The Joys of Being a Halloween Horror Nights Fan


Each year Universal brings in more scary movie fans with their annual Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) event. This event provides the fans with an opportunity to live out scenes from their favorite horror films. Being able to live out these scenes provides an adrenaline rush and makes you want to comeback for some more. Once, you attend a Halloween Horror Nights event you are definitely hooked and will be back for years to come.  Here are a few things that true HHN fans do each year to prepare for the upcoming event.

Look for Universal’s Site to go live

All good things must come to an end and this unfortunately applies to Halloween Horror Nights as well. Once, the final lights go out and the costumes are returned to wardrobe Universal’s creative team turns the event’s website static and only shows pictures from previous years.  Around last March is when the fun begins for everyone, because this is when Universal goes live with the event’s site. This is usually a minor theme change, but it is at least a nod to the fans letting them know things are coming.  This is the point where seasoned fans begin to surf the Internet for rumors on which houses will be at this year’s event. I personally like to go to HHN: Unoffical, the best source for accurate Halloween Horror Nights rumors.

Wait for the first announcement

Once, you have seen the rumored list of houses for that year’s event it is then time to wait to see if they are true or not. Usually, around last April is when Universal announces the dates for the event and at least one Intellectual Properties (IP) house. This announcement is designed to stir up excitement for the event and let people know you better get ready to plan when you are coming.

Wait for various tickets types to be announced

Now that you know when the event is happening and have some idea what you will experience the next step is to wait for all the ticket type to be released. Once, the tickets are released you then can plan how to attack this year’s event. I usually attend the event during it’s first three weeks and go all out with the R.I.P Tour. This way I can experience everything at the event in just one night, and also save a lot of money thanks to the time frame.

Book your trip

Once, you know what nights the event happens and how you want to experience the event then it is time to make it official and lock down tickets. Those of us that have been to the event multiple years usually start booking our tickets around Mid-June. This is a very popular event and tickets sell out fast!

Wait for the full event reveal

After you have your tickets the next step is to sit back and watch all the announcements pour in. Universal usually have all the houses, shows, and scarezones announced in Mid-August.  This gives you a month to prepare for the event.

Pregame the event

How do you prepare for the event? It is quite simple just watch all the movies that will be at that year’s event. Universal’s creative time does any incredible job when it comes to designing haunted houses and scarezones. The creative team does such a great job that you actually feel like being apart of the movie yourself.  Another reason to watch the movies beforehand is that the creative team is known for leaving Easter eggs that a novice eye would miss.

Have your HHN experience

You have your tickets, seen all the movies and even listened to the commentary track now there is one thing left and that is brave the event itself. Now get to the park and have a blast! HHN offers an experience that is hard to describe. You will scream, laugh and even get a rush of adrenaline.  I believe the unique combination of emotions that this event provides is why we all become addicted.


Congratulations you have survived a Halloween Horror Nights and now know what it is like to be in your favorite scary movie. Admit it you are hooked and can not wait to attend next year. Now there is only one thing to do, and that is start this cycle once again.

How do you rate your experience as a HHN fan?  Let us know!