Ash vs Evil Dead Confirmed for HHN27

After two months of No new Maze Announcements… Universal Orlando and Hollywood has indeed blessed us with our third maze announcement and that is Ash vs Evil Dead.

Just to keep the score: HHNU told the HHN Community back in May of this year that Evil Dead could be coming to HHN27 and quite recently we had covered the change between TV Show and the 2 Original Films.


The Maze will be based off the TV Show using Content from Season 1 and Season 2.

All of us here at HHNU are unbelievably excited to see Ash Vs Evil Dead at HHN27. When we were heard first reports of this Maze back in Spring we were beyond thrilled and we are thrilled to confirm that we will be seeing it at HHN27! And we are excited for the rest of the Awesome content that’s in store for us at HHN27!

sian davis (as mrs. johnson) - episode 101

So are you excited?  Let us know in the comments!

Insidious Chapter 4 is the JP Queue?

Now as someone who is from Hollywood and is a big fan of HHN I like to speculate and see what’s coming. Also to help guide people when they are don’t when something is wrong or right. In May I wrote a Article for HHN Hollywood Locations and I highly advice you check that out because today I’m gonna be talking about the JP Queue.


The JP Queue is the most famous location for HHN Mazes and Speculating. The Mazes that have been here over the past 6 years are..

2012: Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare

2012: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw is the Law

2013: Insidious: Into The Further

2014: An American Werewolf In London

2015: Insidious: Return to the Further

2016: Halloween: Hell Comes To Haddonfield

All of the Mazes have been very popular but I wanted to talk about the Property that is rumored to be going into the JP Queue and to explain to people what it is…

But first I’m gonna tell you what it is not…



(Photo Credit to Juan Vera)

I want one person to explain how this House looks like The Blumhouse Logo. I’m not saying the Blumhouse Mashup isn’t happening but it’s defintely not in this area. On top of that Murdy has stated that the House is done.






















The Arrow on Top for the logo would’ve been added by now but it wasn’t so it deletes the possibility of it being the Blumhouse Logo. Furthermore Murdy has actually confirmed it’s not the Blumhouse Logo. 













Furthermore I have to talk about the Other Connection for this Property as the Facade.















(If this Maze was associated with Face Off it would most likely be shared with Orlando)

This House is a actually house in LA that was used in Season 10, Episode 13 called Sinister Showdown: Part 1 on the TV Show Face Off. This Episode actually did feature Jason Blum but it didn’t anything to do with a Mashup. They go inside the House for a Challenge. What’s funny is that this House is completely random and has nothing to do with the Mashup as Murdy said…
















So it obviously has to do with a Property right? It’s not associated with any sort of Original Facade because Murdy said so but the thing is that we have never seen this house in a Blumhouse Film before. And since it’s not associated with the Mashup what it is associated with?


The Insidious Franchise has been very popular at the Event as it was a Maze at Hollywood in 2013 and 2015 in the JP Queue and was a Maze at Orlando in 2015.


The Rumor is for Hollywood that the Maze going into the JP Queue is Insidious Chapter 4. Some of you may be asking…

“But Insidious Chapter 4 got pushed back to January why are they doing it on a Film that got pushed back to January that doesn’t come out during the Event? That doesn’t make a lot of sense!”

The Thing is that this Maze was gonna be at the Event before it got pushed it was gonna be a Maze promoting the New Film coming out in October but it got pushed to January and they decided they would still do the Maze – that’s what we’re hearing.


On top of that the two extra Maze Treatments Murdy was writing was for AHS (The Change from 3 Seasons to simply Roanoke) and the Replacement Maze for The Conjuring.














Then what about Orlando for Insidious? Well Orlando is rumored to have Insidious as a Cameo in their Blumhouse Mashup as hinted by our Good Friend “The Ifrit”.












