HHN Invites Soul Collectors To Official Meetup!

Universal has today invited select Soul Collectors (those that had signed up to the HHN website before the event) to a special meetup, where amongst other things, you will be tested!

During this challenge, Soul Collectors will compete in a series of games where they will solve clues, take part in physical tasks, which might get messy, and consume some unusual cuisine. These include:

  • Throughout this challenge, there will be six (6) different games featured throughout Universal Studios Florida during #HHN27.
  • Each game will eliminate half of the participants.
  • This is a timed experience, therefore, your wit and skill will help you advance.
  • You are encouraged to bring cell phones to solve clues.
  • You must wear comfortable clothing, including shoes, that can get really dirty.
  • Photography and video capturing are allowed.
  • 64 Teams will take part.
  • All entrants will receive free parking and two express passes.


So if you’re a signed-up Soul Collector – check your inboxes now!