Could Volcano Bay Be Used for HHN?

T’was the night before the Volcano Bay’s opening…

To celebrate Volcano Bay Eve (or Bae – thanks Twitter) we at HHNU, who are super excited for the third Universal theme park to open tomorrow, wanted to just spit-ball the idea of whether Universal would ever dare to use their new park for HHN, so here’s our thoughts:

1. Theming/Back Story

The park has a South Pacific feel without any Disney-like Polynesian culture thrown in, no this a land founded by the mysterious Waturi travelers who have sailed all over the world looking for a golden fish to lead them home once again. Center ground will be the Krakatau Volcano which will erupt every night. The park is also scheduled to open tomorrow and remain open daily until 10pm (times vary).

Mysterious travelers – check, spooky mystery with a peppering of Scooby-Doo – check, flowing lava – check, great night-life options – check.  This has all the hallmarks of what a great HHN event needs.

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2. No Waiting in line

Disney has their Magic Band tech (yawn) but Universal has something much more cleaver – TapuTapu.  The bracelets are included with regular admission (Disney take note) and will alert guests when their turn is up for them to ride the various new attractions and even activate special-effects hidden around the park.

With this in mind, Universal could easily build a HHN house in the new park and use this technology to limit the wait-times and prevent the loooong conga-lines of regular HHN – genius.

3. Size

The park is around 30 acres in size making it roughly a third the size of Islands of Adventure.  IOA is pretty huge and does have a massive lake in the middle, so in terms of crowd management the park probably wouldn’t be able to handle it – perhaps make it an up-charge only event?  Like an up-charge event to the up-charge event – which nobody would ever think to do right?  (Fireworks party at MNSSHP you say *cough*).

Universal_s Volcano Bay - Stargazer_s Cavern LR
In early summer 2017, a first-of-its-kind water theme park will erupt at Universal Orlando Resort – Universal’s Volcano Bay. It will be an innovative experience filled with incredible thrills and perfected relaxation. In the River Village of the park, guests can enjoy the Kopiko Wai Winding River – a gentle, winding river that will pass through the volcano’s hidden caves (Stargazer’s Cavern), featuring spontaneous water effects and special nighttime lighting.


4. Lots of rides

The attractions will include Ko’okiri Body Plunge which will see guests dropped through the middle of the volcano; a winding river; various raft rides; slides and lots of beaches and pools to chill by – not to mention a special aqua-coaster (a first of its kind) that will use special patented magnet technology to propel guests along a twisting flume ride – how awesome.

So at least if they ever did have HHN at Volcano Bay (which they never will) there will be loads of rides to go!

So there you have it, our four ideas as to why this could be a thing, in at least, here’s a post talking about Volcano Bay! You can tell we’re super excited, I hope you are too?  Proper HHN news and rumors will continue tomorrow! 🙂

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