So Insidious is being Planned on being a Cameo in Orlando’s Blumhouse Mashup while being a full on Maze for Hollywood to promote Chapter 4. On top of that the two extra Maze Treatments are AHS and Replacement for The Conjuring. So there is no replacement for the Insidious Chapter 4 Maze. So finally I need to get into other details like how this has actually happened in the Past.

The Wolfman was Pushed Back in 2009:


In 2009 what happened was that there was Maze being Planned on the Remake of The Wolfman. The Release Date was gonna be released in July 2009 which was perfect for Promoting because in October that’s around the time the Blue-Ray/DVD would come out but it pushed back to Febuary 12th, 2010.


But Orlando decided to still do a Maze on the film even though the Event starts in September and it’s promoting a Film that comes out in 5 Months. Which is the Same Case for Hollywood and Insidious Chapter 4.

So let’s actually talk about the Codename associated with the JP Queue…










Writer’s Block:


– Murdy went through 20,000 Pictures for this Maze

– Has nothing to do with Writer’s Block

– The Letter “N” have to do with the Property

– “It doesn’t specifically have to do with writer’s block…more the keyboard in the pic”

– Confirmed to be in JP Queue

– Treatment is 121 Pages Long


For those of you still saying Blumhouse Mashup and that Connection is Sinister and that it’s because Ethan Hawke has Writer’s Block in the Film.


But the thing is that Murdy stated that the Codename has nothing to do with Writer’s Block. So it cuts that Connection and that house is not in Sinister nor Sinister 2. So it could be Insidious Chapter 4 because of Insidious. Also the 20,000 Photos thing can be that he went through photos from the set and photos from 1, 2, and 3 and then decided to do Chapter 4 only.

But let’s talk about the House and what is the House…

The House:


The House itself is a Vacant House that is located near by Inglewood Oil Fields. It is a House that is free for filming but wouldn’t it make sense that Jason Blum remembered the House that was used on Face Off and liked it so much that he wanted to use it for Insidious Chapter 4. Also I want you to look at this Set Photo from the Film.











The Field behind them looks very much like the Inglewood Oil Fields as this is what the fields look like…


The Film is confirmed to be taking place in New Mexico and the House and Fields are very much looking like New Mexico.

Props from Insidious located outside of the JP Queue:
















Not only that but the Fence from 2015’s Maze was also located outside of the JP Queue.

Halloween/Krampus Mix up in the JP Queue:



Last year the JP Queue was heavily speculated to be Krampus by how the Facade looks and Murdy said multiple times that it was not Krampus and then it was announced… and it was Halloween. 


Which could be the same thing with Blumhouse and Insidious Chapter 4 that people are thinking Blumhouse but it’s actually Insidious.

Other Hints:







On top of that Murdy a while back said he was meeting with some well known horror film makers and someone asked if they all made movies for the same company (As in Blumhouse) and he said “Not Really”. Also…






Which cancels out Jason Blum as he appeared on the Scarela Panel in 2013.





This was back in December when Murdy was writing AHS and reading a Script for another film which very well could be Insidious Chapter 4.




Murdy has also shown interest in seeing the Film as it would make sense since he would be doing a Maze on it.



This would make sense because Murdy wants people to wait and not jump so he can surprise then with Insidious Chapter 4 in the JP Queue. 

To conclude Insidious Chapter 4 will most likely be in JP Queue and will be a Hollywood Exclusive House while Insidious will have a Cameo in Blumhouse Mashup for Orlando.


(Shoutout to HorrorNightsFan13 for the Picture of the JP Queue facade above. Subscribe to him on Youtube and follow him on Twitter)

Do you agree? Do you think Insidious Chapter 4 will in the JP Queue? Did you attend the Event in 2013 or 2015 at Hollywood or Orlando and experience the Insidious Maze? If so what did you think of It? Tell us your thoughts in the Comments below!

Take it away Charlotte…



Has The Evil Dead Maze Been Changed?

