Celebrity Cameos at HHN: James Franco

Guests at Universal Studios Hollywood last week were treated with a special celebrity cameo in The Shining maze…..

Hollywood: Where anything is possible

You read that right: James Franco took the role of scareactor last week in Hollywood’s HHN event as Jack Torrance in their Shining haunted maze. We’re incredibly jealous of anyone who had the opportunity to witness him wielding the infamous axe, terrifying guests as they recluctantly navigated the attraction.


If you have been following our Facebook page, you’d know that Orlando was supposedly to have a celebrity cameo by Bruce Campbell inside the Ash vs. Evil Dead haunted house, but unfortunately this didn’t turn out to be true. A bit of a let down, but that’s okay because the Orlando event is absolutely top notch regardless.

So take this little tidbit of information as a tip: keep your eyes peeled inside those haunted houses. If you cover your eyes, you might just miss one of your favorite celebrities right in your face!