next minute will bring were key elements, and this made it more appealing. It was almost impossible to know what the turn out of events would be when Matt and Shelby left Los Angeles for North Carolina. Perhaps, if they had known, they would have given it a second thought. Watching this show can make you tense because the scenes are unpredictable. It is out of the norm. It is massive and quite thrilling.

  1. Exciting Flashback

This season of American Horror Story made use of flashback in exciting ways. For any episode that was forgotten, he made sure that there is a correlation between the events. An individual does not need to use his rewind button. My Roanoke Nightmare was properly planned out. It brings your consciousness into place. With flashback, you do not need to struggle to remember past events because this season has it all packed up. Every episode has a link to the previous one in a way that you do not have to struggle to remember an already past event. This feature makes it very easy to watch and understand the relationship between events. Who wouldn’t want a story that is easy to remember?

  1. It Is A Combination Of The Past Seasons

My Roanoke Nightmare has most features of the past five seasons of American Horror Story. It has an infusion of different stories from season one to season five. Every season has a different theme. However, this sixth season has a blend of the stories from all the previous seasons which makes it more unique.

No doubt, the American Horror Story season six will be a great section within the coming house this HHN27!