A while back we had pointed out the potential rumors of the very popular Evil Dead 1 and 2 coming to HHN27. As also our very good friend “The Ifrit” had also pointed out this rumor to be true.

The Rumor was that there was (Still is) to be a Maze called Ash Vs Evil Dead that would be based off of The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. It would use that name so that it can promote the TV Show while using scenes from the Original Franchise.


But some things seem to have changed due to a possible Rights issues with using the TV Show Name and actually doing the Original Two Films have caused some issues and there may be some slight changes…

Now the word Conflict can mean two things…

1. Simple it’s hinting at the fact of the word VS and since there is a Ash Cloud in the Photo it will be Ash Vs Evil Dead.

2. It means that there are trouble with the rights and that they are changing the Maze from being based on the Original Films to The TV Show. Hence the word “Alteration”.


This very week was to have announcement for Hollywood and it didn’t happen and this may be the reason as to why…

So it begs the question…

“Has The Evil Dead Maze Been Changed?”

Now there are two times where something like this has happened where the Maze was to be based on the Original Films and be promoting the TV Show but then something happened…


1. From Dusk Till Dawn (2014) –

Most people actually don’t know this happened… but what happened was is that the Maze was gonna promote the TV Show but use Scenes from the Original Film only there was right issues and they changed it to be based on the TV Show.


2. Scream (2015) –

The Issue I’m sure all of us are aware of… In 2015 Orlando was to have a Scream Maze based on the Original Film but the right owners wanted them to base it on the TV Show there was some conflict and then the Maze got pulled and The Purge came in as a Replacement Maze. Read more about that here.


From what Sources are saying… The Maze is still happening but much like From Dusk Till Dawn in 2014 it will be changed from being based on the Original Films to being based on the TV Show. So no it’s not gonna be another SCREAM there are some positives to this…

sian davis (as mrs. johnson) - episode 101

The Locations are very different and will allow for a much different environment than just the Cabin as it takes us to all sorts of places and there are some episodes that do take place in the Cabin.

There also a TON of different types of Demons in the TV Show like Eligos, The Possessed Car, Deadites, Ball, Possessed Characters, Killer Dolls, and more!

(PLEASE put this in the Maze Universal!)

But there some negatives and some positives but I believe that either way it will make for a Great Maze!



What do you think? Do you like the Change of it being based on the TV Show and not the films or are you disappointed? Did you attend 2013 and experience the Evil Dead Maze based on the Remake? If so let us know in the comments! Tell us all your thoughts in the Comments!

Maze Announcement at SDCC?

Every single year there is always a Special type of Announcement they like to save for a Event or last. It’s usually quite big and the last few years it has been Silent Hill (2012), Evil Dead (2013), The Walking Dead (2014), and Crimson Peak (2015)For those unaware of SDCC let me explain…


SDCC stands for San Diego Comic Con. Which is Comic Con that takes place in San Diego. It’s a place for Movies, TV Shows, Announcements, Reveals, Signings, and of course! Comics.


It has also been a Host for HHN Maze Announcements such as Silent Hill in 2012, Evil Dead in 2013, Promoting The Walking Dead for HHN in 2014, and announcing Crimson Peak exclusively for HHN Hollywood in 2015.

Now there have been rumors circling around One Property that will be at San Diego Comic Con and today I wanted to talk about that property and see if it could be announced at San Diego Comic Con… Let’s go!



Now I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that the Saw Franchise is extremely popular and has been at HHN before in 2009 for Orlando and at Hollywood in 2009 and 2010.


The Maze faced Mixed Receptions over at Orlando in 2009 but at Hollywood it was loved both years it was at the event. It was based on all 7 Films from the Franchise.


It should be no surprise that there will be a New Film coming out October 27th titled Jigsaw. The Plot is…

“Bodies are turning up all around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one man: John Kramer. But how can this be? The man known as Jigsaw has been dead for over a decade.”

