My Favorite Year At Halloween Horror Nights

My favorite year at Halloween Horror Nights would have to be Twenty Years of Fear, because it was my first ever event that I attended. I remember the event like it was yesterday, my Mother went with me since I had no one else to go with. The first night I experienced the Esqueleto Muerte scarezone, everything was all neon and I felt like I wanted to party. Whilst walking to the next scarezone The Coven I felt like I was transported in time to the Salem Witch Trials, off topic I did my Senior Class Project on that.


My next task was to experience a house for the first time, so I got in the queue for Catacombs: Black Death Rising. I was in front of this couple and all I could hear was sounds of people dying and coughing, the highlight of the house was this scareactor who was on the top of the house and he reached down and pretended to grab me. I jumped, screamed, then proceeded to laugh, cause I love being scared. The next house I went into was Horror Nights: The Hallow’d Past while standing in the queue for that one, saw a cast change for the first time. Finally entered the house and there were relics of Horror Nights’ past all around me. As I went through each scene some were houses of former events, the one that stood out the most were these creepy smiles that reminded me of the episode “Hush” on “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.” Found out years later they’re called “The Body Collectors,” and they are creepy.

My next venture was to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure sat down and watched the show as they made fun of pop culture of that year, I recommend the show to anyone, very funny. I wanted to go through all the houses but due to time constraints that night it was really difficult.


The next night my one friend and I went through all the scarezones, my favorite one was Fear Revealed and the reason why is because I got to see all the past icons, got to even sit in a chair on the Director’s set. My friend and I went over to the “Men in Black” ride and low and behold in front of me was this photo op area with Jack, he was wearing the vintage clown suit from 2000. I got in the queue and while waiting, Jack proceeded to scare people that approached the area, I smiled with glee as he did that. My turn was next and went up to Jack a little nervous, smiled for four photos and was very happy afterwards. As the night was coming to an end, before leaving went through the “Fear Revealed” scarezone once more, and saw Ringmaster Jack, asked him if I can please get a photo with him, he obliged then scared me out of the Fortune Tellers tent.
I enjoyed the event and went back in 2013 for a second time, I will be returning in 2020 for Halloween Horror Nights 30, gotta say I’m proud to be obsessed with this event.

What was your favorite year?  Let us know in the comments!