HHN27 Needs You As Scareactors!

Universal NEEDS you to scareact!

As reported this week by HHNU Universal needs more scareactors, so they have released a list of body types to fill unspecified scareactor roles, they include:

  • 5′ 1” and under females with petite and youthful (childlike) appearance.
  • 5′ 6” to 5′ 10” African American females of athletic build.
  • 5′ 10” or taller females with a slim build.
  • 5′ 10” to 6′ 2” slender build males with ‘facial features’ (?) able to appear 30-39.
  • White males of age range 40 to 50.
  • 5′ 11′ to 6′ 5” slender build males.
  • 5′ 11′ or taller African American males of athletic build and must be tattoo free on chest, arms, abdomen, hands and neck.
  • Male and female Stilt Walkers Maximum up to weight 190lbs.
  • Seeking male stilt walkers 6’ – 6’ 8” in height . Must have previous BigFoot Stilt Walking Experience.

Audition Sign up for July 11th will open at 4pm Wednesday, June 28th.

CLICK HERE  to signup on July 11th!

Thoughts:  Small females are number one priority, so could this be Cindy?  Likewise, tall slender built men, could this be The Caretaker?

Do you meet any of these requirements and fancy signing up?  Can you work out who any of these roles could be? Let us know!