House Reviews, pt. 2

Continuing our house reviews, we have two IPs and one original..

Saw: the Games of Jigsaw – ★★★★1/2


Being huge fans of the Saw movie franchise, we were ecstatic to find out it was coming back for this year’s event. With more movies that came out since the last haunted house featured at horror nights, there was plenty more material to work with. This house promised stuff from every movie in the franchise, and boy does it deliver! Including a trap from the newest movie that has yet to be released, this house have every memorable moment from the Saw legacy. It’s a literal hodge podge of different traps and death scenes throughout the series, and we love it! The highlight scene is what we will call, “many pigs, which are real?” that contains a whole group of the infamous pig-with-long-hair character, some of them are mannequins, and some of them are scareactors standing still. Throw in a strobe light and the terror ensues! This house is definitely worth a second visit!

Keep your eye out inside this house for what is known as “Guest activated triggers,” which are basically buttons that you can press to make different things happen.

American Horror Story – ★★★★☆


First time we went through this one, I was getting scared at every corner. This one is a doozy for sure! From the amount of scenes you walk through (17!) to the amount of time it takes to get through (up to 8 minutes!) this house is a beast! They packed this thing to the brim with references to the show, from entire scenes to tiny details, everything is here! The guy who plays Evan Peters’ role in Roanoake is an uncanny look-a-like to boot. This house definitely deserves a second and even third visit, as well, as there’s so much to see. Prepare yourself for this one!

Dead Waters – ★★★★☆


Another extremely aesthetically pleasing haunted house offered this year at Horror Nights. Dead Waters starts in a huge, moss ridden, French style river boat. The boat is sinking to one side, and so is the floor you’re walking on! Although not too high on scare factor, this house has tons of fantastic color and theming to really please the horror nights aficionato.

Be on the lookout in the haunted attraction for the Voodoo Queen herself, and well as some chickens!