Rumor: What Is Blumhouse?

As recently we have been following after “The Ifrit” Clues that he has given out to be able to speculate on the houses that will be coming to HHN27. So far as confirmed we have AHS and Shining then for our rumored mazes we have Evil Dead, Catacombs and Gothic Crossover, Bayou of Blood, and Scarecrow Maze during the Dust Bowl. But what has The Ifrit hinted at now….

Originally I had thought that he had been referring to Insidious with it being Chapter 1, 2, and 3 and the sentence “Somethings have been shifting, others have grown” referred to that Insidious Chapter 4’s release date was moved from October to January allowing other Mazes to grow while they have to decide what to do with Insidious.


However after his latest tweet I’m not so sure that’s the case…

For those unaware of the meaning of this tweet let me help you. Sleazy means that it’s corrupt that he is hinting at this so easily. In which the key words are capitalized and let me help you.

Sinister = Sinister

Further = Insidious 

Get Out = Get Out

Which refers to his previous tweets of 3, 2, and 1 being three different films all produced by Blumhouse and when I tweeted at him about this he liked my tweet!

(When People tweet at him about his hints and he likes them that means that they are usually right…)

So what is a Blumhouse Mashup?

For the longest time now since March the Blumhouse Mashup has been hinted at exclusively for Hollywood and that we will share Insidious but is that about to change and put Insidious in the Mashup instead? And that now Orlando has the Mashup too? I think it has to do with that Insidious Chapter 4‘s release date being moved from October to January so they decided to put Insidious into the Mashup to save a Maze Spot and to better help out the Maze by doing a ‘Best of’ in the Mashup along with other properties and that Orlando is doing the same thing so that they can promote other films.

But I will go in depth about his Property and how they could work at HHN in the Mashup. Starting with Sinister!



I have stated in the past in my tweets that I would love to see Sinister happen at HHN. It’s a effective Horror Movie and has a lot of it’s own scenes to do in a Maze. I think that they will focus solely on Scenes from the First Film but there is a lot to discuss for Sinister being in the Mashup. First off…. The Soundtrack. It’s haunting and it’s incredibly scary. It works and I think it’s gonna bring back a lot of the memories of the Films.

(Skip to 2:19 to know what I mean)

It’s a twisted horror film where it doesn’t use jumpscares all the time but uses incredibly disturbing imagery. It’s one of the best horror films of the decade (Yes I said it). I would imagine we would get to see the Kill Scenes or the Films and that there will be the Kids as Scareactors (Similar to how they did it in 2010’s The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes with Children Characters). I think we will see Bagul 4 or 5 times throughout the part of the Maze. It’s overall what I think could potentially be the Best Part of the Maze.



Now I pointed out above that I think this will be Combination of Chapter 1 and 2 being a kind of best of and also using Scenes that weren’t used in the 2015 Maze from Chapter 3 (Maybe Chapter 4). Coming from Hollywood I have always thought that Insidious has always worked insanely well at the event! Both Mazes are incredible and Orlando’s Version is very highly praised. I see a lot of potential seeing this again as Insidious was to some people really fantastic as a Maze and somewhat bad to some people but I feel like they could fix some of the issues using this Maze. Insidious I think also will be a very big highlight of the Maze!

Get Out:


Now I’m sure a lot of you are aware that Get Out has been highly praised this year and is one of Blumhouse’s Highest Grossing Films (Seriously Get Out has made $241.7 Million Dollars Worldwide and is sitting at a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes!). I have seen the film and I can say that it truly is the best horror movie of 2017! But how will translate into the Mashup? Well… I don’t think that this will be a very long part of the Maze. More so probably the last part of the Maze and the shortest Part. There are some elements people are forgetting about having the Family from the film attack you in scenes of the Maze and you getting to go through The Sunken Place which I imagine will be very neat to go through! I think it will be very fun and interesting to go through!

This also could have been the Replacement to The Conjuring. Hmmm….


What do you think of the Blumhouse Mashup? Was there any properties you wish will be in the Mashup? Are you excited for the Properties Included? Tiptoe and tell us in the Comments before you go through the window and into the tulips!

Take it away Charlotte…