There will be a Reveal Panel for the Film on Friday July 21st at 5pm-6pm Pst time.

So as the rumors having been circling around the return of Jigsaw at HHN as a Maze it begs the question…

“Will Jigsaw be announced for HHN at San Diego Comic Con?”

Also this was hinted at by The Ifrit so there is a good chance it will be a Maze.

The Maze also had appeared on the Leaked Lineup back in Late March for Hollywood as well. Also Murdy recently tweeted out that he would be back in LA by July 18th.

Could he be returning so that he can attend the Panel on July 21st and announce it? Guess we will find out… But here’s to the return of Jigsaw!


What do you think? Do you think Jigsaw will be announced as a Maze on July 21st at SDCC? Did you experience the Saw Maze in 2009 at Orlando or at Hollywood in 2009 or 2010? If so what did you think of it? What do you think of Saw returning to the event? Let us know in the Comments!

Date of the Full HHN Reveal?

So after a very long time of waiting… It finally happened. The Icon (Kinda Icons) for HHN27 were Revealed!

“Your Soul Is Requested”

That is the tagline for HHN27. They demand your sacrifice at HHN27! So no Caretaker, Cindy, Voodoo Queen (Well her Maze is still Rumored), or Lady Death.

In order to make your sacrifice… Sign up with your email and you could receive many prizes like…


  • You will be issued an item identifying you as a member of the Elite Legion.
  • You will have an opportunity to be a part of the Soul Collector Social Media Meet-Up.
  • Your soul will be weighed and evaluated in consideration for additional rewards leading up to and throughout the event.
  • Receive information and details about the event”

Not only that but they want YOU to do it before the time runs out on the Official Website!


Which in 34 Days it will be Thursday August 3rd which could be the date for the Full Reveal! Including Original Houses, Scare Zones, and Shows!

So what did you think of the reveal? Are you excited for HHN27? What do you think will be revealed on August 3rd? Let us know in the Comments!

Original House Rumor… #4

There has been a lot of talk over the potential replacement for The Conjuring. From properties like The Walking Dead to Bayou of Blood or even the Blumhouse MashupFor those unaware of the situation let me explain…


The Conjuring franchise is facing a $900 Million Lawsuit from Gerald Brittle who claimed that the Warrens weren’t allowed to make any works based on the “same subject” as his Book, “The Demonologist” (You can check out our full article on “The Problem With The Conjuring”).

However the New Maze that is rumored to be replacing The Conjuring was actually hinted at by our good friend “The Ifrit”.

Which “Canter” means Horse and “Banter” means to talk or exchange remarks. Horse could mean a much more older maze. What we were told by our Sources was…

The Conjuring is now being retrofitted to a Original Vampire concept that will retain the 70s aesthetics but altered slightly”

But what could this mean other than a Vampire Maze. Well this could mean Vamp ’74 a sequel to last year’s Scare Zone Vamp ’55…



But wait it was just recently shot down by Michael Aiello.

But what else could it be? Well maybe it’s brand new or it’s a Prequel or Continuation of a very popular Vampire Maze from 2004? Known as… Castle Vampyr.


It’s possible as it is stated that the Vampires return every 13 years and right now it is 2017 which 2004 + 13 is 2017. It’s very possible that we could see a Continuation or a entirely brand new concept! But time will tell…


So what do you think? Do you think Castle Vampyr will return or it will be a brand New concept all together? Did you experience Castle Vampyr in 2004 and if so what do you think of it? Let us know in the Comments!

Original House Rumor… #3

As we progess more into this Series I tend to bring back a time where we mentioned the Maze so as for this one we mentioned it in our “Delicious Rumors” Blog Post. One of the biggest rumors this year suggests a Crossover similar to 2015’s Body Collectors: Recollections which is a Crossover Maze between two properties which are Gothic and Catacombs. 


For those of you who are unaware of the Mazes… Allow me to explain.


