HHN Needs YOU!

As you know the fantastic guys behind Dynamic Designs International are working on a brand new ‘Gentleman Jack’ bust to be sold at the Williams of Hollywood Prop Store inside Universal Studios Florida.  Whilst they are soon to go on sale, the guys at DDI want to know what the fans of HHN want to see next?  They want to work on an icon and take he or she in a new way (just like the Jack bust), so who would you like to see next?  Let us know in the poll below!  HHNU Freaks we need you!

It will be completed at 16 inches in height, cast in a resin with a finish in green-patina-bronze to give it that antique horror look!  We can’t wait!  The Jack bust will be going on sale soon, so be sure to keep updated on HHNU for availability and pricing.

Will you be buying one of these busts?  Which icon did you vote for the next icon bust?  Be sure to let us know in the comments!