Date of the Full HHN Reveal?

So after a very long time of waiting… It finally happened. The Icon (Kinda Icons) for HHN27 were Revealed!

“Your Soul Is Requested”

That is the tagline for HHN27. They demand your sacrifice at HHN27! So no Caretaker, Cindy, Voodoo Queen (Well her Maze is still Rumored), or Lady Death.

In order to make your sacrifice… Sign up with your email and you could receive many prizes like…


  • You will be issued an item identifying you as a member of the Elite Legion.
  • You will have an opportunity to be a part of the Soul Collector Social Media Meet-Up.
  • Your soul will be weighed and evaluated in consideration for additional rewards leading up to and throughout the event.
  • Receive information and details about the event”

Not only that but they want YOU to do it before the time runs out on the Official Website!


Which in 34 Days it will be Thursday August 3rd which could be the date for the Full Reveal! Including Original Houses, Scare Zones, and Shows!

So what did you think of the reveal? Are you excited for HHN27? What do you think will be revealed on August 3rd? Let us know in the Comments!