The Plot to the 2010 Maze Catacombs: Black Death Rising was…

“During a plague of Paris and Marseilles in 1534, thousands died due to an undisclosed viral outbreak. A group of doctors took it upon themselves to quarantine the most infected citizens of the city. They had no way of knowing that the townspeople would betray them, sealing them into their doom. They have been unable to escape for almost five hundred years. Now that the dead inside have found a way out, they are rising to take their centuries old vengeance on any living being that dares to enter the Catacombs.”

HHN XXII HHN 22 Publicity Haunted Houses elements

The Plot to the 2012 Maze Gothic was…

“The Catedral de Caementum Animus is, by day, undergoing a building-wide architectural refurbishment. By night, the many stone gargoyles that keep watchful eye over the sanctuary come to life with the mission of protecting this sacred place against intrusion.”

Not only that but there has been MASSIVE hints towards this Crossover happening… As one of the Major People going around giving hints tweeted this out a while back…

And he was referring to a Post from “DanB89” on HorrorNightNightmares 

“Just had a thought…in the tweet from May 13 they mention “bones” and “stones.” There have been two houses set in Carae: Catacombs and Gothic. Both of these houses were very well-received in there respective years. Could a crossover of these two properties be possible?”

The Logo for this Year has Skulls all around it that hints towards the Catacombs. 


But how does this Crossover happen as Catacombs takes place in Carae, France in the Catacombs and Gothic takes in a Catedral known as the Catedral de Caementum Animus. So it begs us to ask…

“How will Catacombs and Gothic work in the Same Maze?”

It’s Rumored that this Maze will be a Catedral In Hell and from there it leads you down to the Paris Catacombs. Not only that but it’s only rumored to be located not in a Sprung Tent but in Soundstage 24 along with the Bayou of Blood Maze.

Here’s a Older Video of Gothic from HHN24…

Let’s hope that this Crossover happens as I’m sure that everyone will be happy

hallowed1 (1)

What do you think of the Crossover? Do you think it will happen. Did you attend HHN20 and experience Catacombs: Black Death Rising and if so what did you think of it? Did you attend HHN22 and experience Gothic and if so what did you think of it? Tell us in the Comments! We want to hear your thoughts!

Original House Rumor… #2

A while back we point out in our “Delicious Rumors” Blog Post and (Kind of) in our “Could this be the Icon for HHN27?” Blog Post we pointed out that there is a possibility for a Scarecrow Maze coming to HHN27. So let’s dive into where these clues came from and how these rumors are being spread to see whether this gives us any indication on one of the unnamed original houses…

(Note: Whenever “The Ifrit” likes a Tweet about his speculation it usually means that person is right)


Not only that but a while back we were sent this Photo…


Which actually looks very Scarecrow-ish.

As well as that there is this photo that was used on a Blog Post titled “All Ticket and Vacation Packages On Sale Now For Halloween Horror Nights 2017”  on the Universal Orlando Official Blog Posts Website.

Not only that but on the Regular HHN Orlando Website there is this Photo for the Event Tickets link!

Which all of these Photos are hinting at the Possibility of a Scarecrow Maze which begs the question…

download (1)


“What is the Scarecrow Maze?”

What our Sources are telling us is that this is a Maze based off a ScareZone from HHN14 titled… Field of Screams.

The ScareZone’s Plot was…

Stay off the path that is twisted and worn. Where stalks all grow tattered and torn. For all those who do, stay lost and forlorn. Singing forever the Rhyme of the Corn.”


In real life, the maze was grown from scratch using real corn but a freak accident caused the whole maze to be destroyed!  You can read more behind the scenes stories about that here.

Which whenever a Maze or ScareZone comes back as a Maze they like to put a twist on it. In which as stated above the Maze is rumored to be taking place during…


The Dust Bowl

Which was a time during the 1930s where it was period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the agriculture and was a very bad drought. It prevented farmers from planting their crops to farm which sounds absolutely perfect for this Maze to take place in!

