House Reviews, pt. 1

Opening weekend of Halloween Horror Nights 27 was tons of fun. The crowds weren’t too huge, the lines were rather short, and the houses were fantastic. Let’s start our reviews with three of the haunted attractions…..

The Fallen – ★★★★☆


With awe inspiring decor throughout, this house is definitely one of the more aesthetic offerings this year. Think the house “Gothic” from Horror Nights 22. Guests encounter winged creatures, seemingly straight from hell. Walking through this vast, and very tall cathedral, guests travel through dark hallways and come face to face with these eternally damned souls.

Although not very high on the scare factor, this house is definitely jaw dropping if anything. From the great effects, to the flying bungee cord stunts, this haunted house is definitely one not to miss. And yes, you read that correctly, there are indeed multiple actors fastened to bungee cords located within. They fly right towards you, and it’s a sight to behold.

Ash vs. Evil Dead – ★★★★☆


A fan’s delight! If you have seen this show and enjoyed it as much as we did, you are in for a treat with this one. With tons of scenes taken directly from the TV show, this house is definitely the comedy house of the year. Between each scary scene, Ash comes to your rescue with a witty line everytime. All the actors are the closest look-a-likes Universal could find, which really help to bring the guest right into the show. Those of you who are afraid of chainsaws may still be frightened by Ash’s main weapon of choice (besides his boomstick,) but fear not, for he is the good guy who has come to rid the world of the evil deadites that now roam the Earth. Even though it’s his own fault.

Be on the lookout throughout this house for appearances of the infamous Necronomicon, the cabin that started it all, and “Ashy Slashy” the puppet version of Ash.

The Horrors of Blumhouse – ★★1/2☆☆


We wanted to like this house. We really did. We watched all of the movies to prepare, but unfortunately it’s just lacking in actual scenes from each respective movie. The house begins with Sinister. The movie offers quite a few death scenes that could have been included in the house, but instead we simply walk through the attic, then two hallways, each with Mr. Boogey popping out in various corners. There’s no beach chairs getting pulled into a pool, there’s no tree with people hanging from it. Murder scenes are just painfully missing. After one scene and two hallways of Sinister, we move onto the Purge. Again, nothing here from the movies specifically. Think the Purge haunted house of HHN25; an indescript home invasion. Two scenes of the Purge, and you make your way into Insidious. Now this section is considerably longer than the first two movies presented, including actual scenes and deaths from the movies, mainly the newest installment, Chapter 4, which is still slated to release in 2018.


After walking through the Insidious section, you’re then thrust into a long, storbe lighted hallway where all of the characters from all of the movies are mixed together to startle you all over again. Now don’t get me wrong here, this house wasn’t dreadfully terrible. It was just underwhelming. There were a few fake out scares that managed to frighten us, but overall it left a bit to be desired.

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