Female Icon for HHN27?

“The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?” – Edgar Allan Poe

There has been more discussion about this years icon than there has been about the Actual Mazes (Which there is only one announced thus far). Ideas being thrown around of Eddie to Jack or even Nathaniel Crow. Last year we saw the Icon Chance and to say the least she was a very interesting Icon. There has been a incredible amount of Mystery Surrounding the HHN27 Icon that it’s actually crazy. But at least a Old Frenemy  who has been vague and right in the past has started to tweet about HHN27.

Quite vague eh? Now we have had a lot of Icons at HHN over the past 26 Years and today I thought I would go into what this could mean for the Icon of HHN27. The 2nd Tweet mentioned the word “Her” which could that the Icon for HHN27 could be Female. It’s a possibility as there are a lot of Icons that haven’t been used before or to their full extent. Further more, he mentions “Revisiting a Sister” in his first tweet and in his Second Tweet he mentions “Two times we have seen her” and “Two times we have walked her streets”. “Revisiting” could mean doing a Icon that hasn’t been done as the Full Focus Icon of the Event and “Two Times” could also add on to that. “Streets” could mean Scare Zones referring to we have seen this Icon twice in a Scare Zone or something else. It’s pretty vague. But it crosses out Icons that we have seen multiple times like Chance, Rat Lady, or Storyteller.

So today I wanted to talk about the Female Icons in the Past for HHN that haven’t yet been used and what hints could mean that they are happening.

La Llorona:

This was the one I was getting a huge amount of vibes from in these tweets. Aka the Weeping Woman had a Maze in 2013 titled Urban Legends: La Llorona and has only been at Orlando once. However La Llorona has a sort of Sister vibe to her in that she does have a Sister (I believe) or is a Sister. She has only been seen once at Orlando but I believe that this vague terms means that we have seen her some where else before like Hollywood where they had two Mazes. Or maybe it’s hinting at something else. Again in the 3rd tweet there is the words “With the Creative Folklore” in which La Llorona comes from Spanish Folklore and is very much Folklore. It would actually be great to see this Character to be in the Spotlight.

Bloody Mary (Or Mary Agana):

Another Icon that I think would be very interesting to see. The Icon from 2008 known as Bloody Mary who was a very interesting Icon. We have seen her twice in a Way as we saw her Maze in 2008 known as Reflections of Fear and as well a Scare Zone that same year known as Dark Reflections. Other hints in the first tweet would be “More than Cinematic Dreams” which could refer to the Dreamlike World Bloody Mary can Produce. In the 2nd Tweet “Listening to rumor”, “This is where she meets”. Also to add on in the 3rd tweet “A familiarity”, “With the Creative Folklore”. Which could mean that Bloody Mary is a familiarity as she been at the event before. Rumor and Folklore could be combined it that the idea of Bloody Mary is that she is heard by Rumors and she is a Folklore Legend. Bloody Mary meets out of a Mirror when you summon her by saying her name three times. Would be fun to see this Icon possibly return. It could also connect with the hint “A Good Trick returns from 18” being that Bloody Mary could return.

Lady Luck:

Lady Luck

“I’d like to introduce myself. I bring you choice and fate. I’ve been with you since time began. When temptation tested faith. I was there when man first tasted fruit served up on golden plate. He had his choice and made it, all I did was wait.”

The Infamous Icon from HHN 21. Yes Lady Luck is someone you could be expecting. Lady Luck is a shapeshifting succubus that has been around since man began taking chances and after having Chance last year it could make sense in some regard. We have actually seen her twice in a Scare Zone however as she appeared in her Scare Zone in 2011 titled Your Luck Has Run Out and in 2015’s Scare Zone Icons: HHN appearing as a Icon. She also can be considered as Folklore as she is something that causes bad luck to you when you take a chance or gamble. I think it would be nice to see a Maze for Lady Luck finally.

Cindy Caine:

The Unused Icon that is the Daughter of the Very Famous Icon The Caretaker. There was something that someone noticed on one of the HHN Creative Team’s Social Media in their bio saying

“Bringing out the designs to scare you during HHN… then it hush hush dont say a word HHN27 killed the mocking bird.” 

Which is similar to a quote by the Caretaker…

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word/ Daddy’s going to buy you a mockingbird/ And if that mockingbird don’t fly/ Daddy says it’s time to DIE!”

The Word in the first tweet being “Sister” doesn’t have to mean Sister as it could mean a Sibling. We have sort of seen her twice as she has appeared in ScreamHouse: Resurrection and The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes in a house but not a Scare Zone. Another Icon I would love to see.

The Voodoo Queen:

“Do you want to see a offering, Do you want to see a sacrifice, Well a sacrifice you should receive.”

Another icon that could be considered as Folklore and we have seen her in the Bayou of Blood Scare Zone in HHN24 as that’s one time. But it could be that we have seen her before than that one time but we just don’t know.

The Terra Queen:


One of the icons used in 2005 for HHN Tales of Terror. Another Icon we have actually seen twice in the Scare Zone Terra Guard Run and the Maze The Skool. A Icon that still hasn’t been the main focus or hasn’t had her own Maze. Kinda interesting icon but wouldn’t be too excited to see her over the other ones.

What do you think? What Female Icon do you think we get for HHN27? Tell us in the comments!