Here’s the scoop:

The Dust Bowl, also known as the Dirty Thirties, was a period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the ecology and agriculture of the American and Canadian prairies during the 1930s; severe drought and a failure to apply dryland farming methods to prevent wind erosion (the Aeolian processes) caused the phenomenon. The drought came in three waves, 1934, 1936, and 1939–1940, but some regions of the high plains experienced drought conditions for as many as eight years. With insufficient understanding of the ecology of the plains, farmers had conducted extensive deep plowing of the virgin topsoil of the Great Plains during the previous decade; this had displaced the native, deep-rooted grasses that normally trapped soil and moisture even during periods of drought and high winds.

And here is an older video of the Scare Zone from HHN14

But here’s to a Reimagination of the ScareZone known as the Field of Screams! 

What do you think of a Field of Screams Maze? Do you think it will come to HHN27? Did you attend the Scare Zone in 14 and if so what did you think of it? Tell us in the Comments! Let us know your thoughts…



Rumor: No 3D House for HHN27?

Oh… 3D Mazes. Over the past few years we have been receiving 3D Mazes right and left. They’re honestly kinda a standard like The Walking Dead (Even though it’s rumored to not come back this year) to expect a 3D Maze every year but as for this year…. There are rumors that we may follow the walkers and not return for HHN27.

“The Ifrit” has been one of the biggest people this year to pass around Rumors and this is his latest one that there will not be a 3D Maze at HHN27.

Now I can easily just end it off right there but I wanted to go into the History of 3D Mazes and how this could very well be true and why. So buckle up and take a Trip down Memory Lane!

Jack’s Funhouse in Clown-O-Vision (Carnival of Carnage, 2007):


One of the first proper 3D Mazes to ever be at Halloween Horror Nights was Jack’s Funhouse in Clown-O-Vision! It was where you entered Jack’s Funhouse and encounter all of his Maniacs! There’s not a lot of Reviews out due to it being in 2007 which from what I heard it did receive Positive Reviews and was said to be “More funny than scary”. It was the first 3D House ever though and Orlando wouldn’t receive another one until 2011…

The In-Between (No One Beats the House, 2011):


The Maze’s Plot was that Louis and Bubba both College Students open a Portal to a 3D Dimension where two worlds collide and you are surrounded by Creatures as you enter this Phantasm of Horror.


This Maze was tied for House of the Year with The Forsaken and met extremely positive reviews. It is held as one of the Best 3D Houses if not the best! The Next Year Orlando took a turn and wanted to do something different with their 3D maze.

Penn and Teller: New(kd) Las Vegas 3D (2012):


The Maze’s Plot was

” During an attempt at an enhanced version of one of their tricks, world-renowned magicians Penn & Teller accidentally nuke the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. But don’t worry, it’s nothing a fresh coat of new paint and a few truckloads of BS can’t fix. Come on down to New Vegas, where all that glitters isn’t gold, and in fact probably has fatal levels of radioactivity.”

Following that you enter the Maze and go through Las Vegas and see what the Magic trick has done to people. It was based on the Very popular Magicians Penn and Teller and during certain nights of the Event they would appear in the House or near.


The Maze had a very popular control room where People can press buttons and mess with other people walking through the Maze which was very unique. Reviews say that the Maze was Great and was very creative!

Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance (What Evil Has Taken Root?, 2013):


The Maze’s Plot was…

Serial killer, Bobby “The Blade” Galletta, is about to meet Ole’ Sparky. 2000 volts are going to send him into a horrific realm of pain and suffering. His victims are bound to turn Bobby’s afterlife into an unimaginable and infernal torment.”


This Maze was very mixed as some people really liked it and some people actually didn’t like it very much or they disliked it. After this for Halloween Horror Nights 24 in 2014 there was No 3D Maze we didn’t go back to 3D Mazes until 2015.

