Why we won’t be seeing The Mummy at HHN…

A rumored house leak here and a Delicious Rumor page there all contain a cacophony of different and exciting houses. Some supposed “leaked” lists contain the same houses and some have outlandish ideas never seen else where, they all have one thing in common, they don’t have The Mummy listed as potentially coming anywhere on any list. So, why not? Let’s look at why this could be…


  1. The Movie Has Potentially Flopped

This is the lesser of the points, as HHN houses are often planned months, nee years ahead of time, and nobody was expecting this to be a flop, least of all Universal! Plus, Universal has made houses out of movies that weren’t financially successful – some of which are now iconic houses in HHN’s history (read more about that HERE). Some may argue its poor box office could prohibit it being a potential for HHN28, though it may be “off-message” to promote a movie a year after it has been released; its not exactly corporate synergy is it?

  1. Genre?

Just what exact genre is the movie? It contains some staple horror sequences, though these are too short, it then peppers in a number of comedic moments (some of which fall flat) that are interconnected with more typical adventure elements. These are all sandwiched between heavy and all too real action sequences that are more akin to Cruise’s other movies (Mummy Impossible – was how one critic hailed the production). If a HHN designer wanted to, they could extract enough set pieces and sequences to create a good HHN house but it may be a bit tepid particularly if a dedication to the script was maintained for dramatic purposes.

  1. Cruise, Cruise, Cruise

Variety reported that Cruise took a very big active role in making this movie, something that he has done on all his recent movies. Many are placing the failings of the movie at his door. Variety noted:

“…But in the case of “The Mummy,” one person–Cruise–had an excessive amount of control, according to several people interviewed. The reboot of “The Mummy” was supposed to be the start of a mega-franchise for Universal Pictures. But instead, it’s become a textbook case of a movie star run amok.”

According to the article, Cruise had final say on most elements within the film giving the overall picture a true “Cruis-ian” feel to the final movie. If he has had control from everything from the casting to the marketing, would he sign-off on a pesky haunted house?

  1. Potential Licensing Issue

We’re all The Walking Dead played out now for HHN (excluding the rumor we reported on where a full-time is back in the potential works), and one of the main reasons for this walker apathy has been the lack of character likenesses within each of TWD houses. Perfectly detailed sets, expertly made up walkers but no characters from the hit show. All of which has combined with their repetition every year to make most of the HHN fans very ‘meh’ about any potential returns of this franchise to HHN. And this is where The Mummy comes in…

As reported by a number of websites, Funko’s release of Nick Morton has been cancelled due to reported “licensing issues” – though the others in their range of Mummy Pop figures are still to be released, just with the obvious omission of Cruise’s character. Others point to the fact that Cruise is very careful on where and how his likeness is portrayed without wanting to comment further. Could Universal have taken any potential Mummy house off the cards at early doors conversation due to this potential issue? We’re not sure.

We’re also not entirely sure that The Mummy isn’t coming to HHN27, though all rumored lists appear to not list this property. I even commented on ScareZone that surely this house would be appearing as it would make sense with Universal wanting to push their Dark Universe as much as possible. Having looked into the contract terms with the production company it does also say that this form of ‘haunted house’ entertainment is allowed under the terms. So being that it would be so easy to allow a house to be made – what stopped them? Hopefully one day we will find out what unraveled The Mummy for HHN27!

Would you have loved to see this movie as a house or maze for this year? Do you remember the original Mummy mazes from the 90s? Let us know in the comments!