Top 5 HHN Hollywood Exclusives That Should Come to Orlando

Over the years of HHN we have had Exclusives both at Universal Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood and Orlando. Hollywood’s would be like My Bloody ValentineBlack Sabbath 13 3D, Clowns 3D, and many others. As for Orlando there would be Mazes like Dead Silence, The Cabin in the Woods, The Purge, and pretty much all of their Originals.

A Exclusive Maze is something that has appeared only at Hollywood or Orlando but can come over to the Event in later years like An American Werewolf in London, Halloween, and Freddy Vs Jason. But some of these Mazes haven’t actually come to Orlando and it’s a shame because Orlando (Even though I’m a Hollywood Person) does a fantastic job with their Mazes. I wanted highlight this Blog Post to some of the Mazes that haven’t gotten to be at Orlando yet and explain why they should come to the Event. Ready? Let’s go!


5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers (2016)

While this may not count as a actually Exclusive as Orlando did have TCM in 2016 as well but they were different versions. Orlando’s Version was just on the Original 1974 Classic Horror Film. Where as Hollywood’s Version was a Original Take on TCM as it took place in between TCM and TCM 2. It had the idea of Chop top coming back from the Vietnam War and Leatherface and his family throwing a Homecoming Party. It’s a wacky idea and I was surprised when I heard Hollywood was doing it because it sounds like something Orlando would do but Hollywood did it. And how was the Maze? It faced some mixed Reactions, I personally loved it, and I thought it was great expansion to the World of TCM. Orlando is King when it comes to Originals and this idea is a great Maze Concept that I think Orlando would love to do. Plus the Smell, I think if it becomes a Maze, it’s gonna be really interesting for the Smell.

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4. This Is The End 3D (2015)

Okay? So before all of you Orlando fans start treating me harsh hear me out? Hollywood’s Version is one of the Worst Mazes I have seen in my entire life. It was funny at some parts but generally unscary, uninteresting, not even trippy, and                   pathetic. It should have been a fun, enjoyable, scary, 3D Maze, but it wasn’t. Orlando I would actually love to see what they would do with this property. Orlando usually does a Great Job with making interesting and trippy 3D Mazes. I could see them going very Original with this Concept and doing what Hollywood failed to do. I loved the concept of having this Property being a Maze but Hollywood did a Horrible Job. I would love to see what Orlando could do with Property.


3. Rob Zombies’s House of 1000 Corpses: In 3-D (2009-2010)

I have always had a Mixed Mind on what I think of Rob Zombie and his films but I definitely say that House of 1000 Corpses is one of his best films. It’s fun, violent, and pretty enjoyable. That being said the Maze in 2009 and 2010 is generally one of Hollywood’s Best 3D Mazes. It knows how to be Fun, Trippy, Scary, and overall Exciting. It’s a example of Great 3D Maze and I looked fantastic. Orlando I would also love to see what they could do with this Property. There a lot of Characters Orlando can use to make this a Great Maze. I could see it just being like a fun and enjoyable Maze for Orlando Visitors to enjoy. Hopefully Orlando gets it soon!


2. El Cucuy: The Boogeyman (2013)

I generally think Hollywood really outdid themselves with this Maze. It’s a simple concept of tackling the Boogeyman but it was so scary, creepy, weird, and it’s a perfect example of a Classic Horror Nights Maze. The Smell, the Visuals, and everything works and flows so incredibly well. Orlando does fantastic with their Original Mazes as we all know. I could Orlando doing a Incredibly Messed Up Version of the Maze and doing all sorts of things that Hollywood didn’t do. The Tone would be really great because Orlando knows how to capture the tone of the Boogeyman. It would actually be really fantastic to see what Orlando could do with this Property.


1. Crimson Peak: Maze of Madness (2015)

This is actually one of My Favorite Mazes Hollywood has done and my favorite Maze from 2015. It worked as Maze to promote the film coming out in October 2015 and Guillermo Del Toro worked with John Murdy on the Maze. It’s Creepy, Scary, Interesting, and generally Visually Gorgeous. It’s one of Hollywood’s most beautiful Mazes they have ever done. Now we know after seeing Ghost Town: The Curse of the Lightening Gulch how detail Orlando can put into their Mazes and it surely shows. Crimson Peak is a beautiful film that features haunting visuals as while as just being beautiful. I say this needs to be Orlando because they would kill it with the Maze Design and getting the tone down. They also do more that Hollywood didn’t do in their Maze because now the film has been out for quite some time. Also the sound design in the Maze would just send chills down peoples spines as Hollywood’s Maze did to me. If Crimson Peak did come to Orlando, I would say get ready because it would blow everything out of the Park, and it would a possibly Flawless Maze.

Without any sort of Doubts, this Mazes could be fantastic if they came to Orlando.

What Hollywood Exclusive do you think needs to come to Orlando? Let us know in the Comments!