Asylum in Wonderland 3D (2015)


The Maze’s Plot was…

“Follow the white rabbit through the looking glass and into a murderous 3D Wonderland. Is this world all in Alice’s mind or are the images we see real enough to kill us?”

It was the first Maze to be held in the Shrek Theater. The Maze also was based off a Scare Zone from HHN 2008 called also Asylum in Wonderland. The Maze and Scare Zone were both a twisted version of Alice In Wonderland. 


The Maze made what is considered to be the most trippy Vortex Tunnel (as seen above) and is considered to be one of the most trippy houses at Orlando. It was met with mostly positive reviews and is considerable what I consider to be the Best Example of a 3D Maze.

Lunatic’s Playground 3D: You Won’t Stand a Chance (2016)

LunaticsPlayground3D_logo (1)

The Maze’s Plot was…

“While Jack’s away, Chance has unleashed the horrors of her imagination. Her twisted delusions and reality are continuously blurred in a 3D playground of carnage. When the music box plays, the world shifts to her sinister theatre of the mind. But when the alarm starts ringing, Chance is thrown back into the brutal reality of her incarceration.”

The Maze was the first house to be located in the MIB Tent. The Story followed after the Show from HHN 25 aka The Carnage Returns. 


The Maze was considered to be the worst of the year and was the most poorly received Maze of 2016. People said it reused props from other 3D Mazes and just wasn’t all that great. Though our buddy Logan seemed to love it…

Wait doesn’t that remind you of a Certain Maze from Hollywood…

hqdefault (1)

This was the Maze in 2015 that was also poorly received from Hollywood that ultimately people also said had reused props and walls from previous 3D Mazes like Black Sabbath: 3D and Clowns 3D: Music By Slash. 

Ever since that Maze happened in Hollywood we haven’t seen a 3D Maze in 2016 and Murdy stated in a Q&A that we wouldn’t receive one this year.

A 3D Maze needs two things to be Weird and Trippy. If it doesn’t have those things then it fails to be a 3D Maze. Which is why Asylum in Wonderland 3D is a perfect example of a 3D Maze.

Now Lunatics Playground 3D: You Won’t Stand a Chance was also very poorly received as well. In 2013 Afterlife: Death’s Vegeance happened and it met very mixed reviews. Then in 2014 there was No 3D Maze. So it begs the Question.



What do you think? Do you think we will receive a 3D Maze this year? Do you think we won’t get one because of the Negative Reception of Lunatics Playground? Tell us in the Comments! We want to know your thoughts!

American Horror Story Roanoke Announced for HHN Hollywood!

As told to us at HHNU back at Monsterpalooza American Horror Story will be returning to HHN Hollywood Not to be confused with Orlando’s offering this house will be based on Season 6 known as Roanoke only!

And the details:

“Deep in the backwoods of North Carolina, there is an isolated farmhouse that has witnessed centuries of horror! Legend has it that the house was built close to the site of the infamous “Lost Colony of Roanoke”.

No one knows what happened to the doomed colonists of Roanoke, but the suffering of the residents of the farmhouse has been well documented a legacy of murder and madness that extends back into the murky past in an unbroken chain of horror!

They say that the most dangerous time to visit the farmhouse is during the first moon after the harvest…the Blood Moon! But in the woods beyond the haunted farmhouse, even worse horrors await! Whispers of cannibalism, blood-sacrifices & murderous spirits who still cling to the cursed land! Terrible secrets waiting to be discovered!

Welcome to American Horror Story: Roanoke!”

Tweets by Creative Director John Murdy:

Orlando will be Asylum, Coven, and Roanoke and Hollywood is Roanoke only. As for additional details the Codename was Lemonade. Connection was that Roanoke dropped like the Beyonce album… without advance pr on what it was gonna be. More announcements will be coming soon!

Are you attending HHN Hollywood or Orlando this year? Are you excited for AHS being at Both Coasts? Let us know in the comments!